Emotional Healing from Physical Injury

Can getting injured be a blessing in disguise? By understanding what that injury represents and the emotional healing needed; you can begin to see the gift in the physical wound. I wrote a bit about emotional wounding before and got to do some of my own inner work earlier this summer.

A Blessing in Disguise?

Back in June I had an interesting situation occur which resulted in a physical injury. There have been few times in my life where I have had any physical injuries other than minor bumps and bruises, so this one caught me off guard.

We had some long time friends visiting that weekend. It was great to see them again, as the last time we got together it was about four years ago. We were outside in the garage catching up and I went back in the house to use the bathroom.

As I rounded the side of the house to our side porch, I tripped and my knee connected with the corner of a half step on the porch. The step has some sort of metal trim around the edge.

All that came out of my mouth at the time was “owie!, owie!, owie!”. Really, I did not swear! It hurt worse than that. Wow, did that smart! I will fast forward through the rest of the details, but after the dust had cleared I received a trip to the ER and seven staples in my knee. Well, that kind of blew the fun!

Even less fun were the follow-up visits to the clinic. Boy did that push a lot of buttons. I will refrain from sharing those details too – trust me. 😯

After taking some time to get over the initial shock I found myself wondering how and why I had created this situation. What was the message or lesson in all of this? Where was I failing to paying attention? What was the gift in the injury?

Emotional Healing Was Definitely Needed

There may have been a few things going on at the time. One that came up for me was a sense of being “cut off at the knees”. I also had a feeling of receiving a time out from the Universe. So, I had to do some inner work around where that was showing up in my life.

I wonder if I understand everything surrounding this whole situation, but I have been able to change my thinking around and look for the gift thanks to the help of my coach and mentor.

Something else that was helpful to me was digging into the thought processes of various physical ailments is the book Heal Your Body by Louise Hay. Louise provides an awesome resource about the root causes of physical ailments, along with healing affirmations.

It is now August and my knee has physically healed. My knee is functional; except some difficulty placing full weight on it when I am weeding the garden. The scar will be there forever though. (Don’t worry – I will refrain from sharing any photos!)

Finding the Gift in an Injury

A physical wound is like a loud message from the Universe to pay attention to something. If you have incurred a physical injury recently, have you been able to find the gift in that situation?

Here are five questions to help you re-frame what seems like something negative at the time into something that can aid you in emotional healing. Take some time and go within and listen to your inner guidance.

  • Are there any recurring energies or patterns showing up around the situation?
  • What is the message I need to hear about this situation?
  • Can you notice any feelings and emotions coming to the surface because of this injury?
  • Am I missing out on something because of this injury?
  • Is there something I am able to avoid because of this injury?

Somewhere in the answers to those questions will come insight and understanding.

How about you? Have you ever incurred a physical injury and found a gift that emerged from the situation? I would love it if you would share your thoughts below. (Please don’t share all the gory details…I am pretty squeamish.) 🙂

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