The Real Reasons You Want To Quit Your Day Job

What are the real reasons you want to quit your day job and step into your purposeful work? The answers go deeper than the logic on the surface. Here are a few deal breakers and warning signals from my own experiences.

Have you ever wondered what leads up to making the jump to a new career or stepping into self-employment? After leaving my day job almost four years ago I have had plenty of time for reflection on my move to self-employment.

Making a decision to look for new work means change and upheaval with new schedules, routines, and co-workers. Most people would rather stay where they are than face the drama and upheaval of starting over.

I talk a lot about living your life purpose but what does it take to make that jump? What is the real catalyst for change? Why are the real reasons people quit their day jobs and look for more fulfilling work?

The Logical Reasons

The ability to earn more is one of the most common reasons people leave. Other reasons for leaving include travel time, family situations, and moving. These are typically the logic based reasons given during an exit interview.

The Real Reasons

However, the real reason people become disenchanted and leave a job goes deeper into our core values. The higher your level of consciousness, the more this will affect you. We all have a certain threshold of integrity and when you cross that line, you will know it deep down in your heart.

Most people will put up with a lot before leaving a job, like extra long commutes for a good salary, but where is the turning point?


I think one of the biggest reasons many people quit their day jobs is being out of integrity with personal values. When someone asks you to do something in your daily work that goes against your core values, it can feel like an anchor around your neck.

How does this show up in a real work situation?

  • Telling a customer false information.
  • Doctoring information on a report to show it in “the best possible light”.
  • Leaving out pertinent information in a presentation.
  • Telling customers you are “on schedule” for shipping their products.
  • Covering for a co-worker who shows up late.

These types of things hardly ever get talked about, yet go on every day. Are there any small white lies where you work?

By saying yes to those small things you are going against your values and your divine nature. This leads to an intense amount of internal conflict.

In your heart, you know these choices fail to serve you and your employer. In your mind, you may feel you have no choice in the matter if you want a steady paycheck in hand.

You may feel you have to follow the company’s policies and your bosses’ instructions so you can keep the money coming in and keep your job.

Where the real trouble comes in is your point of realization, awareness, and consciousness. This is the point that you realize you are going to make a choice to do something that goes directly against your values. When you make that choice and go ahead and do it anyway, you go against your divine nature.

Some of these situations are not as egregious as outright lying to a client. A lot of these are small day-to-day things that you feel you have to deal with because you are getting paid to do your job. If this keeps continuing it can and will tear you up inside and why so many people leave for greener pastures.


Right along with integrity issues are the values of the company. Does what they value match your own values? Do you fully believe in the mission statement of the company who hired you? Does the company live true to the values they have hanging on the office wall? All good questions to ask yourself either before you take that new job or if you are thinking about leaving your existing job.

Does the company you work for see you and treat you well?

The Need To Wear A Suit Of Armor

If you feel the need to put on a suit of armor before you walk into work each morning, you are covering up your Divine essence. When you feel like you have to put on a mask and cannot be yourself it wears on you spiritually and physically. When you feel you have to become someone else just so you can do your job, it feels exhausting.

This differs from stretching yourself to grow. While that may feel uncomfortable short-term, by growing your skills you feel better long-term. Things like giving an awesome presentation and nailing an account make you feel great.

When you feel that if you were true to yourself no one would know who you are, you are most likely wearing a suit of armor.

The thing is the longer you work at a job where you cannot be your true self, the more normal or natural that feels.  It covers up so much of who you are at soul level. Even after leaving my job, it took almost 6 months to shed my coat of armor and feel like myself again.

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