How To Start Trusting Yourself More

Most of us have a core circle of friends or family in which we extend our trust. Did you ever think about why you trust someone else and do you afford yourself that same trust? Find out how to start trusting yourself more.

What Is Trust?

How would you describe trust? Perhaps you would say that the person always keeps their word. That person can be counted on or would never let you down? Can you say the same for yourself?

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One of the biggest challenges so many of you face right now is trusting yourself. You intellectually know  and trust that your guides and angels are there for you, but when it comes down to real life situations it can be difficult to bring that trust into your daily actions.

Things don’t go as you want, they take longer than you think or the circumstances change drastically. Any one of these situations can cause you to doubt yourself and mistrust the intuitive messages you receive.

“My biggest soul challenge at the moment is TRUST. Intellectually I know my team of angels, guides and so forth are helping me; however I need to keep the faith so to speak when life situations either: don’t go as I think they should, take longer then I want them to, or when they change drastically. I believe fully that my “team” is helping me and I pray for whats my best outcome, but ego creates doubt. I want to believe without worry!”

Do You Know How To Trust Yourself?

Do you actually know how to trust yourself? That might seem like a strange question, but part of this sense of mistrust is due to not understanding how trust is achieved. In order to trust your intuitive hits,  angels, and guides, you first must increase your own self-trust.

We have been taught to trust our parents, other family members and abstract concepts. Do you put more stock in someone else’s thoughts and opinions and push your own thoughts and feelings to the back burner?

Self-trust is something most of us have to work on at some junction of our lives. The point is everybody moves through different levels and degrees of self trust. Something that didn’t make a difference a year ago might become paramount if you are attempting to make a big change in your life, like starting your spiritual business.

How To Begin Trusting Yourself More

You have to show yourself that you can do what is needed each and every time to get the job done. This means repeated small steps to build that trust.

Notice ways you do already trust yourself. Make a list of what you are doing right now. Sometimes just the recognition of that is enough for you to take the next steps into something bigger.

Also make a list of items where you wish to improve.

I will share a couple of personal examples that I am currently working on developing more self-trust:

Getting to bed earlier – I regularly stay up late and know that in order to function my best I need to get to bed earlier. I have been attempting to go to bed 15 minutes earlier each night. I was able to do this for about three nights in a row, but then the weekend showed up and I ended up staying up late again. The nights I went to bed earlier I was more rested and I could work on my business with energy and enthusiasm. The nights I stayed up late I felt tired and sluggish in the morning. It stands to reason, right?

What happens though is by going against your own word you decrease the amount of trust within yourself. It keeps you in a stop-start pattern and hinders any progress you initially made.

Money – In most financial areas I do okay, but one area that needs attentions is our joint checking account. This is an account which pays all household bills and utilities plus food and other household items. This account is often out of money toward the end of the month and has to be supplemented from other sources. It is something that has been going on for years. So, I am applying some of the questions below to help work through this.

Perhaps you can see a situation that needs improving for yourself.

Do Your Actions Contradict Your Words?

Develop Personal Integrity – Do What You Say, Say What You Mean

Are you getting flashbacks to a particular 1980’s song from the Fixx? The word integrity seems to get thrown around a lot these days, but the meaning is simple. Do what you say and say what you mean.

Start with something small. If you agree to meet someone at 11:am do you actually show up at 11:am or do you show up at 11:05 or 11:10? You might convince yourself those 5 or 10 minutes don’t matter, but what you are subconsciously telling yourself is that you are someone who perpetually runs late. You are showing yourself you cannot be trusted to get there on time.

When you tell yourself you are going to begin a task at noon, do you actually start exactly at noon or is it more like 12:10 or 12:15 by the time you get started? Your subconscious mind thinks in terms of black and white. You either did something when you said or you didn’t.

Try this:  Choose a time you are going to do something and then make yourself start the task at that exact minute. For example, “I will pick up this pen on my desk at exactly 12:50 pm.” Not 12:49 and not 12:51 pm. Can you do it exactly at the time you agreed? Notice any resistance that comes up. Notice what thoughts are going through your mind as the time gets closer.

Once you can work through some small items, try this exercise with something bigger. The more you can do this, the greater your self-trust becomes. How could you implement this in the area of money?

Develop Consistency In Your Thoughts And Actions

Think about what you consistently do right now. Also think about what consistently fails to materialize. Somewhere in the middle of this is where self-trust needs strengthening.

Are you taking enough of the right actions consistently?

What are you doing that consistently fails to bring the results you want? What could you change in your thinking or actions to closer align to your intended result?

Follow Through On Your Promises

Did you promise your child you would go to the store and buy him/her a new pair of shoes, but when the day comes you tell them that it won’t work and you will go another day? You are not just breaking a promise to your child, you are also breaking a promise to yourself.

How often do you say you will do something or be somewhere and then change the date or time in order to accommodate something else? Notice how often you rearrange plans and change your priorities. If so, look at the point when you said yes to that activity. Was the yes said out of guilt or obligation? Was the yes said in order to please someone else or to avoid an uncomfortable situation? Do you say yes to someone when you are face to face knowing you will call them on the phone and cancel a few days later?

All of those types of situations are opportunities to strengthen your own boundaries. The point is are you willing to do the work and get uncomfortable? Looking at why we break promises to others can show us how and why we break promises to ourselves.

Do you have anything to share about trusting yourself? If so, leave a comment below.

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  1. Hi Laura , I am first timer on your blog.

    What a nice piece of article with good to-do pints to apply in our daily life to build trust in self.​I​t is so true we can trust everyone but trusting self doesn’t come easy way.
    Your point regarding “Follow Through On Your Promises” really resonates with me . We don’t have to say ​Y​es to please others or to get approval of others that we love them. For our soul upliftment ,we need to be happy and be connected while doing for others .​

    Recently read the article, we create karma when we do for others for psychological reason. It is for satisfying our needs or for ​ our ​stability ,we sometimes chose to do things which we don’t wanted to do .

    One needs to connect with God to do all activities for soul upliftment that will automatically build trust in self ​,​as we are trusting in Highest supreme to guide us.

    Thanks for the great reminder through this post!

  2. Hi,Laura!

    Thanks very much for your recent post on trust and development of personal integrity.Thoughts provoking or the inner voice in me demanded to appreciate the jewels of information you’re dropping and the general content on the site. Out of emotion, I think trust and personal integrity is a personal adjustment of one’s for a foundation before a inner and outer deep work take place. Thanks the walk of life invites me your page and is for a reason.

    Peace and love



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