Personal Power Oracle Card Reading

Personal Power Oracle Card ReadingAn Oracle card reading helps uncover the prevailing energies around a situation and shows you how to claim your personal power.

An oracle card reading gives you an overall general synopsis of the energies playing into a situation that is showing up in your life. Some of these energies result from past choices while others show up within your current situation. This reading is a nice choice if you are at some type of decision point or crossroad and you want to get a look at the bigger picture of a specific situation.

The cards that show up relating to the future represent what the expected outcome of a situation could look like if you keep following the same path. Note; this is not a prediction of the future, as you have free will and make choices every day that affect the outcome of any situation.

What this reading does do is give you an opportunity to make course corrections or receive validation that you are on the right path. It also gives you a different perspective in which to view your situation. This type of reading is for gaining insight into the prevailing energies of current life situations.

Here’s How It Works…

  • Order your personalized written reading for $222.
  • Once you purchase a reading, you will receive a thank-you email confirming your order. Within that email will be a link for an intake form to be filled out. I will ask you what your specific questions are or what life areas that you would like to concentrate on for this reading.
  • You will also be able to choose the Oracle card deck on the intake form or leave it up to me. I currently use three different Oracle card decks, including cards from John Holland, Alana Fairchild, and Colette Baron-Reid.
  • Your reading will go into detail on the prevailing energies showing up for you and give you suggestions on how to change, integrate, and heal from those situations.
  • I will scan in each of the cards so you have a visual representation of the energies that came through for your reading.

A 3-Question Personal Power Oracle Card Written Reading Includes:

  • Ask up to 3 questions about a specific situation or life area.
  • A 3-Card reading showing the relationship between past, present, and future energies. I may be guided to draw additional cards depending on your questions.
  • I include information from the cards along with my personal interpretation and summary of what the cards mean for your situation, with special attention to the area of personal power.
  • Your reading will be sent to you via email within approximately 2 weeks of receiving your completed intake form.

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Privacy Policy:

I value your privacy and never share your personal or financial information, or the content within your reading with anyone. Your information will be kept strictly confidential and treated with love and respect.

Refund Policy:  Due to the nature and time investment of conducting these written readings, no refunds are offered.