Tune Into Your Intuition And Awaken Your Psychic Ability

Have you tried to tune into your intuition with limited success? Discover how to make intuition a powerful force in all areas of your life.

There are many times when we wonder if that random thought was an intuitive nudge or just a fleeting thought. We second-guess what we get and often disregard it. This can lead to confusion and lack of trust in your intuition.

In reality however, confusion is just another tool that we use to avoid looking the situation in the face. It’s like climbing up the side of a mountain but turning around and going back down to the base each time you get close to seeing what is on the other side.

Why do we do this to ourselves? In almost all cases it is only due to fear. Fear of change, fear the unknown, fear of what’s on the other side of the mountain.

We allow our ego or fear-based thinking to keep us from those big dreams and goals.

Here are a few reasons why it is difficult to tune into your intuition:

It doesn’t fit into the perceived plan for the day.

We are all very busy, right? Sometimes when an intuitive knowledge comes your way, it is easily dismissed because it doesn’t fit into the timing of our day. We have so much else going on that it’s hard to even consider squeezing in one more thing into this day. The thing to realize is intuition is for the here and now. Is there for you to take action on immediately.

The information we receive makes us uncomfortable.

When intuition comes knocking, we may not necessarily like what we hear. Because of this so many times we choose to ignore it. Intuition may tell you to leave a certain relationship, but our heart wants so much to have somebody in our lives, so we ignore the red flags.

You don’t think the intuitive information is for you.

Sometimes we think the information is for somebody else, when it is really for ourselves. Although it’s wonderful to act as an Earth Angel and deliver a message to someone, always check and ask yourself whether that message was intended for you. In many cases it was intended for both of you hear.

We think we don’t understand what to do next.

This is the feeling of being confused. And make no mistake, confusion serves us quite well. It is mainly because fear is at the core of change. In most cases it means we would have to make a real change and that is possibly something we are unwilling to do at the moment.

We are too wrapped up in a specific outcome.

We think things have to turn out one certain way in order for something else to fall into place. This is really just our logical minds wanting to control an outcome. This attachment to a certain feeling or outcome will override our intuition almost every time.

So, how can you break through so you gain confidence and clarity? Often you need guidance from a trusted mentor and teacher.

Are you consistently creating the reality you want for yourself? Are you ready to tune into your intuition?

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