Who Would You Become If You Could Do It All Over?

Who would you become if you could do it all over? What if you were given a blank slate and the opportunity to start over? What changes would you make? Could you be true to your soul level self?

Imagine the possibilities of starting over with a clean slate. What if you could start over and portray the best version of your soul level self, knowing what you know now.

You would be able to keep all of your knowledge, spiritualism, and understanding as it is in the present day. The only difference is that now you have a chance for a do-over. You have been afforded the opportunity to show up exactly as your soul level self wants you to show up.

How would you interact with your family and friends? Would fear, anger, or  old resentments still have a place?

How would you introduce yourself and describe what you do? Would you still hide around your intuitive and psychic abilities or would you speak them for the world to hear?

Would you repeat past behaviors and stand quiet off to the sidelines or would you take your one opportunity to let someone else know who you really were inside?

Also, would you continue to stay employed at the same company and allow others to take credit for your work? Would you still put up with the same behaviors?

How would you approach your relationships? Would you speak the unspeakable? Would you finally say what needs to be said?

Who Would You Become?

What type of person are you underneath it all? Go beyond the stories we all tell ourselves. Go beyond the circumstances of our lives. Who is the real person underneath all of that?

The thing is; we can become that person in this lifetime if we allow ourselves.

We all have it in ourselves for orchestrating a do-over. Once you let down your guard and let go of your fears, you can do this right now today.

I know it may feel a bit scary to begin stating exactly what is on your mind, but if not now, when?

You can keep dancing around the issue and ignoring the elephant in the room or you can say what truly needs to be said and let the air be cleared.

Stay playing small or be true to your soul level self?

The choice is yours. You, as powerful creator of your Universe get to choose the next move. It all changes with a decision from you.

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