Professional Intuitive Training Courses

Improve your intuition and psychic abilities with an intuitive training course. Learn methods and tools to connect reliably with your own intuition. I have already written quite a few posts on developing intuition but not talked a lot about some of the professional courses available.

Who can Benefit from Intuitive Training?

I believe we all have psychic abilities and they are with us from birth. Have you ever had the experience of talking with a friend excitedly and knowing what she was going to say next? Or offering some additional insight to your friend that the thought just seemed to come from nowhere? And it fit exactly what she was trying to explain or understand? This is an example of untrained intuition, where you were guided to say something that you may have not said unless her guides were there helping things along. You end up being the messenger, or earth angel of sorts. You may have been surprised that what you said resonated so well.

But that is where it may stop. When intuition is untrained it shows up random and may be underutilized, and that can result in not being able to trust what you are receiving. If you cannot trust the information, you will hesitate to apply it to your daily life and ignore the impulses. Someone untrained will have trouble understanding what to do with the information received or how to react to it. You may misinterpret a message for someone else as a message for yourself.

Someone who has been trained as an intuitive or has done readings professionally for others can interpret the messages quicker and to make more sense of them. They will be able to understand the reasons behind your troubles and understand where they are coming from. They also have learned how to use many types of tools and know which of those tools to use in different situations.

Where do those tools come from?

If you came from a family that talked openly about intuition and helped you develop it, you are definitely ahead of the game. For others, you may have realized your abilities at a young age and have worked silently on making them more useful and have just learned to trust the information you receive.

The remainder of you know you get the intuitive hits, but are having a hard time putting together the pieces and your intuition becomes hit and miss. You feel like you cannot trust your intuition all of the time. That is where some intuitive training can make a world of difference. By learning with methods that are clear and defined; you will be able know the information you get is real and how to interpret it so it makes sense for you.

Professional Intuitive Training Courses

These are two programs I have personally used and can recommend if you want to become certified and take your learning to the next level.

Soul Realignment by Andrrea Hess

Astro-Numerology by Tania Gabrielle

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