Akashic Record Readings

Begin healing at soul level with an Akashic record reading. Awareness of the information in your Akashic record can help you move forward and make positive changes. The Akashic records contain all of the thoughts, feelings, and actions that a particular person has put out into the universe both in past lives and present life.

”I can’t keep living like this!”

There comes a point in everyone’s life where you may be unable to ignore the fact that you have taken up the wrong occupation or relationship but do not know where to go next.

Perhaps you have been unknowingly in the habit of making the same choices and there comes a point in which you feel as though you are just stuck. You may be wanting to make a change, but it can seem like there is something invisible holding you back.

“Is there something blocking you from making new choices?”

So, you may have read a few self-improvement books, or taken a few courses. Okay, maybe more than a few. You have followed the instructions in those books and still see little to no results.

Many people beat themselves up that they can’t follow through with something, or don’t have enough desire or willpower to achieve a specific goal. You may have been told or thought, “I guess you just don’t want it bad enough”.

What if there was something else invisibly blocking you from making new choices? By looking at who you are from an energetic standpoint, I can find out what your core strengths are and also what may be energetically blocking you from achieving your goals.

I cried during my Akashic Records Reading session with Laura. It moved me so, knowing intuitively she was revealing ME to me. The information she shared from my Akashic Records was so powerful and uplifting . . . to Know, finally, the answer to some of my big life ‘Whys?’! The knowledge deeply resonates and I am forever changed by what was revealed to me during this session. I will always feel warmth for this precious Light Worker - thank you Laura Warnke, for progressing me along my Soul’s Journey!

Jo Betty I.   

“Does this sound like you?”

  • Do you feel as though even though you have made changes in your life, the same theme keeps repeating itself over and over?
  • Are you frustrated with certain aspects of your life and not getting the results you want?
  • Do the same situations or types of people keep reappearing in your life like a broken record?
  • Do you have sudden outbursts of anger at people or objects that don’t make a lot of sense?
  • Do you have the feeling that you have hit a brick wall in one or more areas of your life that used to be going along smoothly?
  • Are you pretty sure you are in the wrong profession or at a turning point in your career, but are unsure of what to do next?
  • Do you get the feeling that you may not be originally from this planet (not everyone is)?
  • Are you energetically tired, even though you get enough hours of sleep each night?
  • Do you feel empty inside and no amount of food or alcohol will fill the void?
  • Do you have unexplainable physical aches or symptoms that run in the background?
  • Do you feel as though you have put up an iron curtain around your heart?

“Imagine what your life would be like if you could…”

  • Stop feeling like a zombie going through the motions every day?
  • Allow yourself to actually “feel” again?
  • Bring back the joy and happiness you once felt?
  • Mentally check back in with life?
  • Become fully present and stop feeling numb?
  • Find your soul level gifts, strengths, and talents?
  • Validate doing work as a spiritual healer or teacher?

"Wow! Laura. I feel so light and happy after our conversation.

Pleiades was not at all surprising for me. I am an avid star gazer. But for some reason, I AWAYS seek out Pleiades. Even living in Michigan, I used to stand in my front yard with my telescope in the middle of winter (no joke) to view the Pleiades or 'seven sisters' as they are called. That constellation has always thrilled me, it's really pleasing to understand why.

I cannot express in words just how thrilled I am to replace the negative guide and to clear my blocks. I can feel them beginning to dissolve already.

Thank you. I am so appreciative you are doing the work you do."

Elise S.   

What’s your Soul’s Story?

This is a unique reading of your personal Akashic record. I look up over 50 different areas of information within your soul’s record and help you understand the blocks and restrictions that show up. Sometimes this stuff happens in present life, sometimes a past life.

By viewing what is currently showing up in your record and acknowledging the choices of past lifetimes, you can gain a better understanding of why you do the things you do or why you think the way you do. Many times we have buried our most innate gifts so deep down that it may take a clearing of the record to be able to understand what we were actually put on the Earth to accomplish.

I put together the story for you to be able to understand the origins of why something happened. I check your alignment to Divine Love, Light, Truth, Abundance, and Power. I also give you the clearing homework necessary to clear and release those energetic blocks. That is the difference between this reading and a traditional psychic reading. This goes so much deeper. What comes up for you in this reading will be what you most need to clear right now.

The energetic clearing work is transformational on so many levels. It allows the shifting of those stuck energies to happen and finally be cleared from your Akashic record as well as in your physical body.

What Can we Talk About?

During a reading I can shed perspective on any current situations going on for you. Many times we think there are a lot of different issues, but there actually may only be one or two energetic root causes. Understanding the connection between what shows up within your Akashic record and your current struggles can be eye opening. We’ll get on the phone and make sense of everything. We can discuss just about anything you want.

Some possible topic areas are:

  • relationship issues with spouse or other loved ones
  • life purpose and career changes
  • issues with children

Does this sound like what you want?

If you are looking for your life purpose and to finally find out what is really blocking you, I invite you to book a reading with me. As a certified Soul Realignment™ Practitioner, having completed Level III training, I can offer you practical grounded advice to assist you with aligning with your highest path and purpose.

Are YOU willing to allow yourself to have this transformation? You know, in truth, I can’t say how this reading will affect or change you. I can only go by my own personal experience. And the transformation is different for everyone. I do know that for me, it was the beginning of a major shift in my life and the beginning of me finally allowing myself to feel something else besides numb.

"I never know what to expect when I go to a medium for a reading, or to energy healing sessions. I truly believe that I was drawn to you and your services for a reason. Boy I am so extremely thankful that I did. The first time I read my Spirit Guide Reading and my Soul Realignment reports, I was choked up with happiness and relief. Many of my questions and concerns were addressed. I was astonished on how accurate the reports were and how things that I have been drawn to or words that have appeared in my life were brought up. I truly believe that this knowledge and energy homework will make a major difference in my life. Thank you so very much for your talents, time and support. Many blessings…"

Debbie O.   

Life Purpose Soul Profile Akashic Record Reading  


  • Information from your Soul’s unique Akashic Record – Offline and prior to our call, I will access your Akashic record to gather information about your Soul’s specific energy center realm of training, Soul group of origination, any missing Soul facets, Soul specializations and history, and past life issues – over 50 points in all (this takes about 2-3 hours to put together). You will have a comprehensive overview of how this fits in with what you are experiencing in your current life. This gives you a well-rounded understanding of who you are and what gifts you have to bring to the world.
  • Energetic Block and Restrictions – I find out what past or present life situations are blocking you from moving forward. We look at how the energies of those choices are still affecting you today. By knowing and understanding what is showing up for you it allows you to make new choices and move past those blocks. Conscious understanding of how a situation is affecting you can make the difference between staying stuck and breaking through.
  • Life Purpose – We talk about what you want to create and look at those first specific action steps that need to be in place in order for you to have the life you want. If you don’t know your life purpose already, we’ll talk about that too. You can recreate your life and finally get what you truly desire.
  • Current Life Situations – I will answer any questions you have about current life situations and how they fit in to what is appearing within your Akashic record.
  • Powerful Energetic Clearing – In addition to the reading itself, I will perform a powerful customized clearing prayer on your behalf. This clears any damage to your energy body, including negative karma, contracts, past life influences and any other sources of interference that are distracting you from living up to your full potential and living your Soul’s purpose.
  • Customized Clearing Homework – I will provide you with customized clearing homework for a set number of days. This accelerates the clearing process and allows you to take an active and conscious role in your energetic healing.
  • 60-minute session via telephone or Skype
  • session recording in .mp3 format

Reading Information

  • Please read over the frequently asked questions in preparation for your reading.
  • Read testimonials from satisfied clients.
  • Read more about me.
  • Once you purchase a reading, I will respond within 24 hours confirming your order and send you information on how to set up an appointment time. If you do not receive an email, please contact me.
  • If purchasing using PayPal please make sure that you know the email address associated with that account, as that is where the confirmations are sent and is the only email address I have to contact you.
  • I take your privacy very seriously and never share your personal or financial information, or the content within your reading with anyone.
  • All information is kept strictly confidential.

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“Laura – Thank you so very much. I am on my second day of the clearing homework. The words are so powerful, I completely love it. The reading was quite amazing. To finally understand my current limitations and the how’s and the why’s behind them is just incredibly empowering. It has sparked a desire to learn and be so much more. I feel at peace that my purpose will be revealed to me soon. Funny thing is that I have been seeing numbers for about a year now. Today, for the first time, I saw consecutive 9’s – twice. Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for your help with the restoration and clearing.” Forever grateful,

Susan S.   

"In hindsight, I believe meeting with you was the answer to what I was asking to achieve (clearing my karmic and fear ties) because as I’m reading the clearing homework and digesting what you’ve told me…I was like “WHOA” I didn’t realize it was this in depth but it all connected.

THERE WAS ONE THING THAT ABSOLUTELY BLEW ME AWAY though. That no one could possible know because I had never given anyone the entire picture of what was going on. It is the fact that you knew that I attempted to clear the energies that resided in my previous home! I had no idea it was a poltergeist…the thought had crossed my mind but it was dismissed but when you explained it, IT MADE A WHOLE LOT OF SENSE! Thank you for that. It absolutely blew me away…

I do believe you were the key to the next step in my journey in what I had to do to achieve my goals. I’m being guided by Spirit. And the only way I am able to do this is to trust and go with the flow. And that is exactly what I did when I decided to book a reading with you. And I am continuing to do so. The more I do that, the easier it becomes. It feels like I’m on a train and it is set on a ‘there is no turning back’ course and I couldn't get off even if I wanted to. Funny thing is, I’ll worry a bit about how I'm going to pay for it all, but then I’ll let it go, trust that it will happen and it works itself out."


"You showed up for me exactly when I needed you. Good positive healing energy and a great laugh; more like a chuckle and it is very warm. Another crucial part of the puzzle that is me and you were there to help me find and place another important piece. So thank you from my heart for doing what you are doing and helping others find their true path! You were instrumental in helping me. Namaste, I bow before you in respect and gratitude. My new word, Namaste, " The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit within you ". Thank You."

With love and respect, Pauline

Pauline W.   

“Hello Laura, I wanted to acknowledge that I did receive your reading and to share something interesting with you. As I told you before, I have read a vast array of conflicting information and was leery that I would not even believe the right information if it was presented to me. The morning I received your email I was quite excited to read through it all, but was only able to glimpse at it before I had to leave. On my way home I called a friend of mine and she began telling me about this book she had checked out of the library and she told me to get a pen and write down this word. The word she spelled out to me was Melchizedek, I had never even heard of it before. So when I got home I did a quick search and ‘priesthood’ came up. Well I remembered that when I had glimpsed at your reading I had seen something about priesthood so I pulled it up again and there it was….in your reading…that I was a member of the Melchizedek Priesthood. I about fell out of my chair. I got goosebumps and my eyes started watering up. It took me a few days to go through some of the emotions, first excited about the mystery and wonderment of it all and how it resonated. I hope this helps you as I feel it is helping me. I feel you were blessed with a wonderful gift.” Best,


“Dear Laura, I just read the reading, I cried. I have been recently using the word “hon” and in the past, I also know that I have a former dog still with me, i think it is my Rottweiler as I have seen him in dreams. I have recently found the Indigo web sites and within the last month and knew that I am one. I told you NOTHING ABOUT ME and you are correct. I have even almost started a pet sitting business 2 years ago! As of this moment I am unemployed and just yesterday I did a root and 2nd chakra meditation! I am blown away by your insights. You are amazing and your training is going great! I have done hands on healing for pets in the past for personal use too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as all of what you saw is correct, I wont even go on. Much Universal Love to you Laura. I have been asking my guides to show me in real world ways what i should do and have been seeing the numbers (1111,222,333,444, etc.). But the “hon” blew my mind! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Marsha T.   

“Hi Laura, You were spot on about my Archangelic realm, as that is who I am, a mediator and a person with creative solutions. It has always been natural to me to be that way, since I was a little kid. And I also connect with the idea of being spread too thin, so I will set an intention to bring more focus into this year. Thank you very much for the reading. It has definitely brought some areas to my attention and I am now very intrigued to create a connection with my primary guide and the other guides. Blessings for this season and all the best for the year!”

Victoria J.   

“It was a pleasure speaking with you as well! It was an amazing reading!! You really did capture my personality on a very deep level & was able to verbalize a lot of things that I have trouble putting in to words myself. Everything rang true! My jaw dropped several times because I couldn’t believe how much you knew! lol. I was shocked when you mentioned Krishna in my reading. Just recently, last Sept., I started chanting Hindu mantras & requested some statues from my sister during her trip to India. I couldn’t figure out why I felt so connected, but it now makes sense to me. I even had a dream that one of Shiva’s disciples visited me in. I didn’t know who Shiva was until after the dream. Everything happens for a reason & I’m happy all of the pieces are finally falling into place! I’m super excited!! And thanks a lot!!!”

Natasha S.   

“You did a reading and clearing for me a while back. I don’t know what happened, but the world has opened up for me. Work is again good, I’m in love, and the angels guidance has become so clear. I just wanted to say thank you.” Sincerely,

Tony Z.   

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