If the Walls Could Talk what Stories Could your Home Tell?

If the walls could talk, what stories could your home tell? Homes have an energetic imprint that can affect how we live on a daily basis. Find out how to clear and resolve energetic imprints from past situations within your home.

This is an area that I have always found quite interesting. How much influence does the home you live in have over the type of life you live?

Every home has a story and it shares its story with you every day. Each thought, argument, and feeling that you and your family members have on a daily basis becomes an energetic imprint within your home.

Combine that with the past owners of the home or land itself and that is a lot of energy hanging around! Some of it is good and some of it no longer serves us.

When we purchase a home we have ideas and thoughts about how the home will fit into our lifestyles. We question if there are there enough bedrooms or enough bathrooms and whether the roof leaks -stuff like that. Something that lacks attention is the feel of the home itself.

Why does no one come to Visit? If the walls could talk.

When was the last time you had someone over for lunch or dinner? If it has been a long time and you wonder why, the answer may lie within the energy of your home. Take a few moments in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom, and feel the energy of where you live. Does it feel open, welcoming, and comfortable? If not, there may some unwanted energies there that are turning off visitors.

The energies of past occupants can also have an effect on your experience within the home. The previous tenants or owners may have had a great deal of grief, sadness, or anger. Those energies, over time, can energetically connect themselves to the home and property.

Does you home feel like an 8-Lane Highway?

The direct opposite of no one coming to visit your home is that come-and-go feeling that your home is the neighborhood hangout with someone being there with you 24-7.

This can make it difficult for you to find any peace within your home as it feels like there is a neon “OPEN” sign on the front of your house. Do people constantly drop by unexpectedly and stay longer than you would like?

Issues with Neighbors

I think this is an area not talked about enough and occurs when you have purchased a home that was owned by someone else. You end up “purchasing” all those residual energies. If the prior tenants had an issue with the neighbors 30 years ago, the energetic imprint of that situation may still be in place. This can occur even if both homes have different owners.

Energetic Footprints

The energetic imprint of past owners can indeed leave its mark on the home. Even surrounding properties can have an effect on the comfort level you experience within your home.

If you have found yourself wondering if there was something going on with your property and the question keeps popping into your mind, there more than likely is something going on.

Questions to Ask yourself when searching for a New Home:

  • When you walked in for the first time what was your immediate initial impression?
  • What one or two words could you use to describe the home’s “vibe”?
  • Was there a sense of grief or an odd odor that you couldn’t put your finger on?
  • Does this home feel warm, welcome, and inviting?
  • What type of home did you purchase or rent?

Many times when searching for a property we only look at the specific features  a home offers and forget to check the much more subtle quiet things that really make the house a home.

It is a  perfectly valid question to ask if there has been anyone that died in the home. You may be quite aware of the presence of spirits in the house but choose to overlook it if it matches all of your physical criteria.

Are there ghosts or poltergeists (erratic energy patterns) in the house? You need to get really quiet and understand where your feelings are coming from. If you are already quite clear on your physical needs for a home, tuning into what is not shown on the surface can make the decision process much easier. If the walls could talk!

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6 thoughts on “If the Walls Could Talk what Stories Could your Home Tell?”

  1. Hi Laura, I totally agree that property clearing is a great idea. Before I learned how to do it myself, I had two clearings done here because it was a battleground and there were some residual energies from a Micosukee indian, a lot of death on the area. I was still getting activity and it turned out there was a portal. Once it was closed, things improved dramatically. Kind of amazing.

    • Hi Julie,

      Yes it is amazing. We finally got rid of an “odor” in our home that was quite unwelcoming. Since then, the energy in our home shifted dramatically after our house “guests” were able to leave in peace. No more odor since.

  2. I am interested in books on energies acquired by/through travel. How some are not able to shake the negative energies they acquire (like a virus) or that remain in their lives through associations even after divorce, and how some have such energies take over their being in unhealthy ways. I am also interested in learning more on entities visiting from other frequencies.


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