Are you ready for 2020?

2020 Cosmic Calendar

When the clock strikes midnight this upcoming New Year’s Eve,the energetic pulse of the entire Universe will change.2020 marks the beginning of a brand new decade… → Are you prepared for what’s ahead?Decisions you’ve made, challenges you’ve faced, projects you’ve invested countless hours and resources in, and even the relationships you’ve built, will shift in response to the rhythm of the new year.Some things may flow more smoothly, offering much needed relief from the struggle of the past 11 months, while unexpected obstacles may flare up in energetic resistance to the sudden cosmic re-calibration.If you’re not ready for it, it could feel like hitting the reset button just before you finally got the hang of things.With just a few weeks left in 2019, the key to coming out ahead and making 2020 a year of absolute magic is to tap into this new Universal rhythm early on…And our friends at have just what you need.→ Get your free 2020 Cosmic Calendar.2020 could be the year that everything changes for you, but you mustn’t waste anytime…This free downloadable guide will help you effortlessly brave the transition and break the painful cycle of never-quite-getting-there. 

Get Your Complete 2020 Cosmic Calendar Now

Print out this handy guide and keep it by your side (or on your smartphone) so you can conspire with the magical forces of the Cosmos all year long. With this beautiful calendar and guide, you’ll discover…

  • Unmissable astro-numero events you must pay attention to, so you can tap into the Universal rhythm and make 2020 a year of absolute magic…
  • Other pivotal cosmic events you may be unaware of and how you can ready yourself to magnetize their unique energies… 
  • The rare manifestation portals coming up that will allow you to expand your attraction power and call in BIG love and abundance…
  • Noteworthy planetary cycles so you can effortlessly navigate 2020’s transits and never get sideswiped by another pesky planetary retrograde…
  • 2020’s complete lunar calendar so you can set purpose-aligned intentions and make big life changes at the perfect time.

Click here to get your free 2020 Cosmic Calendar NOW.

P.S. Print out this handy guide and keep it by your side (or on your smartphone) so you can conspire with the magical forces of the Cosmos all year long. → Get your free 2020 Cosmic Calendar.

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