Learn About the Tarot

Learn about the Tarot and how to begin reading Tarot cards. The Tarot is an age old way of accessing your inner knowledge and intuition. Find information on learning how to read tarot cards, interpretations and card meanings, and getting a professional reading along with formatting questions.

Learning to read the cards is another method of developing your psychic abilities. Check out one of my favorite decks of tarot cards!

How Do You View a Tarot Reading?

For many, when you think of a card reading, it conjures up images of a lady in a brightly colored skirt and blouse with puffed sleeves, wearing a scarf wrapped around her head. She may be talking with a very low deep serious voice about how dire the cards laid out in front of you are and what perils are in your future. Just pay her a bit more money and she can tell you your fate and how to fix it.

It is unfortunate that many people have this view of getting a reading, and therefore discount its validity.

Modern Day Tarot

Rest assured, modern day tarot is generally done by someone who is dressed professionally and could easily be your neighbor down the hall or live a few homes away from you. It can be done over the phone, in person or via e-mail.

Most modern day readers have established prices and policies so that you know exactly what you will be receiving for your dollar. Also, reading the cards is not so much about telling your fortune or future, but more to gain information from higher self that is sitting in your subconsciousness.

Reading The Tarot Cards

Another way to have the cards read is through a do-it-yourself online reading, allowing you to receive an intuitive reading at home, at your convenience and when it is timely for you.

This type of reading is great for being able to find a general theme in which way your life is headed. It can help you assess your choices. Learning more about each of the tarot cards helps to accurately apply it to your current life situation. However, overall online readings can produce a good overall view of what factors are currently affecting your life.

How does it work?

By focusing on questions, synchronicity helps you choose the cards which you most need to see at that time. The clearer and more focused the question, the more accurate the reading will be. It is another method of accessing your intuition that can bring you guidance into a specific life situation, or give you a general overview as to where your life is heading if you continue on your current path.

Learn About the Tarot and How to Read the Cards Yourself

How Do the Cards Work? – Find out how reading the Tarot cards can access information from your higher self and subconscious.

How To Choose A Good Tarot Card Reader

Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards

Free Online Tarot Card Readings

Professional Tarot Readings

Tarot Card Decks And Altar Cloths

This is one of the decks I first learned with:
Universal Waite Tarot Deck

Here are a few others:

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  1. I enjoyed your article. Tarot reading is a tool for mediation, brainstorming, contemplation, divination, self-exploration, reflection, self-growth. And the list could go on! I always imagine a Tarot reading as a doorway to myself. It constantly encourages me to enter my own inner world and explore where I am mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Tarot readings also can identify where I am blocked, unwilling to change, or lack clarity.

    I truly am in awe of the Tarot’s versatility. Yes, it can be done to gain insight into the possibilities of one’s future, but more importantly, it helps me learn more about myself:)

    Best to you,


    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks for your comment! I do enjoy using my Tarot cards and learn something about myself each time I do a reading.


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