Himalayan Salt Lamps Bring Serenity To Your Home

Does your home feel calm and balanced or crazy and disorganized? Himalayan salt lamps give you the calm sanctuary effect you have been searching for.

About ten years ago I visited a local metaphysical/wellness store when I was first beginning my spiritual journey. That store is now closed, but what I remember most from my visit is their display of Himalayan salt lamps. One corner of the store showcased these crystal beauties and I felt like sitting down right in the center of them all. I didn’t want to leave!

Their serene calming effect was something I craved and wanted in my home. I asked for and received one for Christmas and have had it on my work desk ever since (see photo above). I leave it on day and night and it only gets turned off when we leave for a vacation.

What Makes Himalayan Salt Lamps So Special?

When I choose something like a salt lamp, I tend to go by my gut instinct. Often I just know that a certain piece is meant for a room in my home. I don’t always need to know all of the background or technical aspects. Sometimes I buy the item and then go back and read about the history or what makes things work.

If you want to find out more about how salt lamps work, these articles by SoWellMade.com have a great deal of information:

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Where To Place Himalayan Salt Lamps in Your Home

Have you ever wondered why some rooms in a home feel calm and balanced while others are noisy and chaotic? All of them can feel calm with the addition of a salt lamp. Here are a few areas where a salt lamp works best:


Having the salt lamp on my desk gives me a calming focus point when I do meditative work and prepare readings. Sometimes just gazing at it for a few minutes is enough to clear my mind so I can write my next blog post. The lamp just radiates calm!

A salt lamp on my desk provides not only a beautiful glow, but a feeling of peace and calm while I am working. It creates a sense of ambience in the room and I look forward to adding more to other rooms in my home, particularly my living room and bedroom.

Areas With Electronics

Look for any area in your home with large amounts of electronics. Areas like your work desk, family areas with televisions or video games, and cell phone charging stations are great places for a salt lamp. The also help balance EMR (electromagnetic radiation).


Consider the addition of a salt lamp as a small piece of calm and serenity in your otherwise busy home. They can help create a soothing and relaxing sanctuary atmosphere wherever they are placed. In a bedroom that calm atmosphere can help you get a better nights sleep.

I love the beautiful amber color and it seems to blend well with just about any room in my home. The one I have in my office I keep on all day and night. At night it provides enough light to see so I don’t bump into my desk.

Air Purifier

Another unique feature of Himalayan salt lamps is the ability to purify the air. If you are someone who is sensitive to air quality or have asthma, a salt lamp might be a natural help.

Where To Buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Since my local store closed it can be difficult to choose a salt lamp without being able to see it or touch it in person. I have finally found a new source for salt lamps that are the real deal. The company SoWellMade.com specializes in importing salt lamps and they have a great selection to choose from, including salt globes, pyramids and more. They also carry Himalayan sea salt! Bonus!

They come well packed with extra bulbs and are of the highest quality. These lamps come from Fair Trade suppliers. Check out some of the beautiful pieces below! Just scroll down and click on the photo for more details.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Healthy Living Set
Himalayan Salt Lamp Healthy Living Set

from: So Well LLC

Amber Himalayan Salt Lamp Globe
Amber Himalayan Salt Lamp Globe

from: So Well LLC

Amber Rectangle Himalayan Salt Lamp – 35-40 lbs.

natural crystal salt lamp

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  1. I think a Himalayan salt lamp would be best placed in my reading corner 🙂 I can just imagine how cozy it would be when reading a book with a himalayan salt lamp beside you–plus a cup of coffee!


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