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Akashic Record Reading & Clearing with Laurra Warnke

Akashic Record Reading

Heal at soul level with an Akashic Record reading

Heal At Soul Level

Claim Your Soul Gifts

Empower Yourself With New Choices

  • Are you ready to heal?
  • Are you ready to use your soul level gifts to their fullest potential?
  • Have you invested in doing soul level work and want a deeper level of healing?

If you answered yes, then please accept my offer to gain a deep understanding of who you are at soul level with a deeply healing and powerful Soul Gifts Akashic reading.

  • Gain insights on your soul gifts, skills, and the energetic makeup of your soul so you can align to your best strengths.
  • Break free of subtle energetic patterns, experiences, and thoughts influencing your choices so you can step into your LARGER SELF and become MORE of who you are.
  • Release lifetimes of negative karmic patterns, unconscious programs, and energetic imprints so you can make empowered new choices and step into your LARGER self.
  • Shed light on your unique “soul stories” and learn how your past choices shape your current reality.
  • Heal your energetic body from the inside out so you can experience the inner confidence and strength of embracing ALL of who you are.
  • Reclaim missing pieces of your soul so you can feel WHOLE again.

Within your Akashic Record are key indicators that pinpoint your best traits and strengths. Your Akashic record also includes information on your soul’s choices (both aligned and misaligned) and the situations surrounding those choices.

When you understand why you made a certain choice in a past life and the energetic imprint behind a choice, you gain a deeper understanding of why you might still make the same choice today. Awareness of those choices allows you to reclaim your personal power and make new choices in this lifetime.

By looking at who you are from an energetic standpoint, you gain a clear idea of how to use these gifts and make new choices within your career and relationships. An Akashic Record reading gives you the big picture overview of the energies surrounding a situation, examines the root causes of recurring situations, and reveals your soul level gifts.

When you fully merge with your Divine Soul Self you make better choices aligned with your soul gifts. The result is a happier, more peaceful, fulfilling life.

I feel lucky to have encountered Laura’s work. Her reading was kind, pointed, relevant and gentle. Like the firm but loving voice of a blood relative or long-term friend, Laura makes suggestions that really resonate. That she incorporates soul history facts specific to your existence and past-life events whose patterns are very much alive in this life, only adds to the immense value. Her advice was concise and laser – focused, impactful without overwhelm; simply pitch perfect. If you’re wondering why you’re here, if he’s the one, or which path you should take, Dorothy, Laura’s going to show you which one’s paved with yellow bricks. You’ll thank her for it and then you’ll thank yourself for having trusted her high integrity. Thank you, Laura, with all my heart 🙂
Brid M.

An Akashic Record reading and clearing is a good choice if:

  • You want clarity around a situation or life change and need to make a decision. You may have already done the mental and logical thought process, but you might still be questioning your decision. End the confusion so you can move powerfully forward.
  • You want to use your soul gifts to their fullest potential. We’ll look at who you are from a soul level so you can take this information and apply it to your career, relationships, or building a new business.
  • You want a fresh perspective on a potential career change. Find out if your career choice is in alignment and integrity with who you are at soul level. We’ll identify your goals and look at the energetic qualities that will help you find a job or career that makes you happy.
  • You feel the nudge to do intuitive and healing work at a bigger level. Together we look at your soul level gifts and put together a plan to bring those gifts out into the world.

Take a powerful step forward, gain clarity and self-trust, and create the life you want to live!

Soul Purpose Akashic Record Reading & Clearing

A Soul Purpose Akashic Record Reading is $497 and consists of one 60-minute session delivered by phone (or Skype if outside of the U.S.). You will receive an .mp3 copy of your session recording. This reading also comes with an energy clearing personal prayer practice made just for you.

Akashic Record Reading with Laurra Warnke

During our time together I am here to support you 100% in the healing process and achieving your big vision. You will get the best results from this reading if you are the type of person that commits to the healing process. This reading involves a 21-day clearing prayer work and the expectation is that you are able to commit to completing this after our session. You understand that not everything is meant or able to be cleared in a single session and are willing to do the work to break through to the next layer.

There are many layers of healing and we will go as deep and as far as you are ready to go. You know that healing can mess with your emotions at times and you might have to wade in the mud for a bit before that beautiful lotus flower shines through. I say this not to scare you, but so that you have realistic expectations about what is possible.

If you have any questions before placing your order, please email me at contact(at)intuitivejournal.com. Please also read over the FAQ section for answers to your questions (especially if you live outside of the United States). You can also read testimonials here.

Once you place an order for your Soul Purpose Akashic Record Reading, you will receive a thank-you email within a few minutes confirming your order. Please look for it using the email address you used to buy the reading. Please check your junk/spam/promotions folder if you do not see the email within 30 minutes.

Within that email, I ask for your birth information including your current full name, full name at birth, date of birth, and place of birth so I can conduct your reading along with appointment scheduling information. You are also invited to share concerns and questions you would like addressed within the reading.

I value your privacy and never share your personal or financial information, or the content within your reading with anyone. Your information will be kept strictly confidential and treated with love and respect.

Due to the deeply personal nature of these readings, full payment is required in advance and there are no refunds for this service once purchased. I no longer offer payment plans. Your payment indicates that you are 100% committed to changing your circumstances and ready for lasting change. You may reschedule your appointment if necessary with 24 hours notice.

I look forward to working with you!

With grace and healing,

Laurra Warnke

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Services offered by Laurra Warnke of Indigo Healing LLC is not intended as a substitute or replacement for traditional medical or psychological treatment. My energetic and spiritual healing services are delivered in good faith and individual results cannot be guaranteed. This reading is intended as a complement to traditional medical care and results are based on many individual factors. There are no refunds are offered on this reading.