Numerology – Meaning Behind Your Name

Numerology is the relationship of number patterns to dates and names. Find out how numerology helps you find your true personality and nature. Learn how meanings are attached to numbers and what can be learned from them, like calculating your life path number.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the relationship of number patterns to dates and names. It is somewhat similar to astrology, but involves the use of your birth name, using a combination of vowels and consonants, in addition to your date of birth.

Your specific birth name contains certain energies and vibrations that indicate your true nature and give you answers to many of the unanswerable questions you have about your life.

By breaking down your birth name into consonants and vowels and equating them to numbers, you derive meanings from the resulting numbers which help you understand your personality and manage your life better.

Practical Applications of Numerology

Although the use of numerology has been around for centuries, there are many practical applications for modern life. The numbers are used to understand your life and how others relate to you. Also use these numbers to determine your natural talents and abilities, find the best place to live, and confirm your life path.

Free Numerology Report

I encourage you to try a sample reading and see for yourself. Receive a detailed analysis of your life path number, soul urge number and expression number with this Free Numerology Report.  See how and why you interpret ideas and thoughts the way you do. There is rhyme and reason to everything.

More On Numbers

In part two,  I discuss descriptions of life path numbers, expression, soul urge and destiny numbers, so be sure to bookmark this site or add it to your RSS feed. You can now read that post here: Number Meanings and Personal Numbers.

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