Remote Viewing Practice Results

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in the Remote Viewing Practice post from Friday, September 9th. Here are the results.

In my last post I asked for volunteers to practice their remote viewing abilities. I was so excited to see that 17 people participated in this remote viewing exercise. That is just awesome!

Remote Viewing Practice Answers

The Tarot cards are as follows:  The High Priestess, The Sun, Justice, Judgement, and The Moon. These are from the Universal Waite deck of Tarot Cards.

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Remote Viewing Practice Results

The Participants

Here is a synopsis from the previous post of the answers from the 17 participants:

micheld – Star, Lion-Courage, Magician, Temperance, and 4 of coins

Jean – 8 wands, 2 swords, fool, strength, moon

Kelly – Queen of swords, 2 coins or fool, 3 cups, water – the star?, dark – tower?

Betty – love, temperance, action, upside down, night  (fyi- i am not familiar with tarot cards)

Evie – Hanged Man, 4 of Wands, Queen of Cups, 5 of Pentacles, 2 of cups

Tina – 3 swords, Tower, Devil, World, and The King of swords.

Debbie – ace of wands, magician, four of pentacles, queen of swords, the world

Gael – a Lion, A princess sitting down, Many coins, cups, death/transformation

Cat – 1 Meadow, tranquil, grass, nature, 2 Brightness, light, magic, sprinkling, 3 Hanging, tree, joker or jester, 4 Tempest, storm, ocean or some body of water, possibly a ship being tossed about, 5 Blackness, queen or other powerful woman (I don’t know much about Tarot and don’t own a set so don’t laugh at my impressions. These are just the feelings I had from looking at the cards, and I wrote them down before looking at any others.)

Suzie – love, art, the letter C, happiness, the letter S

Pamela – The Empress, King of Pentacles, 5 of Wand, The Fool, Death

vivian – Chariot, six of cups, temperance, king of cups, the lovers

Seraphina – Queen of Pentacles, Page of Swords, The Star, Five of Cups, The Chariot

brandy – left – right guy holding sword, girl holding cup kneeling, guy with 4 swords, guy in hooded cloak, naked lady

Anita – I just got impressions. I am only vaguely familiar with Tarot cards. #1 I see a helmet like a conquistador, #2 I see a sun with spade shaped rays all around, #3 I have the impression of a hanged man, #4 I see a dark blue sky with diamond shaped stars, #5 a skeleton

Jess – I’m not too familiar with all the tarot cards but here goes the images I’m getting……
1. the number 8 2. joker or jester or whatever it’s called 3. the moon 4. a ladder..swords of something? 5. cross…maybe 4 of swords?

bernardette– 1. 2 of wands 2. 3 swords 3. queen of cups 4. The coin (1) 5. Cup (1)

My Notes

For those of you that are not familiar with Tarot cards, you did quite well. Your visual impressions captured many of the feelings from the cards.

There were many that were quite close, mentioning the sun, moon, and a queen (which is quite close to the High Priestess card).

No one picked up on the fact that they were all from the Major Arcana (the first 22 cards in the tarot deck).

For those of you who saw numbers, the corresponding numbers on the cards are #2 – High Priestess, #19 -Sun, #11-Justice,#20-Judgement, and #18-Moon.

For Next Time…

So, what did you think? Are you bummed out or excited? Do you want to play again or something new? I have considered another remote viewing exercise with a photo or hand drawn picture, or would you like to play again with the Tarot cards?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I will set the next on up for Friday, September 23rd.

Thank you so much for playing!

8 thoughts on “Remote Viewing Practice Results”

  1. I prefer hand-drawn pictures, myself. They’re more personal and I’ve always been able to pick up on that much better than something impersonal. I’d guessed at home just this morning, and I wasn’t really off… ha. I gave up on it and didn’t get the last one, but the others were pretty accurate.

  2. I think it was fun, and I look forward to doing it again. Even tho I got none of them right! I am not good at this. But would love to shut off my mind so I could be! 🙂

  3. i wrote my answers down last week, but didn’t have a chance to get back on to share them. They were:
    Love, Light, Energy, Peace, Darkness
    I am learning to use cards (Saints and Angels deck so am unfamiliar with these or there meaning), but still working on moving out of thinking mind and into feeling body. 🙂 so i would look forward to any exercises/games you want to put out to us! did I intuit the 2nd and 5th card correctly?


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