Planning A Get-Ahead Day

Do you have a get-ahead day planned? We have all heard of catch-up days, but what about a day that you actually plan for to further yourself in some way?

In a past post, I wrote about someday syndrome. We all have good intentions, but there are times we procrastinate and let those good intentions fall to the wayside.

To me a get-ahead day is about furthering yourself in some way. Investing in yourself is something that seems to get pushed to the back burner in our everyday lives.

Perhaps you have an audio program you want to listen to, or use the time to read a personal development book that has been left unfinished.

This is especially important if you are self-employed or are planning to be self-employed. Making a regular habit of carving our time for ourselves free from distraction is something that will pay dividends.

Extra Effort

The days go by and things get further behind. Perhaps you need to cook for the week, do laundry, or take care of the yard. There are also job related tasks that seem to fall into that pile next to your computer. You might tell yourself that stuff can wait until next week. What if instead of putting off the laundry until the weekend, you gave it that extra effort to get it done now…today. Would that free up a few hours of time to be able to further yourself?

If you have set clear intentions, there may be some extra effort required to achieve them. Make the time for you to be able to grow yourself and your intentions will manifest much faster than you think.

Everything Counts

What if you used your time in such an effective manner that you completed those tasks now…today. By putting together a priority list of things that have to get done and giving them a deadline a day or two earlier than they would normally get done, you can begin to carve out enough time for yourself to have a get-ahead day.

What Would You Do?

  • learn to set up a blog
  • re-design your website
  • read a personal development book
  • finally listen to that audio program and take good notes
  • paint something
  • learn a new skill that will help your business
  • finish a craft project
  • meditate
  • take a yoga class
  • start an exercise program
  • find healthy new recipes and actually make them for dinner

What are you doing to prepare for your-get ahead day?

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