Intuitive Journal Podcast 3 – Angel Numbers – Messages from Spirit

angel numbers - messages from spirit

Do you often see angel numbers and repeating number sequences like 111, 222, 333, and others? That is what I am talking about today’s podcast and if you’ve seen them frequently, you probably have a lot of questions about why you see them, why they have suddenly become a part of your life and if there is anything you need to do.

You might have wondered about what their relevance is for a certain situation in your life. So today what I want to talk about now is understanding the bigger picture around why you see those cryptic repeating number patterns and sequences so you start to understand the messages and more importantly how to use them to create positive changes in all areas of your life.

This is one of the most commented topics on my blog and I have received hundreds of visitors to my blog posts on repeating numbers every day for the past seven years, so if you have been seeing repeating numbers for some time this podcast if for you.

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Podcast 3 – Angel Numbers and Messages from the Divine


Do you see repeating number patterns and angel number sequences like 111, 222, 333, and others? That is what I am talking about today and if you’ve seen them frequently, you probably have a lot of questions about why you see them, why they have suddenly become a part of your life and if there is anything you need to do. You might have wondered about what their relevance is for a certain situation in your life. So today what I want to talk about now is understanding the bigger picture around why you see those cryptic repeating number patterns and sequences so you start to understand the messages and more importantly how to use them to create positive changes in all areas of your life.

This is one of the most commented topics on my blog and I have received hundreds of visitors to my blog posts on repeating numbers every day for the past seven years, so if you have been seeing repeating numbers for some time this podcast if for you. You are not alone! And just to let you know if you want to know what some of the specific numbers mean like 222 or 444, I do have a free report available on my website at In that report I list out the meanings of each of the top 10 most common repeating numbers like 11:11, 111, 222, 333, and others.

Your Guides and Angels Are Trying To Get Your Attention

In a nutshell, your guides and angels are trying to get your attention by showing you signs. One of the most common ways in which angels speak to us is by showing us repetitive number sequences. In one aspect, it means you are capable of receiving higher quality vibrational messages. It is a way to get your attention regarding something important in your life, usually a decision of some sort. It could deal with your marriage, relationship, career, or other major life areas. What you need to understand is how to align your choices to the messages presented. Seeing repeating number patterns gives you clues to actions aligned with your soul level self and gifts.

So, probably one of the biggest questions I get asked via email or during an intuitive reading is “I see repeating numbers all the time. Is there something I need to do?
And the short answer is YES! You do need to be doing something different now that you have noticed them.

What Are You Supposed To Do?

Most of the bigger questions start after that – Just exactly WHAT am I now supposed to do with this information? It may have started out with you seeing sets of repeating numbers for some time, long enough where you knew it was no longer just a coincidence. You may see many different number patterns repeatedly or just one single number.

But whatever pattern you see, it has caused you to begin a search for more information and more than likely why you found one of my website pages or are listening to this podcast. You have probably combed the internet in search of their meanings, especially if you see a less well-known number like 512, 223, or something similar.

You might also see a certain person’s birthday number or some other number that just seems to keep showing up.

So, you start gathering and collecting information from various sources. Some of it makes sense and some of it might be in direct opposition to each other. It can leave you feeling like you have been left in the dark about a few key points.

Are You Receiving Mixed Messages?

From my own experience the progression goes something like this: You see one or more repeating number patterns and know it is more frequent than normal, yet at some level you may still just think of it as a neat phenomenon. You may have even discussed it with friends or family and gotten mixed messages.

Some of the more logical folks may have told you that you are making it all up in your head or that because you are focusing on it you are just noticing the numbers more frequently.

You may have have also run across people that have told you it is a “negative” sign and you had better not be messing around with that type of stuff.

Depending on how diverse your friends and family are you may have found one or two other people that see them as well, yet you probably feel like you are now both in the same boat wondering what to do next with the information. Is it just a sign to make a wish to the Universe or something more?

Angel Numbers – Is There Something More?

You can certainly make a wish whenever you see 11:11, but if you are still searching for answers, you probably have this feeling there is something more to the story. This is a point a lot of people can stay stuck in for a long time; sometimes years.

But the numbers don’t disappear, at least in my own experience. In fact, once you recognize one number pattern, such as 11:11, it seems to open you up to seeing more.

You can start to see 333, 777, 999 and even other less known single number patterns like 227 or 915.

At a soul level, you might have a feeling there is something bigger underneath the surface when it comes to seeing repeating number patterns.

At a subconscious level, you may prefer to stay confused and NOT know any more about them. It can be so much easier to just chalk it up to coincidence or happenstance.

You might be fearful about the types of changes that following the signs could mean for your life. You can think sometimes that you are better off not knowing. I used to think that way as well, but found It was the beginning of my own spiritual wake-up call.”

My Own Journey

My own journey into repeating numbers started around 2008. Back then I would have been considered pretty normal by most people’s standards, going about my life with little to no spiritual awareness.

I was working as an office manager in a financial office and began to feel as if something had gone seriously wrong with my life.

I experienced something that I came to find out was referred to a “dark night of the soul” or something close to that. It felt like I was completely off track, but couldn’t seem to put my finger on what I was really supposed to be doing with my life or what contribution I was here to offer the world.

It was a particularly tough period of time until I was able to start listening to my Spirit Guides and Angels and learned to trust their messages.

Those messages began to come in the form of repeating numbers. It was the beginning of my own spiritual wake-up call.

Spiritual Awakening

Many people have the impression that you have to be “born psychic” in order to talk to your spirit guides and higher self.

It may seem that only a select few are given that ability. My view is that everyone is born possessing these abilities, but for most they have become disconnected and taught not to believe in “all that psychic stuff”.

Instilling fear in people can be a great deterrent to reconnecting with your higher self and guides and it took some time to work through those fears.

I knew I had a lot to share about my spiritual awakening and launched my blog, Intuitive Journal in November of 2009. I built my website because I wanted to share my journey with others.

My Guides Were Trying To Tell Me Something

I knew that if I was going through this process; others were too. I kept seeing repeating number patterns, like 333, 444, and 11:11 more and more frequently. My spirit guides were definitely trying to tell me something through those repeating numbers, and I had better sit up and take notice.

My guess is if you are here listening to this, you also have an interest in learning how to access your intuition and understand the deeper messages of the repeating numbers that follow you through life.
Learning to access your intuition is quite a powerful path to travel, and can lead to less roadblocks in your life and being generally happier as a result.

Seeing repeating numbers became a regular occurrence in my daily life. They became particularly strong every time I would think about leaving my financial job.

Fast forward to June 2011, when I gave my notice and finally left my day job for good. During the months leading up to that event I saw various repeating numbers anywhere from 20-30 times per day.

Even now, many years later, I still see repeating numbers frequently. I now use repeating numbers as my guide to let me know if the next thing I am planning is aligned with my soul level path.

A Validation You Are On The Right Path

For me, seeing repeating numbers is a validation that I am taking the right next step and that step is aligned with my soul purpose. I have welcomed them into my life and can now use them to put the pieces together and follow their signs. I know that is what you want to.

Okay, so the first thing I think is important to understand is that each number resonates to a specific unique vibrational frequency. Whether you realize it or not when you see a number like 333, at that moment or shortly before seeing it you have tapped into the specific energy and frequency of that number. Think of music and notes on a scale. Each note has a specific tone and a specific frequency. Angel numbers do as well. Your personal vibration at any given moment allows you to connect with some numbers more than others.

What unfortunately happens is we often get so wrapped up in the search for more information on what one specific number means we fail to see the bigger picture. You might worry whether a certain number is positive or negative or that seeing that number indicates something good or bad will happen for you. That bigger picture includes looking at why you even see the angel numbers at all.

So, here are a few reasons why you see repeating angel numbers patterns or sequences.

• It gives you first an indication you have a level of awareness where you can have a larger and deeper connection to Source energy.
• It indicates your soul is ready to heal current situations so you can align to your larger purpose.
• They indicate you are ready to take new actions toward your dreams, desires, and goals.

What Stops You From Hearing The Messages?

So, what stops you from listening to the messages within the numbers?

Say for example you ask your guides for a sign about leaving your day job. You might see 111 or other repeating angel numbers within minutes of asking for a sign. See this as your confirmation and for me it resonates to a yes. The thing is; many people stop right there and then ask the same question the next day or the next week. You can end up in a perpetual cycle of asking questions but failing to see the bigger picture or take any action. You can feel trapped or that you have limited ways to accomplish your new goals.
What happens along the way is what we want and where our passions reside get bull-dozed over often due to fear, shame, guilt, and blame.

Your belief system may be such that is difficult to believe you can have all that you dream of having. You might end up thinking you have to settle for the life you have created so far. You can think bigger success is only for someone else. We tell ourselves things like that to cover up the wounds, sometimes so much we can believe it for years.
Understand by doing that you are putting a mask over your true soul level gifts. When years pass and that mask stays on, it can take deep healing work to peel back all those layers. Think of peeling back the layers of an onion.

When I work with clients we look at your soul level gifts and energetic misalignments in your way, which keep you moving forward with your goals. We peel back those layers and begin healing those past and present life situations. Once you have a clear understanding of the energies behind your choices, you can see what you need to do next. We also talk about what those next actions steps might be for you.

Angel Numbers:  What Do They Mean For Me?

So, the burning question on everyone’s mind is “Repeating numbers: what do they mean for me?” and the answer to this is that they mean something slightly different to everyone. If that isn’t enough to make you crazy! The way repeating numbers in general show up in your life are as an answer to your thoughts and wishes for something better to come into your life. So, that is why they mean something slightly different to each of you. Think of it as a personalized answer from the Universe to your thoughts, wishes, and problems.

The reason there are slightly different meanings for the repeating numbers is because numbers have a bigger global vibration and also an individual meaning. So, the bigger global vibration is meant to reach a large amount of people, and of course just like anything, when you reach a large group of people, those definitions and meanings get a bit mainstream.

When you look at a number from an individual level, there are subtleties, because you are bringing your own personal experiences into the mix. It is a combination of your personal belief system, experiences, and frame of reference. It is one of the reasons why a number like 444 shows up on the internet in opposing ways. Some people view it as a positive sign and others view it as a not so positive sign. That makes for a lot of apprehension around certain number patterns.

So, to answer the question about what do they mean for me; I will give you this to ponder. Have you been considering making a big change in your life lately? These types of number patterns commonly appear when you are thinking about making a major life change like a career, a relationship, or even moving. It is a positive sign that there is a deeper connection to be had and also to allow your intuition to open up and become useful in everyday situations. It really is a form of heartfelt connection with the Divine.

Paying Attention and Divine Timing

Your spirit and consciousness are growing at an exponential rate at this time on Earth and the numbers are here to guide you with that path.

So, one way you can receive a better indication of what angel numbers mean to you is to be paying attention to what you were thinking about right before you saw the repeating numbers. The numbers are a good indication that your thoughts are on the right path with the next steps you should be taking. It does take some conscious awareness, but you will become quicker at discerning what they mean in relation to your thoughts. The important thing is to be aware of your thoughts right before or when you see a specific number pattern.

But of course that is only one way to do it and only part of the story. What I just gave you will work for some of you because some of you are at a point where you have enough of an intention for it to make sense. Most of the questions I have answered via email however; revolve around multiple scenarios and in a lot of cases you are setting multiple intentions in rapid succession. Then when you see the repeating numbers, you can easily become confused as to which situation it applies to. And then the loop and cycle of gathering more information kicks into gear. When that happens it is very difficult to make any progress at all.

Deceased Loved Ones

Some of you have asked if a specific number like 444 represents confirmation of deceased loved ones around you. They could be and perhaps for some of you that is all the number meant at that moment. However, for others a deceased loved one might be a messenger showing you an alternate path.

So, think about what you were asking at the time when you saw a certain repeating number. Were you just asking for confirmation about a dear departed soul or were you asking for help and guidance in some other life area?

From my own experience, when I see repeating number patterns and sequences it confirms a choice I was considering was in alignment with my highest path and purpose. I have experienced many points along the way where confirmation came in the form of repeating angel numbers. When I saw them I had a deep inner knowing of the next steps I needed to take.

Okay, so that is all for today and I will share more about repeating angel numbers on another upcoming podcast. There is so much more to say! I have a free report available on my blog at that lists out each of the major triple repeating number patterns, so hop on over and sign up for my free report if you want to know more.

Thanks so much for listening.

By Intuitive Journal

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