Reiki Healing Music

A selection of my favorite Reiki healing music for energy healing sessions, yoga, and relaxation. Find soothing music to calm your mind and soul.

I am currently a Reiki Level II Practitioner but these days generally use Reiki for my own self healing. For me, Reiki has been a wonderful self healing tool that I use almost every day. If you want to know more about Reiki and how it can benefit you, here are a few posts I have written: The Healing Benefits of Reiki, and What is Reiki?.

When I first started to choose music for my own reiki sessions I didn’t know exactly what to look for. Some music was labeled meditation music and some pieces were actually guided meditations. While those are fine for different situations, you need instrumental music without voice for a Reiki healing session.

Some music had too fast of a tempo and other music had too somber of a tone. What you want is music that raises the vibrational level of both you and your clients. You want something with just enough bells or chimes, but not so much as to leave your ears ringing. Look for music that helps you refocus your attention and does not distract you. The music should blend into the background and be part of the overall healing experience.

I do feel music is a personal selection and it pays to listen to a few tracks to see if you intuitively know it is right for you. When you click on any of the links below and scroll to the bottom of the page you can listen to a sample of each of the tracks. Most are available both on CD or .mp3.

Even if you don’t know much about Reiki, you can still benefit from the calming and healing effect it has on your mind and body. Who couldn’t use a relaxation break?

Learn Reiki At Home

One of the questions I had before taking this class related to online learning. Can you learn Reiki at home without taking an expensive in-person class? At the time I took this course there was not much available online, but that has changed. I now think you can learn Reiki just as effectively through distance learning and have found a course that can teach you the basics. Check it out here and see what you think for yourself. Click here to find out more about Pure Reiki Healing.

Reiki Healing Music

This is what I personally use for Reiki healing music. It has a very nice serene sound and the mix is just right. Give it a try. It is wonderful for meditation too.

Healing Sanctuary Dean EvensonHealing Sanctuary by Dean Evenson

Flutes, harps, keyboards and guitars gently drift in and out, creating tranquil soundscapes that are perfect for the healing arts, meditation, relaxation and sleep time.

reiki hands of lightReiki Hands Of Light by Deuter

This bestselling CD, loved by therapists and healers around the world, is ideal music for any kind of deep work: Reiki, meditation, massage, or relaxation. Long sonorous tones and an underlying rhythmic pulse create a gently supportive, ambient soundscape. An essential edition to any healing collection.

reiki sound healingKoyasan: Reiki Sound Healing by Deuter

A global mixture of instruments includes Chinese erhu, Japanese shakuhachi flute, East Indian tamboura, and Tibetan singing bowls. Takes the listener on a serene, mystical voyage through a variety of peaceful soundscapes with a relaxed and soothing pace.

reiki hands of love

Reiki Hands of Love by Deuter

As a follow up to Reiki Hands of Light, Reiki Hands of Love is designed be a friendly energy, gently helping the process of healing through touch. It is a harmonious flow of sounds and melodies, compassionately supporting the act of calming and healing.

What about you? What are your experiences with Reiki, either as a practitioner or as someone who has had a Reiki healing session? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

You can find more books on Reiki at this page.

2 thoughts on “Reiki Healing Music”

  1. Padma Aon Prakasha

    Meditation Music, Sound-Healing, vibrational frequency, healing meditation, healing music

    Everything is sound vibration. The world is sound. You are made of sounds in a vibrational universe. How can we tap into them? Why is this not known? Is there a system behind meditation music, vibration sound, vibrational frequency, sound healing vibrational healing, vibrational sound therapy, and Energy Medicine? YES!

    In this Sound Healing Documentary series based on the awakened wisdom of the Indian Masters and the Kabbalah, we discover the Fourth Mode of Sound: The fourth mode of vibration is the Consciousness that births all other vibrations, from which all sound arises from, from which all the modes of vibration are generated in order to express the inexpressible and to manifest the formless into form.

    This field and wave is within you and every single being, a quantum wave moving through, creating and connecting everything in creation. This self generating, grand ground state of the universe” continually renews and perpetually rebirths itself in every single moment; instantaneously communicating to everything everywhere through quantum resonance – the resonance found in all things.

    The fourth mode can be accessed when one is in total resonance, or love, through your totally coherent mind-heart-nervous system flowing in quantum resonance, the same resonant vibration that is in all life-forms. This quantum resonance is known as Namaste because the same wave flows through you as it does through me. It is Para-spanda, the supreme pulse wave manifesting through and in the dynamism of living form.

    Sound is creation, and the world is sound.

  2. Very interesting. I have some friends who would enjoy the reiki healing ideas. It seems like you discovered what the research has also found when it comes to relaxation and focus and how music optimizes brain activity, lowers anxiety, and improves memory when the tempo is slower.


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