The Permission Genie Grants you Permission to…

Discover 5 ways to practice better self-care over the holidays so you can start 2014 with fresh new energy.

I feel stressed out. Perhaps you do too right now. The list of things to accomplish before Christmas is a lot longer than I would like it to be right now.

My body is saying it is time to rest, relax, and recharge. I am actually going to do that for myself over the next week or so. I am giving myself permission to unplug and I encourage you to give yourself permission too.

If you are having trouble giving yourself permission to take some time off all you need to do is ask the Permission Genie.

The Permission Genie Grants you Permission to…

Slow Down – Some days we think we need to be super-heros and come flying in at the last minute with the perfect gift or fix. Permission is hereby granted to let a few things fall through the cracks. Some things are just not worth stressing out over.

Sit and do Nothing – That’s right. Permission is hereby granted to sit and vegetate on the couch. (Not forever – just long enough to recharge.)

Indulge – I didn’t say OVERindulge, but enjoy the food and flavors of the holiday season. Permission is hereby granted to eat a couple extra cookies and not feel guilty about it.

Ask for Help  – I assure you, it is okay to ask for help once in a while. Permission is hereby granted for you to ask someone to help you in some way.

Get off the Computer – What!  Gasp! No! Okay, if you cannot let technology go completely, at least cut it back to the bare minimum. I know this one is difficult for me. I also know that failing to step away from the computer will make it difficult for me to fully recharge. Permission is hereby granted to leave emails unanswered for a day or two.

Feel better? I do. Have a cookie.

Also, here are links to a few past posts talking about surviving holiday gatherings and practicing mindfulness during the holidays that I thought would be helpful this time of year.

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