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Numerology Meanings and Personal Numbers

Discover numerology meanings for your life path numbers, expression, soul urge and destiny numbers. Find out what your personal numbers are and what they mean in your life. Note – this post is part two of two. Click here to read part one.

Core Numerology Meanings

These are the four main calculations that are used in the interpretation of your name into numbers. They can help you assess your personal strengths and weaknesses and also show you how to make the best of your talents and abilities.

You can receive a detailed analysis of your life path number, soul urge number and expression number with this Free Numerology Reading. It includes personalized interpretations of what each of these numbers are and what they mean to you.

Life Path Number

This is calculated from your date of birth. This number never changes. It is the most important number as it gives you an indication of the central focus of why you were put on this earth and what your soul is here to experience and accomplish in this lifetime. Knowing the meaning of this number can help you sort through many of the questions you have about your own life and give you a clear picture of where you should be headed with your personal development and growth. Find out how to calculate your life path number.

Expression Number

This is calculated using all of the letters in your full name that was given at birth. It is also called your personality number, potential number and destiny number. By knowing the meaning of your personal expression number you can find out how best to make the most of your talents and abilities. It may also bring to light long lost ambitions that you once had and now need to bring back into your life in order to live your life’s purpose.

Soul Urge Number

This number is found by reducing all of the vowels in your full birth name. It can be used to help discover your soul’s purpose here in this lifetime and also clarify your desires and innermost dreams. Find out your true values and what you value most. It is also referred to as the heart’s desire number, soul number or soul path number.

Destiny Number

This number is found by reducing all of the consonants in your full birth name. It describes your inner dreams, fears, and who you really are at a subconscious level. Find out about your true character and why you relate to others in the way that you do. It is also known as your inner dreams, inner you, or karmic number.

Free Numerology Reading

Do you want to know what your personal numbers are and what they mean in your life? Find out what makes you tick. Reveal your true nature and character and use it to change your life. Get a Free Numerology Reading.

Laurra Warnke

Laurra Warnke is an empath and intuitive healer who helps you heal past life issues, emotional traumas, and reconnect with your Divine self. Through spiritual business mentoring, soul level healing, and energy clearing she helps you clarify your life’s purpose, embrace your soul level gifts, and clear energetic misalignments. Heal lifetimes of trauma, get new direction, and find your passion.

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