How To Create A Healing Timeline

Create a healing timeline and heal emotional wounds. Find and identify triggers and past events in need of healing. Have you found it difficult to create a positive shift in your life because you couldn’t remember events from your past that might have triggered emotional wounds? Find out how to create a healing timeline of past events so you can find and identify triggers in need of healing. Gain self-confidence, clarity, and peace of mind.

If you have been actively working on your own self-healing, one of the things that can keep us from making a positive shift in a certain life area is not being able to remember past events that were the original triggers of unhealed feelings and emotions.

I originally did this to correspond with my own astrological chart and used it to correlate certain planetary energies to life events. You can also use it to spark deeply buried memories that may not have surfaced for years.

It is one of the most helpful things I have done and I encourage you to take the time to do the exercise as well. The results can be eye-opening.

It will help you remember and correlate past events to your current feelings and emotions that present themselves for healing.

How To Create A Healing Timeline

You are going to create a life event healing timeline and it is intended to help you put down on paper events and happenings that have shaped your life.

You can use this to determine which events may have led up to the onset of a physical illness or dramatic changes in behavior and attitudes in your life.

So, you will need a notebook or set up a spreadsheet.

  • Write down the dates of all major life events you can remember of anyone important to you, including yourself. Examples would be dates of births and deaths of children, spouse, parents, siblings or close friends. Also consider any suicides.
  • Write down the dates of major life events like graduating high school, college, getting married, divorced, dates you moved – especially to a new area, dates you started new jobs and dates you ended jobs.
  • Write down any major political/environmental/military/social events that happened during your lifetime.
  • Write down major vacations or trips you have taken, especially those to foreign lands.
  • Write down any major surgeries or hospital stays of your own or those close to you.
  • Write down any major illnesses you can remember. Not just a cold, but something that knocked you out for a week or two. Don’t worry so much about earlier ones, but focus on the dates of the past few years.
  • If you are looking into a particular physical issue, write down the earliest date you can remember when the illness or issue started. This might be earlier than you think.

What To Do With The Information?

Can you correlate any of those dates to the onset of your illness or issue? If it is hard to remember, think about who you were with or where you were working when the first incident happened. Who was with you? Who had you just talked to? Was there something upsetting the apple cart going on?

Also, if nothing specific is immediately coming to mind, think about who came to mind when you were doing this exercise? Who did you start daydreaming about or visiting memory lane about? Often that person or family can be a clue about the onset of the illness or issue.

Although this healing timeline is not foolproof, I feel it is a big aid in healing all types of life issues. It is an exercise in self-reflection and healing on the path to purpose.

Use it in conjunction with understanding karmic aspects within your astrological chart.

You may have to reach out to friends and family to confirm dates or events. You can also use the internet to find obituaries.

Have you ever tried this before? Feel free to leave a comment below on any aha moments. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “How To Create A Healing Timeline”

  1. Hi Laura, I was thinking of doing some self-reflection but I don’t know where to start and I think the the ‘Healing Timeline’ is a great idea to identify different changes in life without forgetting them. I honestly have never thought of that.
    Many thanks to you!

    • Hi Pauline,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, for me it is an ongoing process. Sometimes you run across an old friend or family member and they will mention an event and it will just sort of click that the event occurred following one of the things you wrote down for your timeline. It is amazing how quickly we forget certain events, especially from childhood.


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