How To Keep An Intuitive Journal

How To Keep An Intuitive Journal

Learn how to keep an intuitive journal to record and make sense of premonitions and intuitive experiences. Begin to develop your intuition, psychic abilities, and senses by keeping a written record.

What Is An Intuitive Journal?

It is a written record of your impressions, hunches, gut feelings and instincts about events in your life and in the lives of people you know. Keeping a journal is a great way to begin trusting and developing your psychic senses. A journal can be a physical item as simple as a notebook, or a blank lined book with a beautiful leather cover.

Online Intuitive Journaling Software With Password Protection

As an alternative, you can keep your journal on your computer with a journaling software. I find I like the computer best as my hands do not tire as easily as writing by hand. This is the journaling software I have used for the past 6 years and it works really well:  The Journal 7. It is also password protected. Part of an intuitive journal can also be used for recording dreams. I would recommend keeping a physical journal by your nightstand so upon waking, you can record your thoughts about your dreams immediately. So often waiting even 5 or 10 minutes after waking up from a dream is enough to forget most of the impressions you had.

Why Keep An Intuitive Journal?

Because intuition can be quite subtle, many psychic experiences can seem to go unnoticed and fly under the radar. By regularly recording your inner thoughts and knowings, you will begin to get a feel for your level of accuracy and also be able to weed out your ego thoughts. As you go back and review entries made in a journal, you may start to pick up on certain patterns or feelings that can help you discern whether what you thought was your intuition was accurate. It is a method to learn to trust your intuitive senses. You can also use your journal to record questions and answers you have about developing your psychic abilities, set intentions, write down favorite inspirational quotes, and express gratitude. Use it for anything that will raise your mood, spirit, and vibration. This is not intended to be used as a diary where you just record the day’s events or write about something that bothered you.  This is a specific place to write about your inner knowing so that you can get comfortable trusting your thoughts.

What To Write

Make a daily practice of writing in your journal for at least 10 minutes. Write down your impressions of new people you met or events that happened that day. How did you feel when talking to a specific person; great, neutral, or poor? Is something just not adding up given the information someone told you? Jot down anything that comes to mind. Take a look back at what you wrote once a week and see if you can put patterns together. Were your visual hunches correct? Or was it a voice in your ear that came through strongly? After a while you will be able to develop your intuition to the point that you can trust that odd thought or picture in your mind and begin to make use of the information the angels are sending your way. Here are some wonderful lined blank journals for getting started in developing your intuition. Take a look! The one in the photo above is called the The Spirit of Flight Journal.

More Beautiful Writing Journals

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