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Find Your Time Of Birth For An Astrology Reading

Have you always wanted to get an astrology reading but don’t know your exact time of birth? Learn 11 ways to find your time of birth.

This post is for those of you who bypass in-depth astrology natal chart readings because your birth certificate fails to list your exact birth time. Not everyone has a recorded birth time, but if think you might, it is worth it to take the time and track down the information.

Here are a number of ways you can track down your time of birth for a natal chart astrology reading:

How To Find Your Exact Time of Birth

Call the Hospital – They can help you track down your original birth certificate. If they have a short form and a long form of your birth certificate, ask for the long form. Sometimes the time of birth is not shown on the short form. It is worth it to pay for 1-2 copies once it has been located.

Bureau of Vital Statistics – In the U.S. all states have a Bureau of Vital Statistics which keeps track of births and deaths. Other countries may have something similar as well. Here is a link to a list of how to find vital records for all states:

Parents, Friends, and Family – Ask yourself if you can think of anyone that would have known your parents around the time you were born. This is often the easiest way to narrow down the time frame. If you can talk to someone, you can ask them about when they remember getting a call from one of your parents. Often they can remember what they were doing or parts of the conversation.

Does someone remember getting a call in the middle of the night about your birth? Does someone remember watching a certain movie or sporting event on television when they got the news you were born? This also helps to confirm what your mom or dad may have told you about when you were born as they might not remember the exact time.

Written Family Records and Photos – Old family photographs such as baby pictures often have dates and other information written on the back of them. If you have a stack of old photographs or other written family information, look it over carefully and see if a birth time might be among the pieces of information. Look for your Baby Book too.

Funerals – If you have attended a family funeral recently think about who showed up. Often long-time friends of the family that you may not remember show up to pay their condolences. Contact them to see what they remember about your birth if they knew your family during that time.

Social Media – Although this won’t apply to everyone, if you are younger you might try to track down social media posts from parents or family about your birth. Often parents or family friends will post congratulations and by looking at the time stamp of the post you might be able to narrow down your time of birth to within an hour or two.

Genealogy Websites – You might try looking at sites like or and others. You never know what you will find in your family history. You might be able to connect with a long-lost relative that has the piece of information you need.

Rectification Astrologer – This is someone advanced in the study of astrological charts who uses special software to work backwards through the important major events in your life. They would look at dates of marriage, divorce, deaths, college, birth dates of children, promotions, big vacations, etc. and reconstruct your astrological chart based off of life events.

Kinesiologist – This is someone who is adept at muscle testing. The theory is that at some level your body knows what time you were born. This type of muscle testing is where someone else does it for you.

Regression Therapist – This is someone who could take you back to the moment of your own birth using memory recall.

Your Birth Certificate – While this sounds obvious, have you actually looked at your birth certificate recently if you have a copy? Find it and double-check if the time of birth is listed.

How Close Do You Have To Be For An Accurate Astrology Reading?

The closer you can come to an exact time of birth the better. If you cannot find out the exact time my recommendation would be to attempt to narrow it down to a two-hour time window. This time window affects your rising sign and a few other pieces of an astrology reading.

Ideally you would want your birth time window down to about 4 minutes for the most accurate astrological reading.

Have you had success finding your exact time of birth? Leave a comment below and share your story with others.

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