My First Intuitive Reading

Do you get cold feet at the thought of booking an intuitive reading? Find out about my first experience getting a reading and what I learned in the process.

This is something that has come up in conversations during both the readings I offer and also in my private business coaching. So, I figure since it has come up a few times; a bunch more of you might have the same concerns. I thought I would share a few memories of receiving my first intuitive reading.

I remember back when I signed up for my first reading. I was excited to receive some answers and guidance as to my next career move and what my next steps were to get there. Once I had booked the reading and sent my information, I started getting cold feet.

I went from feeling confident having made the right choice to seek out intuitive assistance to downright fearful about the actual reading. Mind you this was before I stepped into doing intuitive work myself. You can read a bit more about my journey here.

What Happened Next…

During the next couple days my thinking and emotions changed from excitement to fear. All sorts of questions, worries, and fear started showing up.

I started to worry about what the intuitive might discover about me and HOW MUCH she could find out. Could the problem I have right now relate to something in my past? What if X comes up during the reading or what if Y comes up? Could what happened in the past be a part of what I am experiencing now? What if she knows too much about me? I started to become downright worried.

Then, I started to worry about what she might say about leaving my job. What if she thinks I should stay at my job? (Something I was hoping she would validate leaving.)

When the time came for me to get on the telephone for my reading, I was nervous, anxious, and had sweaty palms. My heart was pounding when I dialed the number. But I knew if I wanted some new direction, I would have to hear everything.

After the Reading…

After the reading, I was so relieved! She did not know everything about me! None of my biggest secrets even came up during the reading. We talked about practical things and what she did bring up during my reading resonated with me at a deep level. It put together so many pieces of the puzzle. I felt like a veil had lifted.  I now understood the origins of a couple of issues and could make a decision on leaving my job. I got the clarity I was searching for.

What I realized after getting my first reading:

  • I was giving too much power away to the intuitive – at least in my mind. She gave me clarity around possible choices and possible outcomes, but of course I needed to make my own decisions. Go figure, eh?
  • In one short hour, you cannot cover everything that has ever gone on in your life. In fact, the hour on the telephone went by so fast that any worries about what might come up vanished. Things will come up during a reading that need to come up.
  • Validation in the form of an intuitive or psychic reading can go just so far. I am grateful for the validation that I received, but I still had to face my fears about leaving my job and becoming self-employed. The psychic was not going to give my boss notice for me. I had to make my own decision, take action, and walk through the door.
  • A reading works best when you have a lack of clarity around a specific situation and need an objective outside response to point out unseen misalignments.
  • If instead of worrying about what might come up, I had set a firm, clear, intention on what I wanted clarity around it could have been even more beneficial.

So, what about you? What thoughts go through your mind when you think about getting a reading? Leave a comment below.

1 thought on “My First Intuitive Reading”

  1. My first reading of any sort was a Tarot card reading, in person, of what I was going to do with my relationship and my career. I felt my dilemma was so difficult that I wanted to share everything–I had nothing to hide! I got what I wanted: an idea of the support/challenges I faced if I left or stayed in either area. I knew a lot already but kept doubting, so it was great to get validation from the cards (which I also understood a bit of). The validation also came in a form I didn’t expect: that I had made certain decisions already and didn’t want to hear what was good in the alternate path–I wanted to know what was ahead of me in the choice I had made! It was an illuminating moment. I’ve had several readings with different healers/oracles since then, and have come to trust the sessions will bring me what I need. And a lot of it is a more faith in myself, and (usually) some emotional release. My first thought nowadays when I walk into a session is: Where are the tissues?


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