How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Do you find it difficult to connect consistently with your spiritual guidance? Learn 5 tips for connecting with your spirit guides.

I recently received this email and thought I would share my answer with everyone, as I think a lot of you have the same questions when it comes to connecting with your spirit guide team and receiving intuitive information.

“I seem to have trouble connecting to my spirit guides. Sometimes I think I hear my inner guidance and other times I question the information I am receiving. What can I do?”

If the idea of connecting with your Guide team has seemed confusing or out of reach, it could be because some of your underlying beliefs are keeping you from seeing what is there for you. The ability to re-frame my beliefs has been one of the main keys to trusting the guidance I receive. It is something I need to remind myself to do.

If you feel stuck trying to develop a clear connection to your guide team, read through these 5 tips for connecting with your spirit guides. I think you will find a few things you can use the next time you meditate.

5 Tips For Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

#1 Change Your Questioning to Inner Knowing

The ability to change my belief system has been most useful in hearing inner guidance. Rather than questioning if you are receiving any intuitive information, switch that thought over to knowing.

The information is there. Yes, the information must be there. The information is already there – you are just accessing what is already available through greater consciousness. Once you fully grasp the concept that all the information you will ever need is already there and ready to be accessed, you can change your thinking forever.

#2 Improve the Quality of Your Questions

This tip goes hand in hand with the first one. One of the biggest mistakes people make when connecting to their inner guidance is using a line of questioning that begins with “should”, “would”, or “could”. When you start out a question with any of those words, the answer will almost always be skewed.

You can end up with a lot of ego based information with that type of questioning. Also, stay away from asking questions about the future. The future is constantly changing and you can get a different answer every day to the same question if you keep asking what is going to happen next week about a certain situation.

A better way to begin a question would be to start it off with “Is it within my highest path and purpose to…?”

#3 True Intuitive Information Will Be Brief

Unless you are adept at channeling, most of the time intuitive information will come across as brief, short, and to the point. It will be a fully formed thought or sentence. An example of this might be that you are shopping and you see a great looking dress or jacket. You might just have an inner knowing (claircognizance) that it needs to be hanging in your closet, even though you don’t need it for any specific occasion yet. Follow your intuition and buy the dress.

Another example of this is receiving emails about traveling to an event. You might read the email and feel (clairsentience) an inner tug to attend the event. Rather than repeatedly question if you should attend the event, follow that guidance immediately and book your flight. The Universe loves speed. You would not have received that soul level inner tug unless it could help and serve you.

#4 Slow Down!

If your mind is going a mile a minute and you have 50 life questions you want guidance on, all you will end up with is a bunch of confusion. If you think you will receive ALL of the answers to life, the universe, and everything in a 10 minute meditation session, you will more than likely experience the opposite.

The clearer you are about asking for specific guidance on just one or two questions during a meditation session, the clearer the responses will be. This means that having a practice of regular meditation is important so you can develop your focus and train your mind.

#5 Take Action on the Intuitive Information You Received

One of the things that can trip you up when receiving intuitive information is thinking you will receive more information. You can keep waiting for the complete picture for a long time. The truth is that you may never receive the whole and complete picture. More than likely you will just receive the one next step you need to take action on.

So, if you receive information that seems incomplete and you wonder about it, ask yourself this:  Have you acted on the first piece of information received? If not, that can be why you are not receiving any new steps.

So, take some time to think about the underlying belief behind any confusion coming up for you. When you change your thinking from questioning to knowing, it is amazing the guidance you receive.

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