Why the Number 4 Will Change Your Life This Year

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Have you ever felt like there are innately powerful aspects within yourself that are dormant?

And that, if awoken, could create unprecedented levels of joy, wealth, and abundance in your life?

That there’s SO much more out there for you?

That nagging feeling is no accident.

And it’s always more intense around the new year as you look to create positive change in your life.

But that’s not always an easy undertaking.

No matter how much you try to tap into your natural abilities and passions…

Those BIG scary goals you know you’re capable of achieving continue to remain out of reach.

As you move into 2020, you may feel defeated, empty, and worn out by putting so much in and getting nothing out, especially after this past year.

But know this:

The deep, difficult, inner work you did in 2019 was on purpose. Every disappointment, let down, and tough lesson happened to orchestrate a soul awakening — one that will usher in the greatest personal transformation of your life.

And there’s something you should know about yourself before getting too far into 2020.

This complementary Astrology Video Report from Kelli Fox at astrology-TV helps you prepare what’s in store for you in the new year, based on your date of birth.

I have it on good authority that 2020 is a year full of big changes for everyone on the planet.

This means that the energies of self-expression, creativity, and personal fulfillment are in full force!

According to astrology, there has never been a better opportunity for you to live out a fully-expressed version of yourself.

It’s all encoded in your date of birth.

This sample movie about your life reveals the inner workings of who you are at your core so you can better navigate this year.

It will allow you to effortlessly step into who you were created to be.

You’ll learn how to turn the pain, failures, and heartbreak of 2019 into the blessings of 2020.

You’ll discover how to tap into the abundant parts of yourself that you were previously unable to access.

Once you see this shockingly accurate information, you’ll understand how with willful attention, you can finally shed your old self and step into a whole new realm of possibility.

If you want to know exactly how to harness the sacred energies of the year…

I know that you may be a bit skeptical (I was too), but I think you’d agree that there’s something very interesting about our Universe and how numbers are so tied into Astrology.

Every single thing in nature has a relationship with numbers and the planets, which makes astrology another supremely powerful tool for cracking the ultimate code, the meaning of your life experience.

According to my friends at numerologist-com, 2019 was a very tumultuous year (I have to say, it makes A LOT of sense)…

And 2020, a “4” Universal Year (2+0+2+0=4) is poised to be your best year yet.

See, “4” is a number of extreme importance.

Throughout history, the number 4 has carried extreme significance.

Ancient Egyptians believed heaven was supported by four pillars rising up from the stable Earth. And the Mayans thought the celestial skies were supported by four beings, reaching up from out of the Earth.

In Numerology, the number 4 pertains to stability. This number puts the roots down, builds solid foundations and creates the system. It brings form, structure, and a method to follow. The number four finds purpose in “doing”.

According to the ancient sciences of numerology and astrology, 2020 will be the year you begin living as the powerful, abundant being you are destined to be. And according to Kelli Fox at astrology-TV, 2020 is going to be a year filled with huge changes for all of us.

Your complimentary Astrology Video Report is an additional tool to help you understand yourself more deeply so you can better navigate 2020 and make more informed decisions.

Get your personalized movie about your life here.

This left me speechless.

Free Astrology Report

With grace and healing,

Laura Jean Warnke


P.S. Prepare to be quite shocked at the accuracy of the Astrology Video Report that Kelli Fox at astrology.TV prepared for you. It was a bit eerie to me how on point mine was.

Get your Astrology Video Report here.

By Laura Jean Warnke

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