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The Fourth Chakra Energy Center – The Heart Chakra

fourth chakra energy centerThe Fourth Chakra energy center, also known as the heart chakra is found right in the middle of your chest.

It governs love, forgiveness, and is the essence of integration of the spiritual and the physical. The heart chakra is also known as the anahata chakra and represented by the color green.

This is the fourth in a series of posts regarding the energy centers of the body. You can also read my other posts about the First ChakraSecond Chakra, Third Chakra, Fifth Chakra, and Sixth Chakra.

Imagine a beautiful emerald stone, about the size of a baseball, glowing and radiating warmth and love to everyone that came in contact with it. That is what a balanced fourth chakra radiates and outwardly beams; love and warmth and the giving of unconditional love. It is all about loving and caring emotions and integrating our spiritual bodies with our physical bodies. You are able to give and receive love in equal proportions.

Balancing the Heart Chakra

If your energy center of training for this lifetime is the heart chakra, look to emotional healing playing a big part in releasing some of the old stored gunk.

An overactive heart chakra will show as thinking too much with your heart, and not backing up decisions with logic or reason. You may be a “people pleaser” and go overboard trying to please and do things for others with no regard for recharging your own batteries.

An under-active heart chakra appears as feeling unloved or unworthy of love. Other symptoms include fear of rejection or a fear of letting go. Your wounded “inner child” also resides here. Emotions associated with an unbalanced fourth chakra include envy, rejection, and abandonment.

Green and the Fourth Chakra

The fourth chakra connects to the color green. It can also show for some as a beautiful green orb surrounded by a soft pink color. It is the color of healing, thus how we speak of healing a broken heart.

Healing Foods

Eating and drinking green foods can help balance the heart chakra. Try spinach, kale, leafy greens, and green tea. Also using green herbs such as thyme, rosemary, basil, and cilantro in cooking can lend balance.

Essential Oils for the Fourth Chakra

Essential oils used to balance the heart chakra include eucalyptus, pine, tea tree, spearmint, cedarwood, rose, frankincense, bergmot, lavender, and sandalwood.

Chakra Balancing Gemstones and Crystals

Take a look at these gemstones and see which one calls to you. Green aventurine, green and pink tourmaline, emerald, jade, malachite, rose quartz, or peridot. Carry them in your pocket or use in a necklace.

Can your body, even your blood, vibrate with love?

Love or AboveLove is the secret to healing and it has a higher vibration. As you know, human beings are a spiritual entity that is having a physical experience. That means, you have an inner energy (spiritual) and your body (physical) is a reflection of your inner energy.

When we are having a disconnect with our inner energy or if our inner energy is disturbed, the physical part of it, the body, starts reflecting what’s underneath it. That’s where illnesses start. So by connecting with and raising your inner energy to the level of love, you can heal yourself effortlessly. You just need to know how to connect with your energy and turn it around and that’s what Christie Marie Sheldon is teaching in her Energetic Breakthrough Kit.

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Laurra Warnke

Laurra Warnke is an empath and intuitive healer who helps you heal past life issues, emotional traumas, and reconnect with your Divine self. Through spiritual business mentoring, soul level healing, and energy clearing she helps you clarify your life’s purpose, embrace your soul level gifts, and clear energetic misalignments. Heal lifetimes of trauma, get new direction, and find your passion.

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Busi - January 7, 2016

The heart is the center of true, deep emotion of all kinds…including grief, depression, loneliness and trauma. Thx Laura!
Busi’s last post ..Heart Chakra Healing Meditation – Anahata ChakraMy Profile

All Chakras - January 2, 2017

Thanks Laurra Warnke for this great resouce

The 4th Chakra in oure chakra energy body is known as Heart and in Sanskrit its named as Anahata Chakra. Some of the more informations of this chkra are

Sense : Touch

Day :Sunday

Stone :diamond

Symbol : Cross

Quality Forgiveness

Organs Controlled : Sight, Optic Thalamus, Hypothalamus

Mantra : YOM

Yoga pose : Cobra

Thanks for this great resouce.
All Chakras’s last post ..What Happen When Sacral Chakra Imbalance In Your BodyMy Profile


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