Clear Negative Energy from your Home

Clear negative energy from your home by removing clutter and opening windows makes your home more welcoming and cheery. Learn tips and techniques for removing negative energies.

In a recent article, I discussed how to clear the negative energy that can become attached to your body. Also, this post talks about how negative energies attach to objects.

Clear Negative Energy from your Home

Clearing the negative energies that build up in your home over the winter months helps you think more clearly. It also helps you breathe easier and clear your mind of extraneous thoughts and habits. Eliminating clutter, broken items, and junk from each room of your house will make the house itself feel lighter and you will too.

Even though we are past the first day of spring, it is still a great time to pick up and clean up your home. I spent the day clearing items from my home and removed 119 items throughout the day. My goal for the day was 100 items, but I ended up finding a bunch of magazines at the end, so it bumped up the count to 119.

In order to regain lost energy, remove items from your home and work area. For each and every item that is brought into your home, there is some type of energy attached to it. Over time, especially winter months, where the windows are closed up tight, these energies accumulate and the house starts feeling heavy, stale, and generally not cheerful.

100 Items Out of the House

I read about a technique last week of setting a goal number of items per day or week, such as 100, and making it a priority to remove at least 100 items from the house.

I started by placing the items I picked up around the house on the dining room table and then throughout the day, I had the intention in my mind to find as many items as possible that were broken, outdated, unused, or I just didn’t need anymore. Then, I kept a mental count of what number of items I was at and made a game of it throughout the day.

This is not something you have to set aside a lot of time for on a specific day. Just set the intention in your mind that by the end of the day, you will have 100 items to discard. It puts your mind into gear and keeps it at the forefront of your thoughts.

What Do You Notice?

When you walk from one room to another, scan the shelves and really look at what you walk by everyday. It is amazing what pops out at you and how many items in your home are either broken or unusable. Scoop them up and put them into your pile. For me, 100 items filled up about two thirds of my dining room table and it didn’t look like I had removed a thing from the house.

This is also a great technique to use for those attics and spare bedrooms that hardly ever get visited. Go in with the intention that you are going to remove 100 items from the room within the day. Your brain will help you do the rest. I find this easier than putting aside 4-5 hours to clean out a room. To me that can get fairly overwhelming. So, just doing 100 items for today and again on a weekend breaks the cleaning job down to manageable chunks.

Once you have your 100 items:

  • Sort them out and throw out anything broken, damaged, or not good enough for charity.
  • Also take a look and see if anything could be sold to friends or family or listed on auction sites. You never know, you could end up with a few extra bucks out of your cleaning spree.
  • Box or bag the rest and take it to your local charity the same day if possible. You won’t really notice the shift in the energy within your home until the items are literally off your property. Storing them in the garage doesn’t count!

My recommendation is to do this at least one or two days per week, until you can noticeably feel the shift in the energy.

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