How To Tap Into Your Intuition

Does it seem like your intuition sometimes eludes you? Did you ever wish that your intuition was more precise? Find out how to tap into your intuition.

It is awesome when you receive an intuitive hit and you just know the exact next step to take. Cherish those times. But other times intuition can be subtle and you might not know if that fleeting thought was intuition or something completely random. When you have questions surrounding your intuition it creates hesitancy. If you feel any amount of hesitation, the chances of taking any action at all go down considerably. Other times our intuitive nudges are just not all that convenient.

Why We Postpone Acting On Intuitive Information

Sometimes when you receive an intuitive nudge it may not come at an opportune time. You might have an entire weeks worth of things on your to-do list when you get an idea for a new design, project, or blog post. It can be so easy to let it pass and think you will remember it tomorrow. So, by all means write down notes for yourself and take action as soon as you can. But the thing is, the Universe does indeed love speed. By postponing taking action by a few days or a week, you can easily lose steam on a great idea.


Another reason we postpone taking action is because of fear. Most often what stops you are all of those hidden fears we may want to avoid. Those include fear of failure, embarrassment, and tall poppy syndrome among many others. You might think you will be ready another day, your idea is too big, or that the information received is intended for someone else. If you can see beyond that immediate fear you can make progress toward your goals much quicker.


Confusion lives right alongside fear. When there is some type of fear lurking in the background we can literally almost forget what that great idea was all about. Whenever you feel like things are getting way too complicated or the project has outgrown itself, more often than not we have allowed too many things to cloud the original idea. Intuition is simple, short, and sweet.

My Definition Of Real Action

So, this is how I define action:  There is a real physical result someone else can see. What this involves is actually publishing your blog post, announcing your class or teleseminar, sending an email to your list, sending out your materials for certification, or uploading your video. You have taken direct action when you can point to something specific and show someone else your creations. This is a point at which you need to begin increasing your awareness to the exact type of actions you are taking. There is direct action and indirect action.

Indirect Action

Many times all those great ideas sit on the shelf…sometimes for years. Another birthday goes by…another holiday…and there you are. The book is still unwritten or unpublished, the blog still sitting in the draft folder with a “coming soon” placeholder, or the workshop brochure is still sitting on your computer unprinted. What happened? What stopped you from taking those last steps to real action?

Watch out for certain types of actions like signing up for a class, listening to recordings, or making notes to yourself. While these types of activities may be important in some capacity they carry the energy of preparing, which would fall under indirect action. They are most likely mentally based activities. In many cases they are also passive activities. Preparing is not the same as taking direct action. You can write an entire book…but have you actually launched it? Have you set a specific date to email your list and let them know?

Direct Action

Taking action has many levels and at first you may need to take a bunch of indirect actions in the planning phases. The problem shows up when you haven’t taken any direct action to bring your creation out into the world. Have you taken enough direct action steps to reach your goals?

What you need to be aware of is just how much time you are spending on which activity. You may take a class so that you can apply that to your spiritual business, but notice how many hours you are spending studying and preparing vs. what you are actually putting out to the world. Are you taking enough direct action to get you to your goals?

Tap Into Your Intuition Through Action

Okay, so how do you tap into your intuition through action? Here are a few tips:

  • Write a sentence or two about those intuitive nudges in an intuitive journal whenever they show up.
  • Make a list of all the action steps needed for following through with your intuitive hit. This could be only a few steps or you might write quite a bit if the nudge was large.
  • Determine which action steps are indirect and which are direct steps.
  • Write down 1 step you can complete today, one step you can complete in two days, and one step you can complete in a week.
  • Give yourself a completion date.
  • Check in with yourself after you have completed one week of taking action and watch what can happen!

Are you ready to tap into your intuition?

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