An Intuitive Reading with Erin Pavlina

A few months ago, I had an intuitive reading with psychic Erin Pavlina. I have been following her blog for some time and reading many of her articles. I decided to book a reading with Erin because there have been many changes occurring in my life and I needed some direction and advice.

Erin Pavlina is a professional psychic medium that can connect to your spirit guides and help you find clarity with questions relating to your career, relationships, health, finances, and more. She can also connect to your deceased loved ones.

My Intuitive Reading

I was quite nervous about the phone reading, but she made me feel right at home. We mainly discussed career choices and possibilities.

I currently have an office job that I have been at for the past 10 years. I also own three websites that are starting to build up an income to replace my current job. I was really wondering if I had what it took to leave my full time job and work on my websites full time. I wanted to be home when my son came home from school and to finally end the high cost of before and after school child care.

During the reading, Erin told me that my spirit guides thought I was not a vibrational match for the job that I was currently in and that the thoughts I had about getting into the area of energy healing and learning to use my intuition were right on. I already had a small start on a website, but since the reading I have gained additional clarity on where to take the site in order to make a living from it.

She told me things via my guides about where I had the potential to be in a few years, and it was quite amazing. If I hadn’t had the reading, it would have taken me so much longer to come to realize the direction I should be heading.

Erin asked my if I had ever done any public speaking. I told her that I had taken forensics in high school and college. She then asked me why. I told here that I really didn’t know. At the time it was a good way to keep me out of trouble in school, and also work on some self confidence issues, along with learning how to speak better in pubic.

Erin went on to say that she saw me developing a community of like-minded people interested in the areas of energy healing, psychic abilities, massage, and yoga and other healing arts. She also stated that I needed to get out into the local community more and get to know people in person, not just online.

Some of her suggestions were to perhaps take a yoga class locally, along with going to a Hay House “I Can Do it” Conference, and if possible, to go to a John Edward seminar.

We discussed many other areas of my life as well, but career change was by far the bulk of the conversation.

Changes Made

After taking a week or two to digest the information from my reading, I began to make some changes. I chose a new domain name for my site and am now in the process of melding the two together. I am quite excited about the possibilities with my new site and have many ideas to incorporate.

I have also visited 2 metaphysical and healing businesses locally that I didn’t know existed before. I sat in on an introductory Reiki seminar and will be starting the Reiki level 1 training soon. I have not signed up for a yoga class yet, but am still considering it. I did take advantage of a free chakra meditation offered by a local yoga studio and came away with quite a positive energy from it.


I felt so empowered by what she saw possible for my life and the direction my soul wants me to go. She intuitively told me what I needed to know and hear at this time in my life. I would highly recommend a reading with Erin Pavlina. It can save you months, if not years of wondering where you should be placing your energies.

Have you ever had a psychic reading? Care to share your thoughts?

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