Healers Code of Ethics

Below is my Healers Code of ethics for the readings and services offered via this website:

I have the utmost respect for you as a physical being and also for your energy body. When I access the Akashic records on your behalf, it is only after you have granted me permission to do so.

I honor who you are as a person and who you are at soul level. I do not hang around in your record or ask questions I have no business asking. I only access the portions of your record that are pertinent to the situation at hand.

If I connect to your spirit guides, it is also only to help discern why you are facing the issues you are inquiring about or other issues that need to be brought to the surface so you can understand what is going on in your present life.

The vast majority of people here reading this page are energetically sensitive and can actually feel when someone is energetically accessing their information. I do not intend to make you feel uncomfortable or icky by rooting around where I have no business or without your permission.

There is also ethical discernment. It would be unethical of me or any other practitioner to just go into someones record and nose around for the sake of doing so. Generally if you are disrespectful of others Akashic records, you will soon find yourself without access to them.

Also, your information is kept private and not discussed in casual conversation. To do so would be a breach of trust and ethics.

I do not make predictions about what may happen in your future. Each and every action you take today changes the choices of your future. It is an evolving page that continuously changes based on the actions you take and therefore predictions about the future are a guess at best. I can offer suggestions on what you can personally do to make yourself more of a match for your desires, but of course the end result is up to you.

There is also the situation about closing the records. After I have retrieved the information on your behalf, I close the record again so I do not have access to it. You have given your permission for me to perform a service for you and that is the extent of my business in your energetic field. I honor that and close the record completely when I am finished with a reading.

Please note that there is no one particular code of ethics that all practitioners use, but I have put together the above list so that you have some additional background on how I operate and what you can expect from me when you book a reading. Also read some testimonials from satisfied clients.

Thank you so much for considering purchasing a reading from me. I am honored to be able to do this work and bring you the healing you are seeking.