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Jenna Orion – The Legend of ‘The Nine’

The Legend of 'The Nine' by Jenna Orion
The Legend of ‘The Nine’ by Jenna Orion

The Legend of ‘The Nine’ is the true story of Jenna Orion’s life, a story that will alter your perception of reality and set you free!  This account was documented as authentic and uncommon by the late Dr. John E. Mack, professor at Harvard Medical School.

It is a positive story of experiences with spiritually evolved humanoid extraterrestrials known as The Nine.  The Nine share teachings and secrets with Jenna that have been kept from us for thousands of years.

At first Jenna was in denial of the fact that this could actually be happening, however, she learned to accept that her life is not an ordinary one in the face of mounting evidence and took baby steps, then giant leaps into embracing her role as spokesperson with these enlightened beings called The Nine.

Visit her site and read more. Jenna Orion – The Legend of ‘The Nine’.

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