Automatic Intuition Professional Intuitive Training

A review of the Automatic Intuition Professional Intuitive Training program developed by Slade Roberson. Learn to accurately access your intuition.

Many of you that read this blog have already made great strides in learning to access your natural born intuitive abilities. Do you feel sometimes though that the information you receive is still just a bit too hit or miss? Would you like to be able to have the reassurance that the information your receive via your spirit guides is accurate?

Does this Sound Like You?

Out of sheer interest, do you read psychic and personal development blogs and websites on a regular basis? Have you purchased more than a few books on developing your psychic abilities? Are you actively attempting to connect to your spirit guides and angels? Are you beginning to accumulate some psychic tools, like dowsing pendulums, tarot cards and the like?

Umm…your guides are giving you hints here, you know? You may indeed be called to developing your psychic abilities to a higher level. If so, this course will benefit you in broadening your psychic abilities and being able to develop the accuracy you may be missing.

Automatic Intuition Professional Intuitive Training

All of the questions above were ones that I asked myself before I took this course. One day I sat down and looked at where I spend my time online and in personal interests. I realized that the vast majority of my time was spent absorbing anything I could related to metaphysical areas.

Hmm…might be a common theme here. Hey! Maybe I should take this course! My spirit guides were very happy. They had been giving me hints for over two years. I can just hear my guides – “Finally got through to her. Wow, that took a bit of doing. She can be a bit stubborn and clueless at times.”

If this does not sound like you yet, please proceed with your regularly scheduled daily programming and come back later. 🙂

If this resonates with you, I invite you to read my personal review of Automatic Intuition.

In addition, please check out Slade Roberson’s website at Automatic Intuition professional intuitive training.

1 thought on “Automatic Intuition Professional Intuitive Training”

  1. Have you ever had dejavu? What was it like? Did you see the future? The past?
    You really saw neither. You really saw both. Now imagine if you will that most intriguing feeling, and how fascinating it felt. Now wonder how it would feel if it never went away. What if you were stuck in this state of perplexity? I must tell you that our mortal minds are connected to one another and for this reason we are now communicating with our selves at more than just the sub conscience level. In fact this is the very reason for this platform we now have to contact one another. We are becoming more aware of our self.

    As a child I thought I was the same as every one else. I thought every one had moments where they just seemed to know something that they never learned. As I grew into adolescence I started to realize that there was something a bit different about my thought processes. I was a very difficult child. My family was split in two because of divorce and I was going through a time of great mental trauma. There was only one thing in my life that seemed to be there for the sole purpose of comfort and support. The one thing I could always count on to be at my side.

    Now as an adult I have noticed that this is not some thing I just happened to find. I didn’t find it at all. I only realized what has always been there. My guiding light, my number 211. It is what I am. What I am composed of. My frequency. Not only my name, but the names of my parents, my siblings, and now as an adult even my children are a representation of this number personified. My house address and street name are very much of the same effect. Both my first and last name start with K. So does my fathers, brothers, my sons and my daughters. 5 of us 211=KK. Street address where I grew up is 511 and is on a street with an eleven letter name.

    This eventually got to be so intense that it really started to over whelm my system. I was at one time as many of you might now be very confused and afraid. You have to let things flow. When things get to be a bit much, just relax and it will begin to ebb. You have to realize that you are in contact with your little personal piece of creation. You will not be given more than you can handle though at times it can seem like a bit much. To wonder whether the numbers are good or bad is to locate the very source of your anxiety. The numbers come from a place that transcends time and space, right and wrong, up and down, black and white, male and female, day and night. The numbers are both bad and good but at the same time neither.

    Doesn’t make sense does it? It’s not supposed to. It is a concept that is inconceivable here in this state of polarity. It is where 2 becomes 1 that this understanding can be attained. What will really trip you out is the realization that you are actually sending these numbers to yourself. When I was a child going through such tremendous hardships that I wanted to just lie down and die, I would send my self the 211 beacon from beyond this veil of polarity. This is possible because I am the manifestation of an eternal spirit. As are we all. This is a concept only truly understood by Jesus Christ him self, whom is just as real now as he ever was. Think of him as a guide. Our creator made flesh. The under standing that God is existence itself.



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