2011 The Year Ahead

2011 The Year Ahead

Well, another year has passed and I can say I am truly looking forward to 2011 and the changing energies a new year brings. I invite you to take a look through the archives if you have missed any posts from 2010.

I want to take a moment and say a sincere thank you to all of you who have read my articles, left comments on the blog posts, and subscribed to my newsletter. When I started this blog in November of 2009, I had only a general vision of what I wanted this website to become. Through your input, questions, and comments it has evolved and is still changing, much like all of you.

So many of you are going through some type of healing process, along with myself. It is absolutely wonderful to connect with kindred souls. It helps me realize that even though we may be miles apart, we are not alone.

I have now added a Facebook like button to my blog in the upper right hand corner. If you like my content, I would certainly appreciate a “like” from you. Thank you so much!

Repeating Numbers

It seems like many of you that find my blog see repeating numbers. I plan on writing quite a few more posts on repeating numbers in the months ahead. If you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter, I encourage you to do so here to keep informed of new articles being posted.


Soul Profile Readings Volunteers Requested

Back in July, I wrote about the Akashic Records. I had indicated that I was currently studying methods to access the Akashic records and would be looking for some practice clients. Well, that time is now, so if you are interested in an Akashic record reading, now is your chance to have one done at no cost, although donations are greatly appreciated. This is a bit different than the intuitive readings I am currently doing which involve connecting to your spirit guides.

A soul profile reading goes a lot deeper into who you are at soul level. It involves reading your personal Akashic record and finding any energetic mis-alignments, soul contracts, and past life experiences that are affecting you in this lifetime. It will also tell you what star system you originate from and how that affects who you are today. It also most likely will include homework!


Update:  I have now filled the 5 volunteer positions for the Akashic record readings. Thank you so much and I really look forward to doing your readings. I will be offering these readings as a service on my site in a month or two, with a special introductory price for my newsletter subscribers. So if you haven’t already, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter.


Best wishes and positive energies to you all in the new year.

Laura Jean Warnke

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Lindsay - January 6, 2011

Very exciting about the new readings you are doing, Laura! All the best for 2011. I look forward to reading, as always!

Jennifer Yates - January 25, 2011

I am excited to hear about your readings. I have been doing them for about a year and it’s been an amazing journey. Best wishes!!

    Laura Jean Warnke - January 25, 2011

    Hi Jennifer, very nice to meet you. Yes, it has been quite exciting so far. So much to learn and absorb.

Peter - March 24, 2011

Hi Laura,

I hope I still can be excited for 2011 in March, right? 🙂

I think this year will be a very special year – lots of good things to come. I wish you all the best, and it will be interesting to see how things will turn out for you.
Peter’s last post ..My Topics- Personal Development and IntuitionMy Profile

    Laura Jean Warnke - March 24, 2011

    Hi Peter,

    Nice to meet you! Even though it is March, it feels like things are just getting rolling for me. Congratulations on starting your new blog! I guess it is kind of your New Year as well in that regard.


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