Surrendering to Your Intuition

If you are having trouble making decisions, try surrendering to your intuition. Learn just how much we try to control every aspect of our lives to the detriment of listening to our intuition.

I am sure you have read that everyone is intuitive to some degree or another. A few degrees is all that separates someone who trusts their intuitive vibes from someone who is struggling to find their own connection. My previous blog post talked about why we do not trust our intuition and this post takes the discussion deeper.

If you feel like you cannot hear your intuition or are having a tough time quieting your mind, let’s go deeper into the root causes. One of the big blocks is just how much of our lives we attempt to control.

Levels of Control

Do you realize just how many things we as humans try to control in a given day? From the moment we wake up in the morning to going to bed we attempt to control 100% of our waking day. It just sounds exhausting when you think about it.

We do love our habits. Some of those habits work to our benefit and others to our detriment. We develop habits to help us become more connected to Source, such as meditation or prayer.

We also have developed many habits based in fear and that leads to levels of control. Just what do you think you have to be doing today? Is it going to a job you hate because of the fear of lack of income? Is it feeling as though you have to deal with someone that drains your energy? To align with our intuition, we need to let go of some old habits to make room for something new in our lives.

How Fear is Blocking your Intuition

Fear gets a bad rap some days. Fear is a healthy emotion and can serve us well in many cases. When it does not serve us well is when it gets in the way of our soul’s growth. Our soul wants to have new experiences and grow, but when we let fear keep us stagnate that cannot happen. That is how and when we feel stuck in our careers or relationships.

We let the fear grow and then all of our thoughts focus on the fear. We can forget what we wanted in the first place or just let it slip to the bottom of our list. Our intuitive hits that we danced with as something exciting become nothing more than a small wish rather than something to move to the top of the to-do list.

Recognizing Fear for What it Truly Is

Your intuition may be strong, but fear can do a number on us and close it down, sometimes for a long time. The first step is understand the difference between true intuition and  fear posing as intuition. A pure intuitive thought will come through as short, sweet, and to the point. It will not contain the words should, would, or could. It will never have a judgmental tone. It will also be something that makes you excited and happy.  You can read more misconceptions about intuition.

Surrendering to your Intuition

We are not in control of everything around us, but instead in a relationship with it. Recognizing and identifying those fears is the first step to letting go. When you surrender you may have feelings of anxiety, hurt, or panic. Realize that fear is there for our protection.

The key is to keep surrendering, over and over. By doing this you take yourself deeper into the fears and can begin to see them for what they are; a defense mechanism attempting to keep you safe. Notice what keeps coming up as a recurring theme and where you are feeling contracted. Keep surrendering and do the inner work to let go and release the feelings of negativity.

It comes down to learning to trust again. Can you 100% place trust in the intuitive hits you receive? If not, why do you feel that you cannot trust your intuition at this time? Keep doing the inner work and keep surrendering to your intuition until you find that trust.

7 thoughts on “Surrendering to Your Intuition”

  1. I am going through this right now. The moments where I somehow relax and let go, I get uplifting thoughts that bring relief. Fear that I am experiencing on a daily basis (going through a divorce) absolutely make me feel contracted. It feels like an umbrella that has closed. I feel shut down when I get into fear thoughts. Lately, I have just been paying attention to how I feel, and reminding myself that feeling good is my first priority.

    • Hi Kathi!

      Just keep working on that last sentence you said about feeling good being your first priority. Getting outside and going for a walk always helps me. Anything to break your routine and the thought patterns. Thank you for sharing.

  2. As a Meyers-Briggs INTJ, I have quite the control-happy personality myself, but it’s something I’ve learned to moderate a lot over the years, particularly through meditation. LOTS of meditation.

    It’s often more fun to see what the Universe comes up with if I let it, rather than what I would have done myself, anyway! 🙂

    • Hi Jennifer!

      I agree about the meditation. The more the better and it really does help in the area of control issues. Yes, the Universe usually comes up with better plans. I haven’t been disappointed yet.

  3. One of the tough things I found about intuition is trying to tell the difference between fear and intuition and that fear can really make it difficult to surrender. I would also call our fear the evil little gremlin that tries to pull us off our path. And fear is also part of the need to control. I believe with letting go of fear we can also let go control too. Takes lots of faith though. Thanks for such an enlightening post! 🙂

    • Hi Jentana,

      Yes, that evil little gremlin of fear shows up when we least want or expect it to show up. It seems fear is connected to everything we haven’t yet closely examined in our lives.

  4. Thanks for your good article. But I think, self love and intuition have become a cliche. I’m not totally against it, but one will never manifest their dreams through intuition or self-love unless you have practical resources in this material and physical world. If we don’t have a practical way, our intuition and practice of self-love just act as a dangling carrot. Believe me or not, I know a lot of new age friends who are still broke and lonely after years of living themselves and being intuitive. On the other hand, I had a very negative friend who was very clingy and needy. He attempted suicide a few time over a failed relationship.however, all of a sudden, his life turned upside down positively. In fact, he found the love of his life who is very beautiful and caring, and they have been happily married for 15 years. He has also become very rich and successful. You see, there are no rules in this universe. Things are as they are.


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