Intuitive Books and Music

Find intuitive books and music recommendations for developing intuition, connecting with your spirit guides and angels, meditation, oracle card decks, spirituality, inspiration and Reiki healing.

Intuitive Books and Music

I wanted to let everyone know that I have put together a new resource section of my blog. Intuitive Books and Music includes some of my favorite books that I have in my collection plus a few that are on my wish list and soon to be purchased.

There are book selections for developing your intuition and learning how to connect with your spirit guides and angels along with links to guided meditations that I really enjoy. There is also a section with beautifully decorated Angel Oracle Cards to choose from and books exploring Reiki energy healing.

Stop by and take a look:  Intuitive Books and Music.

Valuable Resources I Love

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  1. Hey Laura,
    For about 4 years now I have been seeing numbers appearing all around me. The one that stands out the most is 217, or just 17. Anyway, since seeing that number as I would normally do in my day to day routines, I have also been experiencing other triple digit numbers as well. Sometimes, more than several within the day, but different.
    I have recently quit my job bc of these numbers and felt drawn that that was what I was suppose to do, God spoke to me and said listen and get out of this job. I know there is a greater plan for me, I just don’t know what.
    I see these number as being apart of my life and that I need to learn them. What do you think?

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