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Soul Purpose Clarity Teleseminar

How to Create the Life You Desire

So you can Fully Step into Your Purposeful Work

Dear friends,

I’m so happy you found this page because that means you are ready to take the next step in embracing your life purpose! What changes are in store for you in 2013? Now that the energies of 2012 have integrated into our collective consciousness the opportunities for realizing and living your life purpose are closer than ever.

You’re in the right place if…

          • You’re sick of feeling small and limited in your current job
          • You’re tired of struggling with figuring out your life’s purpose and keep wondering if the timing is right for you
          • You’re frustrated with thinking you are following the signs, only to be hit with situations that don’t match up
          • You crave the FREEDOM of starting your own business
          • You’re ready to make a more powerful contribution to the world

What would it Mean to You to Finally Know, Accept, and Embrace Your Soul Level Gifts?

Embracing your life purpose is the lifeblood of who you really are and your most lucrative resource. Imagine…

          • Finally embracing your soul level gifts and understanding how to use them
          •  Doing the purposeful work that you were meant to do at soul level
          •  Enjoying living your life purpose and getting paid well for your gifts
          • Transitioning into a career that you LOVE!
          • Clearing those energetic blocks and restrictions that keep you from doing what you were meant to do

What is blocking you from living your Soul’s Purpose?

          • Thinking that doing or living your soul’s purpose is going to be hard. In fact, just the opposite is true. By continually ignoring your true soul level gifts, your life is probably much harder than it needs to be right now.
          •  Thinking that you won’t be able to earn a decent income doing what you naturally love to do. In reality, using your soul level gifts will allow you to make more money in the end.
          • You secretly think that you would lose your friends and family if you did what you really wanted to do. I invite you to try on this mindset instead. How many new friends that are truly aligned with you are you missing out on because you are afraid to step into your soul’s purpose?

I hope you’ll join me so that I can share with you how making a transition into a career that you love doesn’t have to be as painful as you may think. Your life’s purpose is something that you would love to do regardless if you were paid for it or not. The best part is you can you can live your life purpose and get paid well for your gifts. Right now, you may not have much of an idea of what your soul’s gifts are or how you could even to think about expressing them in a way that makes an income for you. That is where I come in. Sometimes there are blocks along the way that are deeply ingrained in your subconscious. These blocks keep you from fully embracing your life’s purpose. Some of those blocks have been with you for many lifetimes.

          • Are you ready to find out what your soul level gifts are?
          • Would you like to finally find out why those same issues keep reappearing in your life?
          • Want to know what is stopping you from discovering your life’s purpose?
If the answer is yes, then I am inviting you to take advantage of this free teleseminar.

Here is what we will discuss during this LIVE CALL:

          • 3 energetic blocks that are keeping you from living your life purpose
          • How you subconsciously shortchange yourself and your gifts – and why
          • 4 tips you can use right now to help you discover your life purpose

Teleseminar Details:

When is the Call? The event is happening Thursday January 31st, 2013 at 10:00 am Central Standard Time, U.S. (11:00 am Eastern / 9:00 am Mountain & 8:00 am Pacific) Where is the event located? Wherever you are. It’s virtual, so you can access the call from right where you are. Does this call cost anything? No, this is a free information packed call. Will I incur a long distance charge? There are a few ways you can listen in to the call at no cost. You can listen in via the web on your computer or you can call in. There are many alternative numbers that are available  for those in the U.S., Canada, UK & Australia. Once you register you will be sent that additional information. Can I listen via Skype? Yes! You do need to have Skype installed on your computer before the call though. What if I can’t make the live call? You do not have to attend live. The call will be recorded. Will there be a recording? A replay will be available for everyone that registers, so if you can’t make the live call, no worries. The link to the recording will be emailed to you. How long will the call be? The call is expected to last for 60-70 minutes. Can I submit questions before the call? Yes! Once you are registered, you will be able to submit your questions before the call.

Register here:

Your time is now!

There’s absolutely no reason to keep struggling with figuring out your life purpose. The “Soul Purpose Clarity”webinar will show you how to acknowledge your own special gifts and start making big changes in your life.

The event is happening Thursday January 31, 2013 at 10:00 am CDT. I hope you’ll join me at the event! Sign up now!

P.S. This call will be recorded and shared with all registrants. Sign up NOW!

About Your Host

An intuitive healer and empath. She works with highly conscious souls who are ready to heal their emotional wounds and clear energetic baggage by helping them see their true potential in a way that brings closure to the past and renewal to their spirit. She helps you learn what your soul level gifts and life lessons are and how you can express them to the world.

Learn how to put together the pieces to gain a clear idea and practical advice of what is needed to move forward along with energetic clearing to heal from the past.