Seeing Strange Faces Before Falling Asleep

Are you seeing strange faces before falling asleep? Rather like a psychic slide show of faces, yet you don’t actually know any of the people?

For those of you who have had this experience, I recommend keeping an intuitive journal of your experiences.

My Experience

Before going to sleep on more than a few occasions I have seen the faces of random strangers, one after another. It is at a point where I am not fully asleep yet, but just drifting off. It is almost like a full color slide show of people whom I do not know. Each face is very clear for a moment or so, but gone in a few seconds and replaced with another face. The background is dark and I only see the faces. They are shown in full color and look like a photograph. I do not feel fearful of them, only curious really. Most of them are faces of women, only a few men.

It may make you feel like you are going a bit crazy!

Who are they and what am I supposed to know or learn from them?

It seems to happen when I have gone to bed a few minutes earlier than normal and have done a few deep breathing exercises to connect myself to my dream guide. Before I am fully in that state, but quite relaxed is when I begin to see the slide show of faces.

Spirits or Something Else?

I have read that it may be spirits visiting me. My own thought was that it was potential people that I may be coming in contact with soon, perhaps those that were interested in getting a reading from me.

It seems these faces are definitely reflections and signs of our own inner workings and thoughts, much like a mirror. It seems that this phenomena offers a small glimpse into the full future potential of our working mind and connecting to other aspects of yourself, maybe even in an alternate reality.

They could be family lineage, images picked up from the Akashic records, or perhaps even someone else’s thought patterns, or a precursor to astral travel.

In my research on this subject, I ran across an alternative explanation, that in which the faces represent the greater whole, that we are all connected to each other via time and space and we are all connected by the same source, seeing various aspects of the human experience.

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40 thoughts on “Seeing Strange Faces Before Falling Asleep”

  1. On a nightly bases I see faces right before I fall a sleep, although I am a medium I do not do readings. I live in an area that no one would travel too any way. but I also some times have plenty of eyes and I seem to go threw the black spot in the middle and many more until I am totally out to sleep. I dream a lot, and I keep a journal by the bed, but never remember all of my dreams when I wake to even write them down. I really enjoy your site, I have thought I was crazy for many many years. I see spirits, can pick up on many things about a person but really have no control yet to cut it off to allow myself to rest. I have a lot going on but too much to write. but thank you for being here so I know I am ok, just different! Tina

    • I have much the same experience, my take on it is quite different than those I’ve read ! When this happens to me the person’s face appears and I get the impression that they are doing the exact same thing at the exact same time as I am , a kind of synchronicity if you will ! My images of the other person doesnt change from one to another like most either, it stays that one person!I hope that this helps you out , I also get the distinct impression at those times that we are all connected in some way we don’t quite yet understand!!! Sincerely,Jack Machado!!!

  2. Hi Laura. I jumped to ur site and find that urs is amusing! My friend tells me that he saw a face when he was about to sleep, but its not human’s face. that face resembles like a mask.. (it has humans features, like 2 eyes, nose, teeth, etc) but looks like coming from a mask. maybe u can give us some insight?

    • Hi Susilo,

      Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet you.

      I wish I could give you some guidance on your question, but have not had any personal experiences seeing a mask.

  3. I know you wrote this some time ago but it came up while i was doing a google search. I just started seeng faces as I close my eyes. Sometimes I see other things. Right before I looked this up i closed my eyes and shot awake saying “what about the south?” I know my 4 month old sees spirits in our house….ive caught orbs over him in photos as he was babbling at the air. This has all started since e was born. Not really sure what this is all about 🙂

  4. This has literally happened to me every time I try to fall asleep…my brother experiences it, as well. I’m 47 and it’s been happening all of my life. The face appear close and as soon as I try to remember every detail, it fades back and a new face appears, men and women. I’ve never felt afraid, just curious. I would love to know the real meaning behind it. Fascinating, and so glad I’m not alone.

    • I had as to reply.
      I also see faces when I try to sleep. They are real faces and I can even see there eye lids open and close. Sometimes can’t get sleep.
      Do u know why and who are they. I see more men than women
      Please reply [email protected]

  5. This happens to me all the time. Used to, the faces were always gold (like they were lit from within — like a lamp) with no background, but lately i’m seeing them in full color with backgrounds. some are aware of me, some aren’t. some seem to be talking to me or even moving closer and screaming… but it’s like they’re on mute. I don’t know any of them.

    I think the calm curiosity is tied to the state they happen in. I’ve never felt anything BUT that unless I thought about them in another mindstate.

    interesting site, btw.

    • Yes this used to happen to me most nights and I used to mostly feel comforted by them – hasn’t happened for a few years now and I miss my faces. Different races and ages – would love to get them back

  6. I googled “I see faces before I sleep” thinking I would find nothing on this.
    I am a 37 year old Christian woman. I don’t believe in ghosts, aliens, mediums, horoscopes or anything of that nature. However, a strange occurrence has been happening right before I drift off to sleep. I see hundreds of faces jumping out of the darkness. Like photographs of Men and women. Some are old from the past and some appear more modern. Sometimes they’re still photographs and sometimes they appear frightened with open mouths and wide eyes. They are like a very fast slideshow and I fall asleep very soon after or during. I’ve had dreams of people running from an unseen shooter in an office building, maybe a hospital? I’ve dreamed of a school shooting only to read about one the next day and I’ve dreamed of the world burning from the sun. I know those are just dreams but I cannot understand why I’m seeing faces of people I’ve never seen before…while I’m still awake. I don’t imagine anyone will have a factual reason for why this is happening. I can’t even tell my family or husband because they would think I’m crazy. Maybe I am?

  7. I, too, am seeing faces I have never met while drifting off to sleep. They look like American Indians or Eskimos, mostly old. They are never caucasian, southeast asian, arab, or any other race. I has been happening since my early 20s at least when I first mentioned it to my then-girlfriend-now-wife, possibly earlier. I am 52 now.

    Starting about 2005, I practiced meditating and still do, very early at dawn. At least twice the faces have appeared during meditation, too, morphing from one face to another. One time the faces were talking — I saw their mouths move as they morphed — but no sound. The faces had intense expressions like they were shouting or arguing. When they were not talking, they had bland expressions or maybe even contempt.

    Sometimes, they eventually morph into “devilish” faces. They remind me of (although they don’t look like) gargoyles or Darth Maul from Star Wars. They look at me with anger and wide open mouths.

    The weird thing is this is the only brain activity (while awake) that I have no control of. One time I tried to manipulate the morphing into a face I might recognize but can’t. All I can do when it happens is watch or will it away. The faces do not scare me. I watch them for a while then think other thoughts when I think they are disturbing. I meditate to generate warm feelings after all, not look at angry faces. I will buy Robert Bruce’s book.

  8. Hello, I too see faces of strangers before I fall asleep, I see a bright light and than faces come from in the light. At times I hear my name being called, I open my eyes and see nothing, but always feel a presence. This has been happening my whole life but gave shared these experiences with no one. I thought I was alone in this . At times I feel these ppl are trying to tell me something I can feel their emotions it’s hard to explain, does anyone else feel the same way and what is the next step on experiencing this? Thank you, Lost in Canada

  9. I normally don’t post online, but feel a connection with the others who are posting and I find it comforting to read their experiences.

    This has been happening to me for a while now and for some reason I didn’t pay it much mind after it happened. Probably because it was right before sleep and then you wake up the next day and go on with your business. Anyway the other night it happened and it was kind of a powerful one and I shot up and decided I needed to see what the heck this is. Now that I see it is a genuine phenomenon as my experience has been identical to so many others (on this thread and other postings online) I have been really curious to know more. So far nothing has popped out as the definitive answer and it seems we have each other to help figure it out. With that said I will share some of the things that may help others dig a little deeper in to this beyond just the experience.

    When trying to recall how long this has happening I realized that the first such experience to stand out to me was during my first time in a float tank. It came in the form of the face of a man that was kind of eskimo looking and his face morphed in to that of a wolf.

    Next it feels like this “ability” is evolving to more I am mindful of it and experiment with it when it is happening.

    Something that has stood out to me when reading the accounts of others is that for some people the faces become mean and even demonic or gargoyle like and are trying to scare you. I read one account from someone above about it being like it is emerging from a mask (referring to the human face). For me like one in 10 are like this. Like they don’t want me looking to deeply at them. I feel like I could look through them and some of them I do and they go away (it is like I am more powerful). Others I don’t want to challenge (yet).

    They started out as white light outlines in the darkness (like looking at a photographic negative) as there is a light color like quality and over time they are starting to turn to color with backgrounds and I feel like I am peeping in to another dimension or reality as it is happening.

    I read that when your eyes close your third eye opens and this is emanating from there.

    One of the most fascinating things is most of them time we are all seeing strangers (some have a familiar feel others do not).

    Men and woman both for me, but no children yet.

    One of my current theories/feelings is that this somehow has to do with inter- dimensional beings (know throughout time by many names to many cultures). We are out of phase with them and they cannot really manifest in our world in the physical sense. There are different types of them and some (maybe all) are attracted to our energy/aura. We are their food (particularly when we scared or giving off other really negative energy). But this is just one idea I have. On the other end of the spectrum this could just be some way the brain sorts itself out in some people.

    Either way it is pretty different and interesting in an otherwise often mundane world. Glad to know the rest of you are out there. I wish we could share more of our experiences and try to figure this out together as I think the answer lies within us.

    • Enjoyed what you had to say. Wish we all could get together.
      Yes, there no children. Mostly older men, few woman and some with demonic faces.
      Wish they would go away. Even see them when waking up.

  10. I too have the same problem ..I see faces and eyes …alot..its like k can see then whenever i want i just close my eyes and start looking and wait like a minute..and now I noticed I can make them those eyes angry as well…if I breath hard from my lungs with a snore and take that force up to the middle of my forehead I can even see some waves going and merging with them and it seems to make those eyes and faces angrier and scary….I don’t know I was thinking maybe i have a tumor or something but looks like there’s a lot of people like me…and I see animals too…wolves and cats alot…

  11. I see the faces for as long as I can remember. The faces appears from the black background, they “zoom-in” in like 2-3 seconds, then stay clear for 0.5 second and the next face is starting to appear. Usually I see hundreds of faces before I fall a sleep.

    In my case all of the faces are extremely devilish/demonic/sick to a point where it can not be described using words. Sometimes its even looks closer to an “object-thing” than to a face – but you know it is a face. Funny is that they don’t scare me, instead I am even quite impressed how creative the human brain can be.
    If I could remember and paint them I would do a *lot* scarier pictures than Zdzislaw Beksinski.

    I did a bit of googling around that topic and found out that usually most people see normal faces, the ones who tends to see mostly old faces sometimes also see demonic type faces, and those who see demonic never see anything else.

    I am quite envy of all of you who see cute female faces…

  12. Hi. It’s me again, my second post here.

    I just wanted to say it’s really comforting to know that others experience the same thing.

    When I first decided to google a month or so ago, I was just curious and didn’t think much of it. So I was shocked at what I call the “avalanche” of experiencers I found on the Net.

    My daughter graduated with a degree in psychology so she was the first I asked about the phenomenon. I wanted to find out if it was covered in any subjects she took in college. She told me no, it was new to her. She was equally fascinated by the phenomenon.

    So it looks like science hasn’t yet made a study on it.

    Just to give more background, I am a Pacific islander. I came to the US in my late 20s. I remember seeing the faces long before that.

    I imagine most people here “Westerners”. I mention that because I think it shows the phenomenon is not a cultural thing. I also remember reading an account by one from Thailand in another online forum.

  13. I was able to download an earlier edition of Robert Bruce’s “Astral Dynamics” (possibly first edition as it does not say what edition it is).

    I also bought and read his revised, 2009 edition of the book from Amazon.

    In both books, I understand that we may be “accidentally” projecting ourselves to a certain plane of the astral realm.

    (Actually, we never “accidentally” project ourselves according to the book, because our souls travel and therefore “project” to the astral dimension every time we sleep. But the memories of our traveling soul is recorded elsewhere — akashic? — and not in our physical brain so we have no memory of our soul’s travels when we wake up. The practice of meditation does just that — master the craft of letting the body sleep while the mind remains awake so we may “download” our soul’s memory into our physical brain. Anyway…)

    One of the places our souls visit while projecting is what Bruce calls the real-time zone. It is the place between our physical realm and the astral realm and where souls of the recently deceased spend some time.

    From the pdf that I downloaded, on p. 203, he describes this place:

  14. “Although many parts of the astral planes appear to be full of life, it is fairly rare to meet up with interested beings while traveling there. But it does happen occasionally. Just about every astral plane and realm has some kind of local inhabitants. These life forms often live in specific areas or realms, and often seem quite unaware of any reality or dimensional level other than their own. They are often amazed when they meet an astral traveler. Other types seem to be well aware of other dimensions, but most seem to have little patience with projectors and tend to ignore them.

    “In a way, approaching astral beings you do not know is very much like approaching strangers in the physical dimension. Most strangers ignore other people, even when politely asked directions or questions. Strangers will, at best, give cursory answers as they hurry away while actively trying to ignore you. Astral beings, too, don’t seem to enjoy getting involved with the affairs of strangers, usually having much more important things to do with their time.”

    In his 2009 revised edition, he omits the above. Instead he describes the beings whose faces we see not as inhabitants but, if I remember right, as creations of the collective consciousness.

    Not sure why he made the change.

  15. Just tonight me and my best friend were talking about crazy things that happen to us when we were younger. We talked about how we saw faces of people that we have never met let alone never have seen before in our lives. We feel that each of the faces we saw were trying to come through to us. My friend said that she would keep here door open at night and these faces would come from her fathers bathroom into her room and they would come and attack her and she would be so scared but she did try and grab them and push them away but it was no use. I to feel the same the same thing happen to me I would be terrified to leave my room and at one point I had to sleep with my light on to feel safe. We were just wanting to know if people felt and had the same experience as we did?

  16. Hi Laura,

    Thank you for your post. I just wanted to say that I see faces right before I sleep too, I see people I have never met just going about their normal daily lives, and I feel like I am the invisible observer.I could be observing two people arguing,or just discussions in a group or between individuals, or a person speaking to someone in a foreign country in a foreign language yet I seem to comprehend what they are saying. All of the people I see are strangers, but I always feel like may be these people do exist.
    We are all somehow connected, and may be somehow can be present to observe others going about their daily lives at times.


  17. I’ve seen many colors and shapes when I close my eyes, sometimes and not for a long time I’ve even seen bright flashes of light but just the other night I seen a few faces but what puzzled me the most is they was not of a human or animal. While I know some may say I’m making it up but I’m not and know what I seen, have no explanation of it either nor was I asleep as I just closed my eyes.

  18. Hello Laura, my name is Marie, I have been seeing a variety of faces as i am drifting off to sleep. I don’t know if these are people that are alive. some of them seemed to be speaking but i can not hear them. some of the people are injured. I am not afraid of the faces, I actually have thought about drawing or painting them. One image has almost burned itself into my brain. It is a blonde haired lady. she seems to have been beaten up, she has stitches going around the outside of her right eye, she has a bruise on the left side of her face by her jaw and a lip ring. You suggest a journal of sorts would you recommend trying to talk to the images as i see them?

  19. Wow. This was my first real intense experience. Its been happening for a while now but this time I learnt he more i focused the less i saw but the more i relaxed I came things evolved. I was surrounded by like a sea or ether like flowing smoke and then suddenly i would be zooming to other places seeing people but never seeing real clearly their faces.
    One moment all these images turned to a dark a figure right about my head.
    I was so scared at one moment but i thought with my fear – and honestly. I wouldn’t write this for no reason it was like someone was trying to say something in my head i never experience a buzz/fuzz feeling like that. It kept getting stronger and eventually I had to get up a move from my room I chickened out I guess.
    I’ve just googled my experience and brought me to hear.
    I’m so curious. I want to go back there. Does anyone know how these are triggered off?? I did feel some one was trying to tell me something but I was confused whether it was good or bad or just my emotions in the way.

  20. I have experienced those same experiences years ago. I would get ready and get in the bed to go to sleep and faces would start popping up in front of me I didn’t know any of them. Haven’t had happen in a while. But I noticed as I have gotten older I have a gift of being able of seeing visions and speaking with spirits in one way or the other. Also I have seen a spirit or so more and more it has gotten stronger in since my husband passed away in February. I have read about a spiritual awakening. In this it can become stronger after losing a love one. I have always had it, but now I can talk to my husband in my mind and see him also. Give me your insight on this. Thank you so much. Donna

  21. I’m not a spiritual person, but when I close eyes in dark room I see changing faces, every second 2 or 3 facesappear or change emotion, change angle of view … I see hundred faces or so in a minute . Sometimes it is for me like a theatre and I enjoy watching them for hour or so, then I fell asleep. I would like to stay with the faces forever, they are more interesting than my life . At least I would like to draw them but they change or dissaper in 1 second, it is impossible to capture the moment , There are so many interesting faces and emotions I see .

  22. Thank you for sharing your experiences! I was convinced I was the only one having such experiences and now I feel better that I am not alone. I have been seeing faces for many years. First of all the faces were very peaceful with a bluish tinge and their eyes were often closed. However of late I see faces there the eyes are opened and they morph into distorted and sometimes evil angry faces. Some talk but I cannot hear them. I wish I could make more sense of this.

    • I have recently gone to a float place and have experienced the exact same thing… I love floating and feel great, but when I almost or I am meditating I see the faces and within a nano second they morph into evil like, distorted faces… I am now thinking I should get baptized etc…
      I don’t know what to do but I do continue to float for the other benefits.

      • Hi Keith
        I am also thinking about getting baptized.

        Not sure if this is demonic. Says in Bible that not suppose to talk to spirits.

  23. Strange, at seventy five years old, that I suddenly find many others have the same experiences I have, or have had (I haven’t had any recently). I often wondered why it was I was seeing faces materialize right in front of my eyes just before falling asleep. The facial images could be of any age or gender. I had no control of who would appear next. Sometimes they might look directly into my eyes as if they wanted to communicate but at other times they seemed to stare blankly and did not appear open to communications. I tried for years, over and over, to speak to the images but was never able to communication with a single one of them. As if this weren’t enough, I was diagnosed, and am being treated, for REM sleep disorder. If you aren’t familiar with this, don’t feel bad, few are. Even most doctors, who aren’t specializing in sleep disorders, will have heard of the affliction. Worse, many, if not most, of the people with this disorder will have been misdiagnosed. But, I digress.

    Besides the faces that mysteriously appear in the REM sleep disorder, it brings dreams into a realm that is almost too lucid, too vivid to be a dream. Many of them, are horrifying terrible dreams and may cause the person having the dream to hurt themselves or perhaps a bed partner in an agitated state of fear and terror (fighting off evil people or monsters is a common theme). At any rate I suffered for years before a Dr at MAYO clinic prescribed a medication that prevented the hallucinations from occurring (he readily admitted that he didn’t understand exactly what caused the disorder but had had success with a drug in treating the disorder).

    That’s my background. I think I understand many things that others may not (I listened to a Vietnam Veteran on TV describing almost identical symptoms and he was being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD). I’m convinced he was misdiagnosed (as many others are).

    Having gave you a condensed version of symptoms I have, I would like to expound on a couple things. One, during the REM dreams, the images are far too vivid, too alive, too real to be a dream, to me. They are, I’m convinced, of another world. It’s as if I’ve walked into, or to be more precise, put into another world. A reality, and a location with real beings, not dreams. Not every REM dream is a terrifying one, some are quite pleasant, but either way, when I wake, it’s as if they were all too real. They weren’t dreams, not imaginations, but places with actual material things and beings, or again, another world. I don’t know how, or if, they are linked to the faces I sometimes see before falling asleep, but I think they are (at least they’re both in my mind). I have no rationalization for that, it just seems to me they’re related in some way. I suppose this sounds like gibberish but I wanted to say it, just to see if anyone might have similar experiences or perhaps is able to shed a little light on what I have come to believe is a reality, of some sort.

    Thanks for listening to an old man….. 🙂


  24. Over the past few years I often see faces of people from all over the world. Their expressions are blank and the eyes are they eyes of people who have died. For very long time I thought I was just over tired and my imagination was getting the best of me. But then after I retired I really began to pay closer attention and have the feeling that they are dead. But it’s like they are saying “I’m here”. They images around the head are all different. It get’s a little creepy sometimes since I also get the feeling of something moving on the covers at the same time. What are your thoughts on this.

  25. I just recently discovered that I could do this and I never knew anyone else could, until I decided to Google it and I found that it is apparently something that many people do. It all started for me several months ago. At first I didn’t know what to make of it because it was so foreign to me. When it first began, I was wondering how I could possibly make of these faces and places of people I have never met or places I have never been. It does seem that when I close my eyes I enter into another dimension or another world. The people there are just like us, the faces seem so real and vivid.

    I can look into the eyes of these people as they pass me by, but never a word is spoken or acknowledgement that they can see me. It is sort of like watching a short film clip and then it either disappears or goes into a different one. The people and the places seem so real, yet they are people I have never met before. I don’t know them. The places seems very real also, but I don’t recognize the places as somewhere I have ever been before.

    I am a Pisces and I have been told that Pisceans are more intuitive than the other signs. I also feel that I have some psychic ability, but I have never seriously tried to enhance those abilities. I know that sometimes, I know things before they actually happen and I have also had recently passed friends and relatives contact me, more or less, to tell me that they are alright and are still with me. I think I would like to pursue honing any skills that I have, especially since I have found this new clairvoyance I seem to have.

  26. This happens to me all the time, during healing sessions and journeys as well. I believe these are our other dimensional selves and they are bleeding through so you can see them.

  27. So I have been seeing faces for awhile now and I recently saw a face that was so vivid for a couple of seconds and this happened right before I was about to sleep. Yesterday when I saw a face it woke me up and the thing is…when I woke up and opened my eyes he wasn’t there. But when I blinked I saw him so I closed my eyes and as I look at him he’s smiling at me and waving and Lemme remind you that I’m awake. So I wave back at him and say hey But I couldn’t hear nothing tho. And when this happened the man seemed like a good guy. He was standing behind a short brick wall and there’s a pole with light on it on the sidewalk on the right. And it looked like he was standing in the middle of the street. I think that he was in New Orleans based upon the way the buildings and the ground looked.

    • Sounds like you were def in an astral realm Jay. I have been trying to lucid dream and astral project but nothing yet. Maybe someone who comes across this will have a similar occurrence or can relate to what I started to experience recently out of nowhere. Last few days I have been seeing visions of unfamiliar faces, changing every second just slightly enough to know it’s not the exact same face.

      I must see 100s every few min, and I Dont detect any mal intent from them either, more like a comfort feeling. My first experience the other day wasn like Jays experience though. Mine was more like seeing photos of ppl talking with a 360 degree view but cant hear them. Today’s experience was a lil differ, samething with the visions of rapidly changing differ unrecognizable faces but it felt more like i was watching them on tv, (I specifically remember asking myself if I was watching the news and whether or not he was talking to me through the screen but the tv was muted. Also I was very AWAKE!!

      Very conscious of what I was seeing and very confused that I was not dreaming. Saying to myself wait am I sleeping? No I am very awake and this is happening? Wait is this normal? All these questions popping up and I just said screw it, lemme just relax and enjoy what is happening here. I went on but then I was interrupted and it was gone. i know psychic visions or astral projection can occur in meditative or alpha/theta brainwave state but I don’t think I was in that brain state.

      I just woke up and had drank a cup of coffee lol. I first thought maybe it was visions of what I looked like in past lives but I see mostly men and I’m a woman. Idk. I just don’t think I was always a male in my previous incarnations. And I don’t think it could have been my ancestors because the features were very dark hair and tan and started looking Cherokee Indian-like and I have very light features very blonde, blue eyes freckles Nordic and Austrian lineage from what I was told. Ahh that would be so cool to find out I had Differ lineages I am not aware of! But anyways, I can’t figure my experiences out. I wasn’t as astral like Jays was.

      There def has to be something to this tho, especially every single person who posted here said the same thing about not being able to hear what they were saying (well that I read anyway). Very cool tho. Maybe my third eye is getting activated? I figured that has to be what is happening here since I am on that path. I just never had anything like that happen and I’ve been woke for a few yrs now and not actively trying. Very cool tho

  28. I take lodepen – 5mg cut from 10mg- every night for sleep. When I am getting to drifting off point I start seeing heads floating all over my room – and not good looking but rather mean devil type faces in or around an orb. I m afraid of them most of the them – I can see their mouth moving as they look at me so I think they are speaking to me but I hear nothing. I speak to them also and I know they hear it because some smile at me. Others look like they want to harm me. Is this normal behavior when a person is taking Ambien or Zolpidem low dose? I also see things like snakes in my bed – a mouse in my bed and spiders on me. Scary to say the least. I am almost 80 years old, quite healthy but have sleep issue. Thanks for listening.

  29. I see faces at night but they are not in full color, i also see spiders too large to be real, masks with shifting color and geometric patterns, and black( not as in african american or african, i mean black as in shadows) figures dancing around. I am not afraid of anything i see, I just think ohh I’m gong to have a cool dream tonight. I have been able to lucid dream since i was young and dream states can be very realistic or the craziest fantasy. I Don’t believe in Ghosts, Spirits, or Souls. The chemicals in your brain can do a lot of different things.


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