Meet Jon Butcher – The Legendary Creator Of Lifebook

Lifebook. What you’re about to learn will probably be the most interesting concept of success you’ve ever come across.

Most of us measure success based on a single metric such as… the amount of money in our bank account, how well our career is doing, if we are going to get married and so on.

But that’s not how truly exceptional people think.

They play by a different set of rules.

John Butcher – Lifebook

I’m talking about people like Jon Butcher who has created success, happiness and fulfillment in all 12 categories of his life… from his love relationship to friendships to business and wealth to parenting to artistic expression… and in the process has turned his life into a living masterpiece.

And this week, he’s revealing all his secrets for FREE in his flagship Mindvalley Academy Masterclass called “Turn Your Life Into A Living Masterpiece.”

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A Life Masterclass

In this Lifebook Masterclass, you’ll…

  • Discover the True Art of Crafting a Legendary Life — get the secrets of the man who’s turned life into a living masterpiece. Learn a simple tool that incorporates everything he’s studied in personal growth over the past 25 years.
  • You will learn how to discard everything that our Industrial Age education system had taught us about success and goal setting. Jump on a new paradigm that shifts the fundamental models of success in 12 areas of your life.
  • Discover FIVE of Jon’s personal models of reality that helped him 1) become a serial entrepreneur and start over 20 companies from scratch 2) spend 3 to 5 months every year in a paradise location away from work 3) maintain an amazing relationship with his wife for more than 25 years 4) in his 50s, enjoy the same “ripped” body that he had in his 20s and 5) become an artist in his 50s and sell over $100K worth of artworks the past year.
  • You will learn a genius shortcut to setting goals that makes it 10x more powerful so you can reach your goals faster, more easily. (Clue: most of us set goals because of the emotions that achieving these goals give us. But what if we skip a step here?)
  • Find out the 12 categories of Lifebook, and show you how to stretch your models of success in each. Also how to tie them all together to create ONE vision that will become your North Star.
  • And so much more.

As you can see, this is a different Masterclass.

Jon is not someone who you’d see delivering classes around the world. In fact, he’s not even a personal growth teacher.

His genius lies in inventing a system, a simple book, that mapped out how he wanted his life to work.

That system has enabled him to create the most extraordinary life in the world.

And that’s what you’re getting when you attend this Masterclass.

So I encourage you to join now.

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