Intuitive Journal Testimonials

Read testimonials from satisfied clients who have received intuitive readings, property clearings, or have recently been part of an online class.

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Here are what clients have to say about their intuitive readings:

“Thank you for your reading. I felt as it is confirmed what I was feeling inside me and was knowing it but was not believing it. I feel great and confirmed after reading with you. Today is my  21st  day for clearing work. I feel as most of negative energy is cleared and I feel it when it goes out of my body after reading your words. Thank you so much for helping us. God bless you!”

Lashpal K.

“I wanted to thank you so very much for my Sacred Soul Blueprint reading. This reading was incredible and provided so much insight for me. The similarity and process comparatives really rang some bells for me, it helped me understand why I have been drawn to certain and people and why certain goals I was trying to achieve didn’t work out for me. The rest of the comparatives helped me understand a lot more about myself.

I know one big light bulb moment was when I left my Job. When I look back at all the choices and situations I was really comparing myself to myself and that was huge reading that in this reading. It’s awesome when you innately know something on a deep level and can’t explain it but then you get a mental understanding of it.

Thank you again so very much for this reading it truly was life changing. I feel so happy, I am looking forward to starting the next phase of my Journey and re-inventing myself. Thank you for the work you do for so many!! Blessings and Light!!!”

Booklynne C.

“Thanks so much for my Akashic Records Reading. A lot of what you revealed to me about my soul level group and numbers has helped me understand myself and my path. I loved hearing about my past lives and how I can clear any obstacles or fears I have brought with me in this lifetime.  I am so excited that you are helping me manifest the life of my dreams through your mentoring program. I appreciate your insight and the clarity it has given me to move forward the right direction. Thank you again.”


“In an hour, she revealed more about myself than I had learned on my own for years. I didn’t realize how confused I was until she made me see my path ahead with much more clarity. Thanks to her, I now know myself on a deeper level and can start taking actions towards my soul´s real desire. Everything in the reading resonated with me to my core and she really wants you to move forward. During the reading I felt like I was in safe hands and afterwards it left me with a huge spark of inspiration. I am so grateful for meeting her.”

Jessica L.

“Kind and helpful. Intuitively she knew that my Akashic Record Reading would be different. My reading was adapted and patiently crafted to accommodated those needs. She has been an instrumental part of my ongoing valuable ‘cleaning’ process.

The more we clean, the more we experience the miracles and true magic of life and how powerful we are as both individuals and a human collective. Many blessings on your own journey of love, peace and abundance.”

John Trotter (UK)
Healing Arts Practitioner, Writer & Independent Researcher

“Thank you so much for the session today! I have been struggling with my business this past year and was thinking about giving up. I was feeling lost and could not seem to get any clarity and became very unmotivated. I had tried many other avenues before contacting you. As with a lot of healers we often tend not to reach out for help.

By the end of the session with you I am SO optimistic and feel that I have found that passion again! This has been such a gift for me! The entire session totally resonated with me. You truly have a gift for connecting with others and getting to the core of the issue. I would highly recommend to anyone who is either starting a business or just needs their business energized to schedule with you! I look forward to continuing to work with you to take my business and myself to a whole new level…”

Debbie Barcon
Intuitive Healer and Life Coach

“If you ever feel like no one understands how you feel or listens to you, then do yourself a favor and talk to her. She genuinely cares about others and uses both her heart and mind to help them without letting ego get in the way. This is an all too rare quality. I had been struggling with some problems for years, and a reading with her has been truly life changing. She knows what she’s talking about and knows what to heal at a deep level. God bless you! Keep up the phenomenal work! We really need people like you in the world to uplift others and guide them toward the light. :)”

Sadaf S.

“Gratitude for reflecting precise and accurate and also for not giving up on me 😉 . As a highly sensitive person and sometimes over-thinking it all, I tend to back out when good things come and I have to say that she totally understood that my shadow-self tried to back out already from the beginning. It felt like she knew me already and she perfectly held me while being honest and straight to the point. After the 1 hour session over the phone I felt very grateful since she totally reminded me of who I am, and this made me feel blissful and I actually ran outside singing barefoot. Now I am ready to start my own little business and to be there for others. Thank you, with love and respect. May your every breath be filled with bliss. :)”

Silje P.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the Soul Profile Akashic Reading and Clearing we completed today! It was worth every penny of my investment! My experience over the past three weeks has been life changing. Thank you for the work you did on my behalf during this process and for the impressions and feedback you gave to all of my questions. You provided new information, as well as confirmations and clarifications to ideas and impressions I was uncertain about.

You also touched on areas where I was out of balance and explained where that was all coming from (all angles I never would have considered without your point of view). The clearing homework you gave me had profound effects. I feel like a new human being. There is a new sense of peace in my heart and I am now making new connections daily. A host of guides, teachers and angels have presented themselves and we are beginning our work together.

Without this clearing, I don’t know how long it would have taken me to get to this point on my own. I have a new-found sense of clarity and a much stronger connection to my purpose because of this reading.”

Thank you for the work that you do,

Many blessings,

Loriann Z.

“I have just began my spiritual awakening journey and am so grateful that I listened to my intuition and requested an appointment. She validated a lot of things I was unsure of and help me make sense of many other things. She is pleasant and easy to speak to, and I felt like I already met her before; I am appreciative of her sharing her gift with me, and look forward to speaking with her again. I highly recommend her!”

R. Francis

“I feel lucky to have encountered her work. Her reading was kind, pointed, relevant and gentle. Like the firm but loving voice of a blood relative or long-term friend, she makes suggestions that really resonate. That she incorporates soul history facts specific to your existence and past-life events whose patterns are very much alive in this life, only adds to the immense value. Her advice was concise and laser – focused, impactful without overwhelm; simply pitch perfect. If you’re wondering why you’re here, if he’s the one, or which path you should take, Dorothy, she’s going to show you which one’s paved with yellow bricks. You’ll thank her for it and then you’ll thank yourself for having trusted her high integrity. Thank you, with all my heart :)”

Brid M.

“First, I was very angry with my father for a long time because I felt he betrayed me with his second and third marriages, and I felt like he pressured me too much to achieve and succeed. I struggled with this anger but I could not find a way to heal it by myself. Now, after my reading with you, I find the anger is just gone. It’s truly incredible, I tried for years to forgive my father, and now anger is no longer a dominant feeling or issue in my life. I’m free, thanks to you. Also, you were completely on point with me having a negative astral guide that gave me negative dreams. It had been a long time since I actually remembered all my dreams. Since our conversation, I now have a positive astral guide, and I have remembered every single one of my dreams. It’s been incredible, and I am really grateful for all of the results that have come from my reading. It was truly a life changer for me. Thank you.”


“Thank you so very much. I am on my second day of the clearing homework. The words are so powerful, I completely love it. The reading was quite amazing. To finally understand my current limitations and the how’s and the why’s behind them is just incredibly empowering. It has sparked a desire to learn and be so much more. I feel at peace that my purpose will be revealed to be soon.

Funny thing is that I have been seeing numbers for about a year now. Today, for the first time, I saw consecutive 9’s –  twice. Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for your help with the restoration and clearing.

Forever grateful,

Susan S.

“In hindsight, I believe meeting with you was the answer to what I was asking to achieve (clearing my karmic and fear ties) because as I’m reading the clearing homework and digesting what you’ve told me…I was like “WHOA” I didn’t realize it was this in depth but it all connected.

THERE WAS ONE THING THAT ABSOLUTELY BLEW ME AWAY though. That no one could possible know because I had never given anyone the entire picture of what was going on. It is the fact that you knew that I attempted to clear the energies that resided in my previous home! I had no idea it was a poltergeist…the thought had crossed my mind but it was dismissed but when you explained it, IT MADE A WHOLE LOT OF SENSE! Thank you for that. It absolutely blew me away…

I do believe you were the key to the next step in my journey in what I had to do to achieve my goals. I’m being guided by Spirit. And the only way I am able to do this is to trust and go with the flow. And that is exactly what I did when I decided to book a reading with you. And I am continuing to do so. The more I do that, the easier it becomes. It feels like I’m on a train and it is set on a ‘there is no turning back’ course and I couldn’t get off even if I wanted to. Funny thing is, I’ll worry a bit about how I’m going to pay for it all, but then I’ll let it go, trust that it will happen and it works itself out.”


“I cried during my Akashic Records Reading session. It moved me so, knowing intuitively she was revealing ME to me. The information she shared from my Akashic Records was so powerful and uplifting . . . to Know, finally, the answer to some of my big life ‘Whys?’!

The knowledge deeply resonates and I am forever changed by what was revealed to me during this session. I will always feel warmth for this precious Light Worker – thank you for progressing me along my Soul’s Journey!”

Jo Betty I.

“You showed up for me exactly when I needed you.  Good positive healing energy and a great laugh;  more like a chuckle and it is very warm.  Another crucial part of the puzzle that is me and you were there to help me find and place another important piece.  So thank you from my heart for doing what you are doing and helping others find their true path!  You were instrumental in helping me.  Namaste, I bow before you in respect and gratitude.  My new word, Namaste, ”  The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit within you “. Thank You.”

With love and respect,

Pauline W.

“I wanted to acknowledge that I did receive your reading and to share something interesting with you. As I told you before, I have read a vast array of conflicting information and was leery that I would not even believe the right information if it was presented to me.

The morning I received your email I was quite excited to read through it all, but was only able to glimpse at it before I had to leave. On my way home I called a friend of mine and she began telling me about this book she had checked out of the library and she told me to get a pen and write down this word. The word she spelled out to me was Melchizedek, I had never even heard of it before. So when I got home I did a quick search and ‘priesthood’ came up.

Well I remembered that when I had glimpsed at your reading I had seen something about priesthood so I pulled it up again and there it was….in your reading…that I was a member of the Melchizedek Priesthood. I about fell out of my chair. I got goosebumps and my eyes started watering up.

It took me a few days to go through some of the emotions, first excited about the mystery and wonderment of it all and how it resonated. I hope this helps you as I feel it is helping me.  I feel you were blessed with a wonderful gift.”



“Wow! I feel so light and happy after our conversation.

Pleiades was not at all surprising for me. I am an avid star gazer. But for some reason, I AWAYS seek out Pleiades. Even living in Michigan, I used to stand in my front yard with my telescope in the middle of winter (no joke) to view the Pleiades or ‘seven sisters’ as they are called. That constellation has always thrilled me, it’s really pleasing to understand why.

I cannot express in words just how thrilled I am to replace the negative guide and to clear my blocks. I can feel them beginning to dissolve already.

Thank you. I am so appreciative you are doing the work you do.”

Elise S.

I have never had a reading like this you are so right, I’m shocked! I have started on the homework and I will let you know when I finish. Thank you so much!”

Bozena K.

I just read the reading, I cried. I have been recently using the word “hon” and in the past, I also know that I have a former dog still with me, i think it is my Rottweiler as I have seen him in dreams. I have recently found the Indigo web sites and within the last month and knew that I am one. I told you NOTHING ABOUT ME and you are correct.

I have even almost started a pet sitting business 2 years ago! As of this moment I am unemployed and just yesterday I did a root and 2nd chakra meditation! I am blown away by your insights.

You are amazing and your training is going great! I have done hands on healing for pets in the past for personal use too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as all of what you saw is correct, I wont even go on. Much Universal Love to you Laura. I have been asking my guides to show me in real world ways what i should do and have been seeing the numbers (1111,222,333,444, etc.). But the “hon” blew my mind! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Marsha T.

You were spot on about my Archangelic realm, as that is who I am, a mediator and a person with creative solutions.   It has always been natural to me to be that way, since I was a little kid.  And I also connect with the idea of being spread too thin, so I will set an intention to bring more focus into this year.

Thank you very much for the reading.  It has definitely brought some areas to my attention and I am now very intrigued to create a connection with my primary guide and the other guides. Blessings for this season and all the best for the year!”

Victoria J.

“It was a pleasure speaking with you as well! It was an amazing reading!! You really did capture my personality on a very deep level & was able to verbalize a lot of things that I have trouble putting in to words myself. Everything rang true! My jaw dropped several times because I couldn’t believe how much you knew! lol.

I was shocked when you mentioned Krishna in my reading. Just recently, last Sept ’11, I started chanting Hindu mantras & requested some statues from my sister during her trip to India. I couldn’t figure out why I felt so connected, but it now makes sense to me. I even had a dream that one of Shiva’s disciples visited me in. I didn’t know who Shiva was until after the dream. Everything happens for a reason & I’m happy all of the pieces are finally falling into place! I’m super excited!! And thanks a lot!!!”

Natasha S.

“I found the reading to be comprehensive. For many years, I’d been hoping to make sense of patterns in my life besides deeply embedded emotions that had no correlation to current events. The Akashic Reading put everything in perspective and gave me a good idea of what I needed to heal first. Thank you for your guidance, and your patience in answering the long list of follow-up questions I had for you!”

Tara S.

“You did a reading and clearing for me a while back. I don’t know what happened, but the world has opened up for me. Work is again good, I’m in love, and the angels guidance has become so clear. I just wanted to say thank you.”


Tony Z.

“Thank you sooooo much for doing my reading. Honestly, when I wrote you I was kind of not expecting anything back. Its such a wonderful service you offer and I really admire you for that. Thank you again.

The reading was wonderful and very informative. I like how you explained the way you connect with my guides and interpret what they say. And the things you had to say about my questions, I am in total agreement with. I understand that I need to continue with my life and the path I am on right now. I have already been looking into holistic health for a while now.

I have been reading about healing through energy and I know that I will be guided to the right teacher when the time comes. I am just in a transition phase, as we all are on Earth at this time.

Your response about my soul group really resonated with me. I feel as though I am a Mintaka.  What you said about being careful of who I give my energies to I am learning right now. And its hard for me at the moment because I feel like there are only a couple people receptive to what I teach them, when I really want to teach everyone.

I have to say the part about meeting my spirit guide really touched my heart. Overall I am really impressed with the reading, and ever so grateful. Your reading has really inspired me as a healer and solidified what I already knew. I recommended you to my husband and he would love to have a reading done. Your website is wonderful also. I send you many blessings of love and light.”


Nikki V.

“I wanted to thank you for the reading I received from you about a month ago. I read more about aura personalities, and I can understand how I am a magenta personality. I relate to Violets and Lavenders, but I do feel I am more bold and like things to be a little bit more outrageous compared to them.

I felt that after I sent my request to you for an intuitive reading, I was already getting a healing. I liked that I received the name of my primary guide. Lucinda for sure has been with me because only I knew about my intense connection to the theater, and wanting to create something from nothing, like writing a play and seeing it manifest, and played out live. Naturally, she nailed it.

I remember instances when I was younger, the intense surge of energy/adrenaline I got inside my body from listening to certain Broadway tracts, or the rush I got when I looked at a show box, and saw the potential in making a miniature theater out of it. These were private moments, and I always remembered the intense energy and bond I felt towards the stage. Psychics for some reason never picked up on that side of me.

Thank you again, and I just wanted to email you that I appreciate the reading and healing. I feel more organized, and hopeful!”


Tuula L.

“I never know what to expect when I go to a medium for a reading, or to energy healing sessions. I truly believe that I was drawn to you and your services for a reason. Boy I am so extremely thankful that I did. The first time I read my Spirit Guide Reading and my Soul Realignment reports, I was choked up with happiness and relief. Many of my questions and concerns were addressed. I was astonished on how accurate the reports were and how things that I have been drawn to or words that have appeared in my life were brought up. I truly believe that this knowledge and energy homework will make a major difference in my life.

Thank you so very much for your talents, time and support.

Many blessings…

Debbie O.

Intuitive Alignment Workshop

“There were so many things that helped me immensely in the 4 week Intuitive Alignment Workshop! The first thing that REALLY resonated with me was a statement she made regarding her working in a past position. She said she looked around and realized that there was no one in her surroundings that she aspired to be and she knew it was time to go, the hurdle being trusting INTUITION and knowing what is fear and what is not! That statement hit me like a ton of bricks! Her words were validation for me that it WAS OK to move on from where I was working at the time.

She also gave me quite a few tools to meet and connect with my spirit guide team. In my last SG meditation, Jesus came to me and kissed me on my forehead. He talked of the healing work I have to do. In another, the son I lost came through. I have had many messages through that one SG meditation! You gave me that tool and what a gift it is to be able to connect at will. THANK YOU!

She also taught me how to connect to Arch Angels. As I am typing this I am realizing how much I got out of those 4 weeks and how much of what I learned is now part of my daily routine! As a mental health counselor, I am faced with negative energy ALL day long! This workshop helped me to learn how to ask for guidance and protection not only in my professional life but my personal life too. I now know the angels are with me in so many ways! I have too many experiences now to document in this testimonial. Thank you for being you and leaving the places that were not right for you so that you could share your talents to the world. I am waiting for part two of this course. If you have not considered it, you should.”

Lots of love,

Sara K.

“I am up to the 4th week of your/our workshop. I am so pleased. I cannot tell you how nervous I was to move forward and purchase something for fear it wouldn’t be the right choice.

What I have learned and confirmed in your workshop has been so helpful and timely. Today when I realized what a wonderful gift I had given to myself – I was overwhelmed with gratitude.”

Thank you.

Elise S.

Property Clearings

Just read this for the first time and still need to process it.
Simply amazing.
This is exactly what I was looking for.
I have a few questions but wanted to contact you immediately to let you know I have received this.
I need to read it a few more times to joyfully intake it.
I am very excited about selling our home now. This reading has put an entirely new light on the process.

Thank you so much!”
Gratefully yours,


“I found your reading very clear, concise and very detailed. You seemed right on with your intuition and accurate. You also seemed very well rounded in your wealth of education and knowledge. You covered all bases in the reading. It was truly excellent and targeted all the areas I wanted!”

Sandy B.

“A few months ago, I was at my wit’s end in trying to manage a suite of rental offices while also growing my private therapy practice. Her information came into my life at that point. I participated in a property clearing session and also utilized the follow-up clearing guidelines that she provided to me so that I could clear my space in person.

That was an absolute turning point for my business. Within a week of working with her, many of the un-rented spaces were rented out, all of our renters began growing their private practices in new ways, and many people commented on the “positive, peaceful energy” of the space. These were completely unsolicited comments by people that I couldn’t have predicted would be tuned-in to such things.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have worked with her and highly recommend her services.”

Kerri F.

Oracle Card Readings (Not Currently Offered)

“Thank you for the oracle reading. Your message was very impactful and helped me through the multitude of changes that have happened in the past few months. It was tremendously helpful in allowing me to trust the intuition that I am supposed to help children. Your guidance to open myself to love and trust was enormously impactful. In the past few months I have started a new job, gotten married, moved in with my now husband and our two children. I have learned to trust my inner knowing and that my intuition is strong. I am so grateful to have met you and to have the opportunity to work with you.”

Rebecca R.

“First of all I wanted to thank you for the reading. Some of it was confirmation for some things already happening and some has offered insight that I need. I think the jumping card has more to do with my feelings of self worth. I have been and continue to do healing in this area. I have been in solitude since my divorce raising my daughter. Another interesting thing is that a hawk has literally been showing up in my life and I have wondered what the meaning was. I am glad that things seem favorable and the part about using my voice is heads on! Thank you so much.”

Karen T.

Chakra Energy Scans (Not Currently Offered)

“What you picked up during the 15min energy scan was AMAZING! My grandmother “showed” up in two of my chakras and I was so touched that you were able to connect with this energy. What you did not know in advance was that I had just released some hurt relating to my grandmother a week prior to the scan with you. 🙂 Also, I do want to mention that I believe that you hit the nail on the head with regard to my creativity being a catalyst in me earning more money. Thank you for your time and help, I am forever grateful. Many blessings to you and your journey.”

Tanya R.

“My experience was great. The Chakra Energy Scan was really on point. She went over each chakra detailing what she found, which was very informative. Any question that I had, she answered without a problem and offered suggestions when I asked. I highly recommend you go to her if you would like a Chakra Energy Scan, you will not be disappointed.”

Marterra W.

“The information provided in my Chakra Energy Scan was very specific regarding the origin of each energy imbalance and completely accurate. She is a gifted intuitive, even describing a dog who appeared to her with whom I was very close.”


“The chakra energy scan I received was a wonderful experience and very informative. She was extremely accurate in her scan and it helped me to understand my chakras and how to improve them. She is very sweet and great to work with!”

Tina K.

“I enjoyed the Chakra Energy Scan that I received. She was able to give me an assessment of each of my chakras, which included detailed information that I found to be very accurate. I found her to be a very genuine and understanding person. She was able to offer helpful insight into each of the areas we discussed. I would recommend her to anyone looking to have a Chakra Energy Scan done.”

Heather H.

“Thank you so very much for the Chakra energy reading. You were completely accurate about everything and showed me some issues I wasn’t aware of. Everything resonated with me and I hope to do an energy clearing with you. I really appreciated the clear and honest answers you gave me. It has been truly a blessing to work with you! Peace and Blessings,”

Lori C.

“I want to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Chakra Scanning. It was truly an experience I will never forget and plan to have done again in the future. In 5 minutes you uncovered information that I only thought about but never said aloud. I have already started to take your advice. I will do my best to keep my chakras balanced and my my thoughts focused on the positive. I am truly grateful to have had this experience! You are blessed with an amazing gift! Thank you for sharing!”

Karla B.

“I participated in an energy scan of my chakras recently. I found the session to be insightful and valuable. Much of what I learned resonated deeply with me, and the insights she shared which were new to me gave me much food for thought. I also felt empowered knowing that just having awareness of what is going on in my chakras is enough to start balancing out those that are over or underactive. I am already taking positive steps forward based on the insights gained from my energy scan session.”

Jill H.

“I received a chakra energy scan and it far surpassed my expectations. I feel like she really was able to connected to my energy and give me important insights about each chakra. It was an uplifting experience, and very helpful. I was surprised at how much information she ascertained from each chakra.

For each energy center, I was told whether it was under-active, overactive, or balanced, and what I could do to help it become balanced. She explained different images that came up as she was scanning, and these lead to helpful insights. She also took the time to answer all of my questions, which I really appreciated. Overall, it was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for guidance and insight into their innermost being.”

Emily D.

“Thank you for the scan it was a truly beautiful experience and everything you said kind off tied up to how I feel. The scanning helped to understand what shift I needed to get into my life, today the reading would be different as I have applied a lot of required changes to my life. I truly appreciate the reading. I wish you all the luck in your future endeavors.”

Shibani S.

“I had my chakra energy scan done and it was amazing. The information she got was clear and correct regarding my situation. I found her to be delightful to work with and helpful in clarifying where to focus my energies. I will work with her again more in depth to keep myself focused and moving forward.”

Julie S.

“I was so fortunate to have had a Chakra Energy Scan. After a brief meditation, she spoke of my overall energy as well as each chakra. Much of her reading really resonated with me and two specific areas so deeply resonated that it brought me to tears, helping me to realize the necessary work that needs to be done. I am looking forward to meditation and healing in these areas as well as tuning in to her Soul Purpose Teleseminar for additional learning. Thank you, you are a gift…be blessed!”

Shelli L.

“Thank you so much for the Chakra Energy Scan. I appreciate how you took your time to discuss, in detail, what you picked up in each chakra. Everything you said was very accurate and on point. I am very thankful how you explained everything and even gave me some great ideas on what I can do to help myself. You were a joy to work with! I look forward to getting more readings from you in the future. Thank you for what you do!”

Michelle H.

“I really enjoyed having my chakra energy scan. It’s amazing to me what you could detect in only a few minutes. The words and phrases that came to your mind as you described each chakra really resonated with me. It really was so spot on. You picked up on things that have been swimming around in my mind recently that I really hadn’t discussed with anyone. I really want to start connecting the dots to living the life I was meant to live, and I hope to do that by having an Akashic Record Reading done by you in the near future.”

Valerie M.

“I was very impressed with my intuitive chakra reading. It was a perfect time to have her review my chakra energies because of my internal turmoil. She immediately saw deep underlying issues that have been flaws in my character for longer than I care to admit but eager and willing to address: play and avoiding reality, overspending, fear, heartbreak and sadness, not being heard, mentally beating myself up and focus issues.

All these insights and others were right on the mark. As this is a major transition time in the universe this transition was also recognized within my energies. She emphasized the process of doing active work and get away from the passive work now in 2013. I truly never realized that having a chakra reading could be so revealing. She has a spiritual gift for intuitive reading. She shows compassion and caring in her work making this a unique experience for reflection and growth. Thank you for sharing your gift!”

Robin B.

“Please do not hesitate to have a chakra energy scan. Having just started on my spiritual journey I was a little nervous as to what to expect. She was kind and friendly and after she performed the scan it was like she had condensed the last 5 years of my life into the reading. Each chakra was explained to me in a very understanding and compassionate way and we discussed ways forward to help me on my path. After my questions I then took away with me some helpful advice and the added strength to trust in myself going forward. Invaluable, soothing and accurate.

Helen A.

“I want to thank you for reaching out to me in a time of great need. Your Chakra Energy Scan was very accurate. You confirmed my greatest fears and that was a very intense realization for me. Your insight to old programing, the exposure I was feeling, and the work that is ahead of me made me see clearer. Your suggestions to clear some of those areas have been very helpful but the bottom line is “WE OURSELVES” have to do the work, and that for me was a scary notion. You give us (your clients) the insight and tools but we are the masters behind creating what we want. You genuinely are gifted, and I thank you for being there for me when I really needed you. Bless you be.”

Char C.

“The energy scan I received from was extremely accurate and insightful, every point she hit on was pretty much right on and her explanation of the different areas was very informative. I highly recommend this to anyone needing some clarity in their lives.”

Renee L.

“Thank you for your extremely helpful 15 minute energy scan. I have been working on connecting my subconscious with my conscious mind and your insight was very instrumental in taking another big step in that process. Armed with the knowledge you gave me I was able to recognize and work around my set patterns while meditating to get to the next level and let myself go. I’m extremely grateful.”

Kim B.

“I was simply speechless when she scanned my energy and pointed out the exact problems I was going through. I have been working on those issues and its like I feel renewed. Her words are exact as though she picked up from my mind and heart. Apart from her beautiful voice, she is a wonderful and kind person too. I would recommend soul purpose and Energy Scans to everyone and anyone; who wants self improvement, guidance, and solve their mental puzzles since problems can only be solved, if we know them and she is able to do exactly that!”

Ayesha C.

“She has just given me an intuitive energy scan this morning and I am so impressed with the profound information that she detected in my energy field during only a few minutes of scanning.  She is right on about my chakra blockage in each area & her insight has opened the door for me to see my reality.  I am so grateful for the Universe to direct me to her!”

Jane S.