Jill Borsos – Transformational Business Coach and Healer Podcast 12

Jill Borsos

Are you an Accumulator, Ruler, or a Romantic? Find out how to use your Sacred Money Archetypes to own your full potential and transform your life.

On today’s podcast, Jill Borsos talks about how your conscious and unconscious feelings and beliefs about money keep you from climbing the corporate ladder or venturing into your own business.


Website: JillBorsos.com
LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jillborsos
Facebook Business Page:  https://on.fb.me/1BT5ZGw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jillborsos

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Jill Borsos Interview

Jill Borsos climbed the corporate ladder of success to senior manager of a global company in the financial industry. She realized what she enjoyed most about her career was helping her staff reach their potential. Now, Jill lives her true purpose, as she helps entrepreneurs and professionals around the world, who are committed to self-discovery, upping their game, and being unstoppable.

Jill is a catalyst for change as an international Transformation Personal/Business Coach, Intuitive, Healer and Speaker. She has been a featured speaker on “The Elegance of
Conscious Living Online Summit”; radio shows “Successimo Success Stories”, “Unlock Your Soul” in the United Kingdom; podcasts such as “Social Capital”; webinars; and speaking events.

She is known for helping people transform their current results to feeling energized and inspired, achieving goals, experiencing a new level of effortless success, wealth and fulfillment, and feeling liberated.

Her clients achieve life-changing tangible results, such as landing their dream job, doubling their business, opening a new second office, pursuing their dreams, receiving new opportunities, receiving a raise, experiencing money miracles, receiving a windfall of money, making decisions, and making healthy choices, as well as invaluable intangible results– letting go of self-limitation, fear, worry, and doubt, having clarity, confidence, faith, conviction, the courage to take a leap of faith, feeling inspired, energized, joy, a deep sense of self-worth, liberation and peace.

Jill also loves learning, growing, self-discovery, enjoying the outdoors and taking trips with her loved ones.

On this podcast we talk about:

  • How Jill left the corporate world in a technical financial position and stepped into professional healing work.
  • Owing your full potential to get to the next level in your business or career.
  • Downstream – A place for highly conscious business owners.
  • Some of Jill’s favorite client success stories.
  • Money Archetypes and how to use them to your fullest potential to unblock your money blocks.
  • Stories and insights from her recent trip to Paris.

By Intuitive Journal

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