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In my free “Spiritual Business Building Toolkit” you get immediate access to the tools I use daily to build my spiritual business, website, and email list. I have spent more hours than I can count learning the “how-to” through my own trial and error. I will gladly share with you what I know so you can have an easier time building the technology side of your spiritually based business.

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Until then I would like to offer you my “Spirit Guide Connection Meditation Kit’ to assist you in connecting with your Spirit Guides.

Receive Intuitive Guidance From Your Spirit Guides On Demand!

Spirit Guide Connection KitOne thing that stops you from developing your intuition is having a consistent connection with your Spirit Guide team. What could you accomplish if you didn’t second guess the source of information you receive? With this meditation you can develop a trusted connection with your Spirit Guide team so you can get the answers you need right now. Click here to place your order.

Ask yourself “What is it costing me to not have this guidance available to me?” The answer may surprise you. It is unfortunate that most of us go through life not even realizing the guidance we have available to us. Everyone has the ability to access that guidance – all it takes is a little practice to develop that connection. Do you feel you are missing a consistent connection with your Spirit Guides or perhaps don’t even know where to start?

What would it mean for you to be able to connect with your Spirit Guides? You hold all the answers you desire. Wouldn’t you like to know what those answers are?

Through this guided audio meditation you can …

  • Understand who is present within your Spiritual Guide team.
  • Experience the differences in how each Guide communicates with you.
  • Stop second guessing the messages you receive.
  • Develop a trusted connection to your Primary Guide.

Digital Download

The Spirit Guide Connection Meditation Kit includes:

  • 38 minute audio lecture discussing how you connect with your Guides- mp3
  • 23 Page written transcript of the audio lecture – pdf
  • 16 Conversation starting questions to ask your Spirit Guides – pdf
  • 25 minute guided meditation – mp3
  • 8 Page Written transcript of the guided meditation – pdf

Develop confidence in contacting your spiritual guide team and become your own conduit for answers. Your product will be delivered instantly upon purchase via secure digital download.

This digital download is normally $27, but you can have it right now for only $10, a $17.00 savings. This is a one-time special offer and it will never be offered to you again at this price!

New Client Special – Just $10

orange_getinstantaccessClick here to place your order.

Sorry, this product is not available on hard disc at this time and no refunds are offered due to the digital nature of this product.


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