Honoring Commitments Can Keep you in Integrity

Do you wonder why real change seems so difficult to accomplish? Find out how honoring your commitments can make change happen fast. In a previous post, I wrote about staying in integrity and one of the things I talked about was honoring your commitments. Living your word is something showing you follow through on a promised action and honor your intuition.

Ask yourself this question:  “When was the last time you let yourself down and broke a commitment to yourself or someone else?”

Do you find yourself apologizing for showing up late or forgetting that you had an appointment with someone? In these days of multitasking and feeling pulled in many directions this can be a common occurrence.

The word “honor” means to fulfill an obligation or commitment. That means doing what you said you were going to do or showing up at the time you agreed to be somewhere.

Is there an area of your life where you are failing to honor your commitments?

Think Twice Before Saying Yes

Think if someone were holding your feet to the fire and you needed to honor each yes you said. Would you think twice about saying yes?

For some of you in can explain why you feel exhausted, anxious, and stressed out. You may want to avoid disappointing people or letting someone down, so it seems easier saying yes to an activity you are lukewarm about rather than turn someone down. So, you end up saying yes to various activities and attempt to stay in integrity by committing to honor all of them.

This leads to an incredible amount of obligation and that is how you feel exhausted and stressed out. When you have this feeling of obligation it can override your intuition and cause you to agree to things that are incongruent with who you are at soul level.

Honoring Commitments

How many things do you find yourself saying “yes” to?

  • Do you sign up for a free report and then fail to finish reading it?
  • Do you sign up for a free consultation from someone and then forget to show up? By dishonoring the other person’s time, you are dishonoring yourself and your own time. Each time that happens you get further and further away from what you want.
  • Do you sign up and pay money for a course and never finish it? Did you take ALL the action steps or did it become shelf help?
  • Did you make a commitment to eat healthier, but when in a time crunch for dinner end up with frozen pizza instead?
  • You can dishonor yourself too. You may have said you were going to exercise three times a week, but in reality you exercised once or twice. Are you honoring commitments you made to yourself?

The Grass is Always Greener

This is something that seems to permeate into all aspects of life and all of this can change with planning. Sometimes we avoid planning because we think something better might show up. If we plan and commit to what is in front of us, we would have to turn down something that might seem better.  Keeping your options open is one way misalignments with integrity show up.

Are there any life areas needing improvement? Sometimes it can be difficult to see the results or changes in your life that you want. Start by making a new commitment to honor yourself and keep your word. Say yes to something when you can commit to following through with it. Watch the changes that happen when you follow something through to completion.

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