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100 Things About Me

Sometimes in the blogging world, things seem to get a little too digital and you might wonder who is really behind the scenes doing all the writing on a blog or website. So, in the spirit of opening up a bit to everyone, I am sharing 100 things about me.

This post was totally inspired by my friend Julie from A Clear Sign. Check out Julie’s 100 Things about Julie post.

As Julie asked on her blog, jot down any thoughts that come up as you read through my list. I also ask that in the comments you share at least one thing about you. I love getting to know more about who reads my blog.

I also invite anyone else that owns a blog to keep the inspiration going and write their own 100 things about me post.

100 Things About Me

1.  I love hard rock music. My favorites are AD/DC, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Motley Crue, Guns and Roses, and the like.

2.  I really dislike brussel sprouts. Nasty little things.

3.  I spend a LOT of time in front of the computer.

4.  I did not acknowledge my intuitive abilities until about age 38-39 or so.

5.  I like cats and dogs equally well, with a small favor toward dogs, yellow labs in particular.

6.  When I was young, I would sit in the middle of the lawn and the cats would all come to me and purr and curl up on my lap without me calling them. No one else could get them to do that.

7.  I grew up and worked on a working dairy farm until I went to college.

8.  I really miss the cows. They were all pets of mine and I knew all 130+ by name. Every one of them have distinct personalities. My favorite cow of all time was named Faith. That seems rather funny now…

9.  I love Italian food and am learning to cook real Italian recipes and have turned out some wonderful authentic Italian meatballs, homemade marinara sauce, shrimp scampi, and homemade ravioli. I have absolutely no Italian heritage.

10.  I started my first website back in 98-99 and sold handmade quilts.

11.  I sold 56  5′ x 5′ square bear paw pattern and grandmother’s fan pattern wall quilts to Walt Disney World that my mom and I completed over a two year period in 1999-2000. They were for condos at the Key West Resorts. I wish I would have been able to make it down there back then to see them hanging. I still have the invoices as memoirs, complete with mouse ears. I wonder if they are still there, but I doubt it. The Florida sun fades fabric quickly.

12.  Since my son was born, I have sewn only 2 quilts in the past 10 years. I do miss quilting and sewing. I still have a good fabric stash. (Update -I made a new queen size quilt for our bed in 2017. Yay!)

13.  I own and operate two other websites besides this one.

14.  I started both of them part time in 2005 and 2006, this blog in 2009.

15.  I want to vacation in Jamaica. I just have this thought process that I must see the exceptionally blue water for myself at least once. Sometimes I think that the vacation photos are doctored up somehow, but anyone that I know that has been to Jamaica says that the water really is that blue. (Update -We went to Sandals Resorts in Jamaica in summer of 2017!!! – Awesome!)

16.  I want to vacation in Las Vegas. Bring on the bling!

17.  Learning Reiki was one of the best things I could have ever done for myself. (Update – Still love Reiki, but have some torn thoughts on it.)

18.  I went to college for a major that I am not currently fully using.

19.  I majored in Apparel Design and Manufacturing in college and graduated with honors in 4 years. I also took minors in Speech and Art.

20.  Even though I took forensics (public speaking)  in college and high school, I still do not like speaking in front of a group.

21.  My favorite colors are purple and red.

22.  I am an Aries. I also have a LOT of Aries in my astrological chart.

23.  I have seen repeating numbers since about age 38-39. It was the beginning of what led me on this path of healing and accepting my intuitive abilities.

24.  Each ring that I wear represents something. My wedding ring, a mother’s ring with all of our birthstones, a ring of silver I made in an Art Metals class in college and a Black Hills Gold ring from our many trips to Sturgis, SD.

25.  I am still a biker even though I don’t get to ride much these days. No, I do not have my license. Just a passenger at this point.

26.  My husband and I have made the pilgrimage to Sturgis, SD for the annual motorcycle rally for 10 years (not consecutive) from 1989 to 2001. We always rode the 14 hour trip. We never put the bike on a trailer. We rode. We camped. We drank. We ate. The only thing that stopped us from our annual trip was our son being born.

27.  The best part about South Dakota is getting on the bike at 7:00 am and traveling near Highmore, SD and watching the sun come up over all the sunflower fields. Just breathtaking.

28.  I do not have any tattoos yet. I always told myself I wouldn’t get one until I was absolutely sure that I could live with it for a lifetime. I do have an idea of what I might want these days. I will let you guess in the comments as to what that might be.

29. I have worked on my parents farm, as a hotel housekeeper, in retail store clothing and fabric departments, as an interior design consultant, a graphic artist at a sign shop, a CAD operator, and the last 11 years as an office manager for a financial representative until becoming self-employed last June.

30.  I can sometimes be quite stubborn – like ALL of the time. Ask my husband or my parents. (Refer to # 22.)

31.  My two favorite TV shows currently are Restaurant Impossible and Tabetha Takes Over. I don’t watch much more television than that. (Update:  Sharktank and The Profit.)

32.  I tend to live by my grandmother’s motto “When there’s a will, there’s a way”.

33.  I am really glad I live in a fly-over state. Just keep flying over. 🙂

34.  I am starting to have a really cool Seraphim Angel collection, about 20 so far.

35.  I love healing crystals and gemstones. I have a tiny jade Buddha by my computer. I also have a really cool singing bowl.

36.  To say I went through a Dark Night of the Soul is an understatement, more like a dark year or two or five or ten. The entire year of 2008 should be banished. I need to write about that.

37.  I can’t eat dairy products, except in very small amounts. (Refer to # 7) There’s one for the therapists couch! Some day I will delve into healing around that.

38.  My 30th class reunion is this summer. That is just wrong on so many levels. My mom agrees as her 30th class reunion only seems to have occurred about 5 years ago.

39.  My 25th wedding anniversary is also this year (2017).

40.  Some of my favorite movies are The Matrix (all of them), Star Wars (all of them), Harry Potter (all of them), Ferris Beuhler’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club, Marley and Me, and Caddyshack.

41.  Politics? Places hands over ears (lalalalalalalalalala). I much prefer Quantum Physics. My dad and I disagree so much.

42.  I really dislike fluorescent lights. Sorry if I am not that “green”. They give off an erie glow that I do not connect with-at all. We have two in our living room lamps and if you see our house from the outside at night with the shades drawn, it casts the most erie light. I won’t let my husband put them in the bedroom, kitchen, or my office.

43.  I pretty much ignored my Spirit Guides from age 17 to 38. They still love me though. Infinite Patience they have.  🙂

44.  I wish I came from a “psychic” background. There were never any open conversations about such subjects in my parent’s household. Ever.

45.  I thought at one point I might become an accountant. I took about 4 accounting classes and after that point, snooze city. No match there, but great learning for running your own business.

46.  I memorize license plates of people I know. I have good reason.

47.  I have a fairly dry sense of humor, much like my dad.

48.  My favorite comic strips are Dilbert and Calvin and Hobbes.

49.  My favorite personal development books are many and varied. They are all exactly what I needed to hear at the time.

50.  The last book I read was “Breaking Loose from the Money Game”. If you really get this book, there is no need for any other personal development books. I understand but have not crossed over into Phase 2 yet. Mind blowing stuff.

51.  I am treasurer for my son’s Scout Pack.

52.  I never thought I would have a child, but now I do not know life without a child.

53.  My son is a total heart centered empath, as  I am much the same. I guess it is my job now to help him through that. It drives my husband crazy sometimes.

54.  Whenever I connect to my guides, they many times answer me in song. Right now, as I write this post, the song “One thing Leads to Another” by the Fixx is going through my head. I haven’t actually heard that song played on the radio in years.

55.  Whenever I think of my High School ex-boyfriend, the song “Poison” by Alice Cooper plays in my head.

56.  I can channel pretty well and love automatic writing.

57.  I love eating raw lemons.

58.  I also like lima beans. ( I know, I am one of the few.)

59.  Even though my heritage is mainly Norwegian, I have never tried lutefisk. It scares me a bit. Nobody really likes lutefisk.

60.  I do love lefse, though.

61.  I love working in my flower gardens.

62.  My favorite flower is probably a Stargazer Lily. I do love tulips also. Any fragrant variety, really.

63.  I own 9 decks of tarot cards.

64.  My current favorite tarot deck is Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid.

65.  I really can’t play most video games. I just don’t get them or the controls. I used to like Moon Patrol and Ms. Pac Man back in the 80’s, but was not really very good at either of them. We do have a Wii system though and I do like Guitar Hero quite well.

66.  I don’t think I have ever sent a text message. Yikes, showing my age here.

67.  I have more meditations and personal development recordings on my phone than music.

68.  I initially went into this spiritual journey kicking and screaming.

69.  About 14-15 years ago, I bargained with my Spirit Guides to put off my life purpose for another 10 years. They obliged. But look, here we are now.

70.  My first concert I ever attended was Hall and Oates. I was 14 if I remember right. I had to do a LOT of begging to get to go to that concert.

71.  The best concert I attended was AC/DC. They still give it their all, even after all these years.

72. My favorite AC/DC song is “It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll”. So true. Raw desire and courage.

73.  We blow out a lot of light bulbs in our house, much more than normal, particularly in my office and the kitchen. (Refer to #42.)

74.  If we get another dog, it would be a yellow lab. It has been almost 6 years since we have had a dog. (Update: 2017 – We have a two year old yellow labrador named Apollo.)

75.  I learned first hand that standing next to the rather large speakers of a band playing at a bar is a really good way to damage your hearing.

76.  I am quite comfortable being by myself and hardly ever find myself lonely.

77.  I know I was put upon the Earth to help others in a larger way than I ever imagined.

78.  Getting to know yourself and what you are capable of is one of the most challenging and rewarding gifts of self-employment.

79.  The more I speak and write about my passion, the more it becomes a part of me and the more it becomes clear as to my life purpose.

80.  My two best girl friends in high school were brunette and red head. I am blonde. Look out, trouble coming your way when the three of us got together.

81.  I have never dyed my hair except for one time in 9th grade when I tried a bottle of Sun In on my hair. My hairdresser did not think that was a good thing at all.

82.  I really believe the body and mind have the ability to heal on their own.

83.  I take no prescriptions and hardly ever any OTC medicines, except for an occasional Ibuprofin, perhaps once per month.

84.  My husband has taken a liking to guitarist Joe Bonamassa, and I must say, the guy is really good. Check him out if you like rock/blues music and are looking for something new. We saw him in concert and it was awesome!

85.  I believe that you don’t have to give up everything you enjoy to become spiritual. You are what you are. That is what makes you distinctly you.

86.  I once had a nasty experience with some type of entity in my bedroom when I was about 8 or 9. It wasn’t from the positive realms, that’s for sure.  I have never forgotten it.

87.  I once tried a Ouija board with some girlfriends at a sleepover. Just don’t do that.

88.  I sometimes have a hard time finishing things I start.

So, what about you? What thoughts came to mind while reading this? Please share them in the comments and also add one thing about yourself. I look forward to the responses and getting to know everyone better.

Laura Jean Warnke

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Julie | A Clear Sign - April 29, 2012

Laura! You did it 🙂

For your tattoo, I will guess some uniquely cool version of a heart.

You already got an overdose of me this week, so I guess you don’t need any more. I was surprised to know you’re an Aires and a biker and rocker – cool!

    Laura Jean Warnke - April 29, 2012

    Hi Julie,

    Yes I did! It took about 3 different chunks of time to come up with it, but I will say it was rather fun.

    On the tattoo, a heart might be some part of it, but not the main design.

Debbie - April 29, 2012

Hi Laura,
I love your list…I enjoy learning about people and I am always surprised about my perception about someone and how inaccurate I can be. For example, for some reason, I was surprised about your taste in music. I never thought you were into hard rock! But most of what you wrote did not surpise me!

So a little about me:

1. I am a Cancer with moon in Aries. I have some Cancer and Leo in my charts.
2. I have always been interested in spirituality/astrology/numerology/spirits as an adolscent. The internet has definitely been a plus in my spiritual growth and development.
3. I remember in the 7th grade studying mythology and loving it.
4. I too turned away from my interests at times due to outside influences.
5. I agree with you about the Ouija board. Not a good thing at all.
6. During and after a reading with a medium, I experienced a channelling with either one of my spirit guides or someone from a previous lifetime. Blew me away…and would love to experience it again.
7. My taste in music is eclectic, though I just have a hard time liking opera and country. But if I had to choose a favorite time period, it would be the 70’s.
8. I use to be a dj in college! Loved it!
9. I too love Reiki and hope to take a Reiki II class later this year!
10. Most people do not believe that I am an introvert. I appear to be be outgoing, and while I do love people, I need a quiet place to regroup!

    Laura Jean Warnke - April 29, 2012

    Hi Debbie,

    Thank you so much for sharing about yourself! I have always liked mythology too, but haven’t studied too much about it.

Jaci O'Brien - April 29, 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your list and did laugh out loud to many of the items! I look forward to your blog and 99% of the time you write about something that hits home with me. I found my spirit guides this year and can’t believe that I didn’t do this much earlier. I guess better late than never? Thank you for your work and blog Laura. Truly, Thank You..

    Laura Jean Warnke - April 29, 2012

    Hi Jaci,

    I am glad you liked the post. That’s awesome that you were able to connect to your guides!

Kati - April 29, 2012

… I too see repeating number for the last few years and I’m 39 years old now ..
1..I don’t always listen to my gut feeling and always regret it .
2 . I love dance music ,it just make me happy 🙂
3. Never though I would have kids and gave birth to 2 beautiful boys now 9 and 10 years old ( one lightly autistic)
4 . I love moving around the country , with my husband’s job we have to about every 3-4 years.
5 . I too am very content to be by myself and just do my own thing without feeling lonely.
And last ..I love making people happy in anyways by helping them , having lunch or just having a good laugh .

    Laura Jean Warnke - April 29, 2012

    Hi Kati,

    Thank you so much for sharing! Yes, music makes me happy too. I don’t so much have a desire to move, but I would like to clean my attic like we were moving. I was just up there and it seems like the gremlins have messed it up worse than I remember.

      Kati - April 30, 2012

      I love just tackling a room and get rid of stuff I don’t use. I give it away to goodwill or if it’s kids clothing I give it to friends who I know will use it. I have a system that if I didn’t use it in the year then I won’t use it the next so it goes… except for shoes , love love shoes !

Lacy Pierce - April 29, 2012

-I am also a full-blown Aries with a Libra Ascending and my moon in Aquarius. I went through my own astrology phase when I was about 15. Though unfortunately, it got to the point where it was taking over my whole life, which was embarrassing to me and the other people who had the misfortune to be involved so by the middle of my junior year of high school, I dropped it and never looked back. I can maybe see myself getting back into it again sometime in the future though I want to be reassured that I’m completely safe from getting that obsessed with it again before I do.

– I agree with you about politics, as in my experience, aside from finance issues, they trigger more discomfort, arguments and even downright shouting matches.

– I also agree with you about the Ouija board since I’m also aware that it has triggered many people to commit suicide (my degree is in Psychology with a minor in Art and I am planning to start my Master’s in Art Therapy next year).

-I am a certified in level II of Reiki but plan to complete the Master’s training when I can and so far, I am also certified as a Oneness Deeksha (Blessing) Giver.

-As far as music is concerned, my favorite singers are Celine Dion, Madonna and Enya and I like New Age music overall. I have also taken to practicing my old children’s autoharp and recorder. I almost have Aura Lee memorized with the latter, yay!

-I see nothing wrong with taking my time opening up to new people. Because of this, many times, people seem to jump to some rather negative conclusions about me and don’t really give me a chance most of the time. As a result, it’s very difficult for me to get close to people outside my immediate circle.

-I have been studying metaphysics since the summer of 2009 but have been attending a Unity church since 2010. These are two of the best things I’ve ever done for myself yet especially because they showed me the rest of the way out of my almost six-year clinical depression.

-One of my best friends has moderate-level ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) but is not mentally retarded and is as high-functioning as it gets. This has not stopped me from thinking of her as a sister, overall, I feel extremely privileged to know someone like her (which I realize that many people would have a most difficult time understanding) and I am planning to have her as my maid of honor in my wedding.:)

-I agree that we shouldn’t have to give up our passions or what we like for the sake of being spiritual. Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) tried that in his process of becoming enlightened and found in the end, that it actually didn’t work! Besides, as I have come to be convinced that we’re all here to serve a purpose (though that it’s up to us to figure out what it is), I think it actually makes sense that we would have special passions because those are actually clues as to what our life’s purpose in this lifetime is.:)

-My boyfriend currently lives thousands of miles away from me though we met in high school and became very good friends from that point on. We were even unofficially engaged at some point but due to a lot of major setbacks with both of us, we decided to go back to being boyfriend and girlfriend for now. I have no worries about either of us going astray as my boyfriend had a very difficult time getting a girlfriend before me and almost all of my other past relationships left a lot to be desired.

– Aside from writing, I am also artistically-inclined to a degree, mostly drawing and painting though I don’t mind working with clay. In college, I took my first photography class-it involved a black-and-white film Nikkon camera and the process of developing our own photos-and loved it. Not as good at the graphic design stuff but I do have a certain appreciation for it and where it’s going.

-I personally prefer Oracle cards to Tarot cards because I feel that Oracle cards are much more spirit-filled. So far, I have nine decks of Oracle cards (my favorites being Healing with the Angels and the Ascended Masters deck by Dr. Doreen Virtue, also The Power Deck by Lynn Andrews) and only one deck of Tarot cards, which I don’t use very much.

-Overall, I feel like I’m only just beginning to get the principles of metaphysics and of Unity Church and as a result, I don’t really feel like I’m at the level where I can explain it to a lot of outsiders yet but know that I’ll get there as soon as I’m meant to.

    Laura Jean Warnke - April 29, 2012

    Hi Lacey, I really appreciate you sharing.

    I should clarify, I have 1 deck of tarot cards and 8 decks of Oracle cards. I agree that the Oracle cards are much more uplifting.

    Learning good photography is on someday list for me right now, but perhaps it should be moved up the priority list.

Anita - April 29, 2012

HI Laura,

I really enjoyed reading your list.

Below is a short list about me.

-I found you because I started seeing repeating numbers. Now I see palindromic numbers all the time and wonder what that means
-I got certified as a Reiki Master late last year. In class I drew a card that said I should be a teacher, we meditated and the message came that I should teach Reiki. I asked the teacher if she would teach me Teacher level, and she did not agree yet.
-I have been trying to channel, but so far, no luck.
-I just sold my motorcycle. Since you have a husband that rides, I would highly recommend learning.. It is very fun.
-I am very Aries as well

I enjoy your blog. I am very grateful you do it.



    Laura Jean Warnke - April 29, 2012

    Hi Anita,

    Thank you for sharing!

    I actually owned a Sportster for a while. We bought it right before I knew I was expecting, so I had very little opportunity to learn to ride. We sold it about a year later.

Kimberly - April 29, 2012

I enjoyed reading some things about you, Laura. Don’t know why I did because I am completely covered up right now with work, but I listen to intuition. It never fails me.

I’m a 47-year-old Libra.

I have four sons (the two youngest are autistic as are so many today). The two oldest have awesome tattoos. But with all that responsibility, I never want a cat, dog or even a cactus to care for.

I edit spiritual material in my “free” time. Though my career was director in financial aid in higher education, I now manage my sister’s restaurant. Not my passion, but a step toward it, I am sure. I asked to be led and I know I am being led.

I know we can heal ourselves because I did it. I had (HAD!) fibromyalgia and CFS, both leaving me too sick and tired to work or do much else. Had to leave my career and often didn’t want to live at all. That almost became a reality. I learned self-healing two years ago and am nearly symptom-free, having had at least 85% of the symptoms just over two years ago.

I began my spiritual journey long ago. I embrace what I love to do, my passions, believing my life’s purpose is among them.

I have learned a lot about intuition (psychic abilities, basically being amazingly aware!) from Sonia Choquette.

I have seen repeating numbers for years.

I can feel my direct connection to the Divine.

I left organized religion a few years ago and no one understands me that is physically close to me. I mostly live a joyful life.

I like oracle cards best. I only have two decks since it is new to me. My favorite is The Enchanted Map (Colette Baron-Reid).

I gave up TV years ago (esp don’t miss politics or reality shows). My reality is better. 🙂

I ADORE red!

Thanks for sharing.

    Laura Jean Warnke - April 29, 2012

    Hi Kimberly,

    Thank you for sharing!

    That is awesome that you healed yourself of Fibromyalgia and CFS. Congratulations! Yes, self-healing is so much better than pharmaceuticals because it really heals the root of the problem, not just relieve the symptoms.

kathy - April 29, 2012

hi laura,
i found your list fasnating, really enjoyed it, i have to share something with you i was sitting at my laptop with my emails up on screen, my guides litterly moved my mouse to your email, i was curious, i know i signed up for your news letter quite sometime ago and have been preoccupied with my new life divine purpose studys, as a lightworker, have just recently met my guides in dec of 2011, and discovered my gifts, has been an awesome journey, never a dull moment,LOL, so now i have to figure out why they have guided me to your website?? am looking forward to reading more .
Thanks so much for sharing

    Laura Jean Warnke - April 30, 2012

    Hi Kathy,

    It is nice to meet you! Divine timing is always a wonderful thing. I must have written something that your Guides thought you should take note of and bring to the forefront. I am glad you liked my list. It was fun to write.

Tonja - April 29, 2012

Cute list, thanks for sharing. A few things about me.

I am a twin and a Scorpio.

I am a member of DAMC (I think that’s how we met)

I am stuck in the 80s, love Animal by Def Leppard, it’s a classic. My husband doesn’t agree, he grew up in the 70s.

I dabble in many energy healing techniques including EFT, TAT, Bach Flower and Tuning Forks which are way cool.

I would love to learn Reiki sometime.

I’m excited to take your teleclass and learn more about intuition/akashic records.


    Laura Jean Warnke - April 30, 2012

    Hi Tonja,

    Yes, I believe the DAMC was where we met. That is cool that you are a twin. I have never tried Tuning Forks, they sound quite interesting. I have done some work with EFT, but not a lot yet at this point. Thank you for sharing. It really is quite interesting how the overlaps in our lives bring us together.

Goodie - April 29, 2012

Hi! Info on repeating numbers is what led me to your site. I enjoyed reading and finding out about you. I was surprised that you liked rock music. 🙂 Nothing wrong with it……perceptions just seems like you maybe would have preferred classical and new age. LOL! 1.Anyway, I’ve been a wildlife rehabilitator for 6 years but recently gave that up to go back to creating art which I did not have time for as a rehabilitator.
2. Long journey with religion and found where I belong with “New Age” where it all makes sense.
3. Interested in astrology, numerology, developing my intuition, animal communication, automatic writing, etc. etc. 🙂
4. Love when I get confirmation after paying attention to messages.
5. Nature and its song nourishes me.

    Laura Jean Warnke - April 30, 2012

    Hi Goodie,

    I do like some new age music and once in awhile I will listen to classical. I just find I get the most energy from rock music. Yes, it is the best feeling when you get confirmation after paying attention to your intuition and the messages you receive. Thank you for sharing!

Lindsay - April 30, 2012

Woot! I loved your list and getting to know you a little better, Laura!

Couple things: what is a fly-over state?

– I love #88 in a list of 100. LOL
– Have you ever tried miracle berries? Makes raw lemons taste like cupcakes!

    Laura Jean Warnke - April 30, 2012

    Hi Lindsay,

    A fly-over state is the mostly Midwestern states between California and New York. Urban Dictionary defines it as “Any boring and unremarkable state that has to be flown over to get to interesting states such as California and New York.”
    No, I have never tried miracle berries. Sounds interesting!
    Yes, I ran out of steam at #88.

Debbie - April 30, 2012

You have inspired me to make my own list- at least for myself. I am an Aries (who sometimes does not finish things), sometimes stubborn (especially when I think I’m right), see repeating numbers, am totally intesersted in learning everything about angel communication and my spirit guide(s), had more decks of cards than 9, but decided to give some away as gifts,my favorite deck is the Robin Wood Tarot, I have 2 boy’s-life path’s 11 and 33 (boy did I get lucky), learned the most and had my greatest transition to where I am now in yr 2000 (no easy task after being raised Catholic) I don’t recommend getting a tatoo impulsively (even if it’s free), I have learned to live with the pentacle on my chest, even tho it’s droopy now:), love Harley’s, love sailing and think your blog is great!

    Laura Jean Warnke - April 30, 2012

    Hi Debbie, thank you for sharing! I will have to check out the Robin Wood Tarot deck, I haven’t heard of that one before. On the tattoo, I don’t know if I will ever get one, even if I go with what I want. It just looks so painful. I am a big chicken in the pain department. I have never tried sailing.

Laura - April 30, 2012

Great list! I can definitely identify and resonate with several of the points – especially about our Guides having infinite patience! I often joke with an empath friend of mine (she’s heart-centered – I used to be; now what I get tends to be from the third eye) that whoever volunteered to be my Guides must have the patience of Job, with all the griping, quarreling, begging, crying and nagging I send their way. 😉 I think all of us start out ignoring their advice, then fall on our butts hard a few times before we figure out it’s better just to do what they say. LOL Now that I’m in my 30’s I appreciate them so much more – and apologize to them a lot for being such a tough case!

Thanks so much for sharing, I really did enjoy it! Namaste!

    Laura Jean Warnke - April 30, 2012

    Hi Laura,

    Thank you for sharing! Yes, I have definitely fallen on my butt hard a few times along the path. It is so much easier to listen to our Guides.

Christine - April 30, 2012

Laura, So many things resonate from your list. 1. I had my first precognitive dream(at least it was the first I recognized as such) at the age of 26.

2. My first repeating # was 444 at the age of 35 while I was pregnant with my 4th child (my only boy).

3. Six months later, I had another dream/vision of my son’s maternal and paternal great grandmothers watching over his crib (he had a respiratory issue). His maternal g-ma was deceased, his paternal, living…..one week later she had a massive stroke and passed within a week. I believe they are his guardian angels.

4. 2007, Dream of laughing and drinking wiskey and gingerale with two of my mother’s best friends (both have passed) it was the eve of my mother’s 75th Birthday…I called her the next morning and told her it was their way of letting her know they were celebrating with her.

5. October of the same year i had an injury at work that changed my life. I began my journey to ‘me’ and has been difficult at times but necessary!

6. Because of my injury, i started listening to ‘the secret’. I also connected with another’s soul and have dreams of his life ever since.

7. “HE” gave me the best piece of advice I have ever recieved, “Don’t ever aplogize for expressing yourself” It reminds me that my ideas and beliefs are valid and important, especially in times where I may be endangered of letting someone else influence me otherwise.
8. May, 2012. I am completing my Reiki II certification, have business cards ordered, a wonderful friend offered her business space one day a week, so I may get started helping people. 🙂

I think your tattoo will be of a baby cow, black and white, and the splotches on the hide will be warped heart shapes.(more realistic than typical heart shapes). 🙂

    Laura Jean Warnke - April 30, 2012

    Hi Christine,

    Thank you for sharing! I really resonate with what you said about “Don’t ever apologize for expressing yourself.” That is perfect. On the tattoo, I really like your idea! It wasn’t what I had in mind, but maybe I should reconsider. Thank you for the idea and sharing about yourself.

SuzyCue - April 30, 2012

Couldn’t believe how much we have in common! I had to copy the ones I had in common with you and then add my own!
. I really dislike brussel sprouts. Nasty little things.
3. I spend a LOT of time in front of the computer.
I have too – have a full-time job!
4. I did not acknowledge my intuitive abilities until about age 38-39 or so.
After 9-11 I had to acknowledge them.
9. I love Italian food and am learning to cook real Italian recipes and have turned out some wonderful authentic Italian meatballs, homemade marinara sauce, shrimp scampi, and homemade ravioli. I have absolutely no Italian heritage.
Was married to an Italian for 10 years and had to learn all of that with his mother before I married him! lol
16. I want to vacation in Las Vegas. Bring on the bling!
Yesterday, I just said to my friend this same thing!
17. Learning Reiki was one of the best things I could have ever done for myself.
Was considering learning this
18. I went to college for a major that I am not currently fully using.Exactly!
27. The best part about South Dakota is getting on the bike at 7:00 am and traveling near Highmore, SD and watching the sun come up over all the sunflower fields. Just breathtaking.
Would have loved to have done that!
28. I do not have any tattoos yet. I always told myself I wouldn’t get one until I was absolutely sure that I could live with it for a lifetime. I do have an idea of what I might want these days. I will let you guess in the comments as to what that might be.
Same and same! But I could never guess…I know it would have to do with metaphysics?

29. I have worked as a newpaper delivery girl, a bookkeeper, a legal secretary, an engineering firm’s secretary, a real estate firm’s bookkeeper, a secretary for a college in the development office, an administrator/event planner, administrator for the pharma industry and now a publisher for the pharma industry
32. I tend to live by my grandmother’s motto “When there’s a will, there’s a way”.
35. I love healing crystals and gemstones. I have a tiny jade Buddha by my computer.
Would love to learn about these!
36. To say I went through a Dark Night of the Soul is an understatement, more like a dark year or two. The entire year of 2008 should be banished. I need to write about that.
Same! But mine lasted until last year and now I’m paranoid it will continue!
42. I really dislike fluorescent lights. Sorry if I am not that “green”. They give off an erie glow that I do not connect with-at all. We have two in our living room lamps and if you see our house from the outside at night with the shades drawn, it casts the most erie light. I won’t let my husband put them in the bedroom, kitchen, or my office.
Hahahaha! I’m the same way – my daughters call me Dracula!
So here’s are some things about me –it’s a little questionnaire I had filled out for facebook, but with some “tweaking” I thought it would tell a little about me!
I don’t think so. By the time my mother had me, she was almost running out of names. 🙂 I’m 9 of 10 kids.
yes, two wonderful girls
witty sarcasm once and awhile. I’m not very funny at all 😉
Honey Nut Cheerios
Usually – especially when they are new sneakers – now, you know you do that too…
mint choc chip – a good vanilla is second
Their eyes
sometimes i don’t give myself enough credit
well – right now is both my mom and dad
navy blue
the smell of a rain shower when the sun is out during the summer, lily of the valley, and any shore!
football – college
dirty blond
prime rib or king crab legs
Happy endings.
l little girls laughing and playing
awweee…how can you chooose???
I’m artistic. Can play the guitar and still do a one handed cartwheel if provoked and have alcohol in me!
hmmmm…I have to say birds…not that I don’t like dogs or cats. I love them – it’s just that I’m mesmerized by birds and how they take flight – especially in groups. Like when you’re at a light and there’s a whole bunch of birds on a tree and all of a sudden they all take off and swirl around and around and then all land on the tree again…like, who tells them to do that? Who picks who as the leader to start something like that? Why do they go around and then land on the same freaking tree???? Yeah, birds amaze me. lol

    Laura Jean Warnke - April 30, 2012

    Hi Suzy,

    Thank you so much for sharing about yourself! You are right, we do have a lot of shared traits. I loved your list. I had to laugh at what you said about being married to an Italian and having to learn to make all of that before you married him. Too funny!

Allison - May 1, 2012

That was a great list!
Here’s 10 things about me:
1. I agree, leave the Ouji boards alone.
2. I have been to hundreds of concerts and agree standing beside the speaker is not always a good thing.
3. I have a small preference for cats over dogs.
4. I’ve been on my spiritual path consciously since I was 18. I’m now 46.
5. I’m a Pices sun, Scorpio moon, and Aquarius ascendant with some Aries and more Aquairus thrown in.
6. One of my weaknesses is buttercream icing. I love it on cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and cakes. No whipped for me.
7. I am using my degree in English to teach and tutor at the community college here in Pahrump.
8. I, too, didn’t think I would have children, and now can’t imagine a life without Elizibeth.
9. I’ve been married 5 years, together 11. He’s one of the smartest people I’ve known, and we laugh a lot each day.
10. I wrote at the local newspaper for three years, and one day would like to make a comfortable living as a writer.

    Laura Jean Warnke - May 2, 2012

    Hi Allison,

    Thank you so much for sharing a a slice of your life! I am finding everyone that has posted here so fascinating. It is nice to meet you.

Jacquie - May 2, 2012


Cool to learn about you!! I have a confession–I LOVE MY PENDULUM….and when I first started my spiritual journey about a year ago now your website was one of the first I found and helps me daily!! Thankyou. Tattoo–hmmmm a gold lab?? Lolol

    Laura Jean Warnke - May 2, 2012

    Hi Jacquie,

    Thanks for sharing. I love my pendulum too. I actually have two right now, but have my eye on a few more. Sorry, no the tattoo does not involve a gold lab, but thanks for the guess.

Debbie - May 2, 2012

I bought my first pendulum last summer and put it away for a while. I now use it on a regular basis and love it!!!

Goodie - May 2, 2012

I bought my beautiful Amethyst pendulum many, many years ago in a wonderful New Age shop in west MI. I recently started using it. I’ve really been blown away with how it has guided me….love it when it will circle one way and then totally stop and start circling the other way when the next answer is opposite.

Heather - June 7, 2012

Hi Laura,

I especially liked 26 & 27 and pictured it in my mind while reading your description, it seems like it would be beautiful. I love traveling. A friend & I drove across the country and back (from NY. to CA.) in my van when I was about 25. I also really like Led Zeppelin and I lived on a farm with cows for awhile growing up.

Thanks for sharing this list, it was fun to read.
Heather’s last post ..Trust Your IntuitionMy Profile

Jordan - November 30, 2013

We have lots in common! Except I’m 17 😛
I’m an Aries, my favorite band is Led Zeppelin, I love reading Tarot, and my favorite movies are Harry Potter 🙂 Cool beans.

Maile - February 21, 2015

I am amazed to learn that I now like brussels sprouts- but only when cooked the right way. Back eyed peas? Wrong. Just so wrong on every conceivable level. Talk about nasty little things. 😉

I love those near unreal shades of blue too.
Great water here yet would love to visit Jamaica!
But Vegas? Ugh. I’d rather eat a vat of black eye… I can’t even finish typing it. Just shoot me. Heh heh.

Ugh and ack to politics, and nope to florescent lights. That erie glow is just one signal telling us that it’s not good for us.

Thank you Laura for leading by example, through encouragement and by information sharing.

Was recently informed rather synchronistically that it may be time to begin creating a blog in my process. Perhaps I’ll include a list of 99 there. <3 I'll share a shorter list below. (Newsflash: it’s become anything but short.)

Found my way here due to searching about the repeating numbers thing once again. I recall hearing about that first through Abraham-Hicks.

The impression I got then was that the repeating numbers are a sign that one is on the path of living/thriving through trans-surfing within "the vortex" (toroidal field?) rather than exhausting oneself needlessly trying to figuratively swim upstream, or behave in resistance to life as it occurs.

I have enjoyed learning more specifics about numerology and "angel" numbers over the years.

I tossed a little known term in (up above) which I acquired in my years of extensive reading and research in all things spiritual, metaphysical, healing oriented, and self-improvement oriented. Have also studied cultures, religious traditions, art traditions and architectural traditions across time and geography. Among other things.

Love research and learning, gathering info- more on that later in list.

Anyway, the term I brought up was "transurfing". Not from Abraham-Hicks but from a complimentary source of wisdom. Funny how this type of dovetailing is so often clearly the case with traditions which point at ideas/events which appear to echo universal truths.
I recommend "Practical Transurfing in 78 days" by Vadim Zeland.

Can't wait for the copy of Carolyn Myss' book that you recommended. I requested it from our local library system. So glad they have it!

Okay, here goes my switch to list format:

1. Another Aries sun. Jyotish (Vedic astrology) calls me Pisces though, and I have a Pisces moon and a lot more of it in my chart. Capricorn rising.
And/Or…. I’m a Fire Goat.
And/Or… I’m a Yellow Galactic Seed.
Depending on what system we consult.

1. a. More on vedic stuff: my process really kicked off with a translation of the Patanjali Sutras called “The Psychology of Mystical Awakening”. Years later I studied Ayurveda to practice clinically, yet knew before long it was just part of my wounded healer journey. Not my calling.

2. Wanted to be a mom (nurturer) from an early age (volunteered in church nurseries rather than sit in service a lot) then decided motherhood was sheer lunacy at some point, terrified of giving birth and the responsibility of a child. (I could barely take care of myself, or so I believed.)

2. a. Creativity began rebirthing in about 2003-2004 via artistic means.
2. b. It began taking true shape in more profound forms nearly about the same time.
2. c. Began getting my sense of humor back more recently.
2. d. I was unable to really make jokes or get angry for many many years.
2. e. I am easily amused now and enjoy seeing and pointing out the humor in things.
2. f. I enjoy allowing myself to be exactly as idiosyncratic as I am. Like how I inserted an outline form here within the list. Solved my flow problem. 😉

3. Quit resisting fate and gave birth not long before turning 40. (Very grateful for the powerful in-my-face messages of all kinds early into pregnancy, thankful for the blessed relative ease in both pregnancy and birthing! Wasn’t given more than I could handle!)

4. Never ever ever ever wanted to be, or dreamed I'd wind up, a single mom. That's also been a wildly interesting development. Blessed that child has an evolving father figure involved and available.

5. My young boy is an Aquarius sun sign with a bunch of the archer in his chart. Had a profound experience with him and claircognizance near the end of the pregnancy. Maybe some clairsentience also.

6. No tatoos. Toyed with idea but have had same reserve as aforementioned. I pierced my own ear once (hole number 3 on the right) and almost passed out.

7. Back In Black baby. I'm Back in Black.
Still can thrill to blasting that one until the walls are shaking or the speakers breaking. And I have extremely sensitive hearing oddities. Never could stand in direct line with or in front of speakers at events–waaaaay too much for me, even at distance.

8. Iron Maiden was my first concert, in California. No, wait, I saw Tesla at a small gig in Guam when I was getting in under age (16, passing for 18). That may have counted as first concert. Definitely first attempts at being anything but a very very very good girl.

9. Also got my first ankle sprain there. Bad one, drinking and danced on it after twist, until friends made me stop. More on bad choices later. But, seeing the spectacle that was "The Red Hot Chilli Peppers" at The Cow Palace for New Years once (1991?) wasn't one of those bad choices. Shocking to me at the time, but awesome.

10. Queen, love love love Queen

11. And Peter Gabriel

12. A million favorite songs, many new, including "Firework" and "Brave"

13. Don't now care much at all for most of the hard rock and heavy metal that I used to really like. P.S. This number was always a lucky one for me.

14. Can enjoy almost any music and have wide range of taste, but few songs in these genre/categories will last long around me if I have a say in it. (And I do. I now use my voice to directly state desires and needs, over large or small things, or I can exit if something really matters to me and I don't want to bother another with our differences. Had to relearn all that stuff. Disavowed all that at a very young age.)
Anyway, I don't like many songs from:
heavy metal
*Not any from this "genre": gangsta rap
(I like rap and hip-hop, but not that other garbage)

15. I too get messages through timely songs appearing in my range of hearing one way or another. Sometimes it makes me gasp or laugh out loud.

16. I love my 2 oracle decks. Cards jump for me oftentimes, which I prefer to selecting. But I can't seem to use a pendulum worth a squat.

I give great massages purely on what I feel intuitively, no real training. Forestalled the death of a beloved pet by about a year and the vet was in disbelief…. I had no idea what I was doing at the time. I was laying on hands. Need to look more at that I guess. But I am quite sure I am NOT supposed to be a massage therapist. Only shared as a gift or trade with a rare few anyway, not for a "living".

17. Been diagnosed many things. In late stages of recovery (or recovered) from most of that which caused suffering. Some of those diagnosis actually do/did signal or point to something real going on, and there is a lot of overlap. My adult health troubles have largely involved inflammatory conditions, nervous system and muscular systems. Also mental emotional dysfunction. I'd love to hear more from Kimberly about how she reversed her Fibromyalgia.

My remaining issue is pain. Loads of highly variable pain. Comes and goes. Very unpredictable. Old recurring stuff and new. Yesterday a brand new severe thing began. Much to my surprise.

18. I have been diagnosed as an adult female with aspergers/high functioning autism. (It's just a name and framework for understanding one of the ways people show up, gifts and challenges and all.) Many of us female aspies love words and love gathering information with perseverance and passion.

19. Complex PTSD ruled most of my life for years and years and years (hard to get to adulthood on the spectrum without developing some degree of PTSD, but if one was abused severely as child and subsequently in young adulthood, that pretty much is a given consequence.

20. I have always been very sensitive to other's states (empath all the way) and to all sensory stimulus. Yet, around 2004 it all began to be too much, also chronic pain began 1999.

Overwhelm and fight, flight, or freeze began becoming much more serious problem by 2004. In particular, I am very sensitive to scents, sounds, sights, and touch. And that's on top of all the other sensitivities. Am far more resilient and capable of managing my arousal and regulation now after getting great long term help.

21. Dark night of the soul? Dark year?
Let's just say 2009-2013 got me where I am but I wish I had found a different route.

22. Whipped creme over buttercream!!! 🙂

23. I love all animals. Communicating with them has always been second nature. I have saved hundreds of bees from drowning because I was there and they were in distress. I love to watch them sit on my hand and shake off the close call and dry in order to fly again. I am a huge fan of most cats. (Have had paranormal experiences relating to felines too.) I have met very few dogs who impressed me much. But there have been a couple I really really really appreciated. And they are all truly sweethearts. Too bad they all don’t have responsible owners.

24. Anyone here still intrigued and wanna try a ouji board experience?
Do yourself a favor, skip it.
Avoid Ouji boards. Maybe even destroy any you may come across, but with great care, with some support, and with proper guidance.

Nothing to fear, but near nothing of value to be derived there either.
And heaps of trouble to reckon with, who needs it?
Making your own board and destroying it after a few inquiries before creating a fresh board does NOT make it safer. Trust the warnings from others and myself here. You really don't need to go there and experience it yourself. Why learn the hard way and possibly carry away more than you bargained for? I was fooled by an entity posing as a loving spirit. I was still half-asleep then and lacking discernment, but I wouldn't assume I could do better now. I caught on at a certain point during that session, but something was already set in motion and involving multiple individuals at the location (even one who was in the next room doing something else entirely- well, not entirely. A form of possession was taking place. I felt it and asked and crazy stuff started being revealed. It was a long and whoa, you don’t wanna know, freaky night. I also may have taken on something that I carried for many years. Evidence points to that. Free now. Not just me.

25. I began clearing more significantly in 2013 and by last year experienced huge internal changes. Experiencing love for the first time for real. For myself, and for others. Real unconditional love. Ahhhh. Yay.

26. Almost always dated men about a year or so younger. Twice dated men 10 years my senior. Never ever ever expected at 47 years of age to discover hot younger men were attracted and would approach. Source brought a wise young man to my door (literally) in a way I had to welcome and celebrate. (And I NEVER had men to my home). Then, it was not just one, but two. (Sequentially, not simultaneously.) Both wise but in very different ways. These vastly younger men entered my life as lovers and friends and the blessings have been profound all around. Had to have my mind opened in new ways to experience, I suppose.

I never expected to discover myself in the company of any man, let alone such young men, (near half my age) telling me that being with me had a magnificent healing impact upon him/them. (What a switch from being beaten by men in pain.) Those recent and real lovers are now at great distance, but still in loving contact. Wild and wonderful.

27. Even though I have rarely identified with many Aries traits, here I am still writing about myself. 😉 I really enjoyed reading all the others' contributions, so there's some balance. I think.

28. I enjoy writing now. Always loved reading, and always will, but it's no small miracle that I survived many years of college writing and somehow kept on honor roll. Pulling teeth has to be easier than it was pulling words onto all those papers. I studied and worked concurrently through about 11 years of taking full coarse loads (in hard sciences, soft sciences, humanities, etc.) before I went on to earn a graduate professional teaching certificate. Later moved on to informal self-guided study.

How I wrote all those papers when I hated writing is beyond me. Ah, more overtime from helpers/guides perhaps. ? Pushing me back from death's door many times wasn't enough. Maybe they had to push me through higher education too.

Took a few minor degrees and a B.A.

Have formally used them little.

Campus violence forced me out of a teaching career. Literally. I was not going to quit. Pulled by docs from duty and assigned voc rehab.

Time now to put that B.A. in English to use with the healthy confidence I have (finally, yippee!) developed.

29. I have experienced waking in the morning feeling well rested approximately zero times in the last 15-19 years, despite taking every sensible action and precaution available. Open to suggestions.

30. I wake between 2 and 22 times a night. From pain, from noise, from who knows?

31. I moved about 33 times in about 20 years. Not because I wanted to, but out of necessity.

32. I began hearing toning sounds possibly near the time I began having physical episodes of difficult-to-describe sensations. The latter were erroneously ID'd by a medical doctor as panic attacks. Those are rare now and have been expressed in a small range of ways. Once alarmingly. But it was not panic, nor was it anything like any account I have ever read or heard of by that name. Only now is it occurring to me that those episodes were probably clairsentience events. Oh geeze, sorry mom. Was that you? Oh, and thanks again for being there (and for bringing that rescuer) when the kayak capsized the day after your passing.

The ringing/toning is not tinnitus. Had my hearing checked. No medical explanation. The sounds are always pleasant, never troubling. They have changed over time (5 -7 yrs?) in several significant ways. I can hear the highest pitched one now just about any time I try to tune in. But before, it was always something that came in from afar and came in very noticably, stayed for a few moments, then ebbed away. And in different frequencies/pitches. Usually just one ear or the other. That still occurs. Is this intuition related? I have been gaining a lot of ground in honoring my intuition for about the same stretch of time.

Is that a form of clairaudience with which anyone here is familiar?

I have only had one or two experiences which would fall under clairvoyant.

33. Have benefitted from many harsh events and have had many extraordinary experiences, including some dreams and altered states. Excited to discover and develop further. Good to be here with you all.

In Love, M

Maile - February 21, 2015

P.S. As if I didn’t write enough before. 🙂

Just noticed your name is spelled two ways on the webpage. Is the more unconventional spelling the correct one?

I was avoiding lying down last night because the pain was so bad the night before and getting out of bed was intensely challenging. So I found a position I could sit in and just kept reading and writing.

Being overly tired, I neglected to add that although I had trepidation about mothering I too am crystal clear on the fact that this is part of my/our highest good (obvious even if I hadn’t gotten paranormal verification). I am immeasurably blessed to be walking this life with this person in my company. May I play my role exceeding well in our soul agreements. Doing my best.

Also forgot to mention the gravitation to working with minerals and crystals.
Are there any of us who don’t follow this attraction? 😉

Furthermore, upon reading more of your blog, I noticed a vein to attend to, like striking gold. I will be sure to continue to learn, gathering information. Yet not at the expense, or in avoidance of, taking action in my purpose. Only in clear service of it.


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