11-11-2009 | A 33 Universal Day

11-11-2009 (111111) is special day in Numerology. It is known as 33 Universal Day. It is a day where the three master numbers of 11, 22, and 33 all line up into a perfect triangle.

Personal Effects of 111111

I woke up this morning feeling incredibly discombobulated. Nothing seemed the same this morning and I wondered how much the energy of this special day was affecting me. After a few hours of not being able to concentrate on the tasks in front of me, I remembered I had not cleared out my chakras nor done any type of white light protection this morning, as I usually do.  I found a few quiet moments at work and went about doing the chakra clearing.

After doing the chakra clearing, I envisioned myself protected by a beautiful white light. I then added a extra layer of green protection around myself. I felt much calmer and relaxed after this re-centering. The rest of my morning has gone along at a much smoother pace.

In the minutes leading up to 11:11 am, I did a brief meditation and these are some of the words that came across clearly in my mind: a new beginning, increased awareness, consciousness, an open doorway, more to learn, just the beginning, and 2012.

I would love to hear your comments as well. Did you have any odd things or synchronicities happen to you today?

Wishing you a peaceful, loving day. Give extra hugs all around to your friends and family. Love to all.

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