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Intuitive Journal Podcast LogoListen in to my Intuitive Journal Podcast  called Accelerate Your Intuition each week where I share my thoughts on spirituality, developing intuition, and energy healing. Other topics discussed include self-help, Akashic records, Astrology, Numerology, repeating number patterns, and other metaphysical and psychic related areas. I also interview other healers and psychics on the show.

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Daniel John Hanneman – Meditate and Make Money – Podcast 13

Daniel John Hanneman shares how to deepen your alignment with your purpose, impact, and money through meditation. Create Money Magic for yourself through meditation. On today's podcast I am fortunate to interview one of my mentors, Daniel John Hanneman. With the help of his spot on intuitive guidance and energy clearing work, I made considerable progress with my business [...]

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Jill Borsos – Transformational Business Coach and Healer Podcast 12

Are you an Accumulator, Ruler, or a Romantic? Find out how to use your Sacred Money Archetypes to own your full potential and transform your life. On today's podcast, Jill Borsos talks about how your conscious and unconscious feelings and beliefs about money keep you from climbing the corporate ladder or venturing into your own business. LISTEN IN Click to listen in. SHOW [...]

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Stephanie S. Larsen Interview Discover Your Master Chakra Podcast 11

On today’s podcast I interview spiritual advisor Stephanie S. Larsen, author of the book Discover Your Master Chakra. Find out how to connect to a greater version of yourself through your Master chakra color and balancing Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. LISTEN IN Click to listen in.   SHOW NOTES Listen to past episodes GUEST LINKS [...]

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Healing The Energy of Disappointment – Intuitive Journal Podcast 10

We’ve all been disappointed at some point or another. Find out how to heal the energy of disappointment through awareness of what is going on below the surface. We have all experienced disappointment at some point in our lives. This is something we’ve all faced at one time or another, but you know sometimes it just seems to come up and we have to deal with it. On toda [...]

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How To Develop Clairsentience – Intuitive Journal Podcast 9

Clairsentience is about tuning into your subtle inner feelings and physical sensations. Learn to recognize the signs and how to develop clairsentience. Have you ever had a physical or emotional feeling wash over you without a discernible connection to your current state of mind? Do you have the ability to sense or feel vibrational frequencies to such a strong degree that you a [...]

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How To Develop Clairaudience – Intuitive Journal Podcast 8

Clairaudience is the inner voice that speaks to you, sometimes loud, sometimes softly. Learn to recognize the signs and how to develop clairaudience. On today's Intuitive Journal podcast we are talking about Clairaudience. Have you ever heard a loud booming voice in your head? Do you have trouble discerning your own thoughts from messages from Spirit? On today’s podcast [...]

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How To Develop Claircognizance – Intuitive Journal Podcast 7

Claircognizance is one of the least understood and least recognized metaphysical senses. Learn to recognize the signs and how to develop Claircognizance. On today's Intuitive Journal podcast we are talking about Claircognizance. We are going to take a look at how to recognize Claircognizance and also how to further develop this intuitive ability. If I were to sum up how clairc [...]

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The Gift of Holiday Healing – Intuitive Journal Podcast 6

Join me on today’s Intuitive Journal Podcast where we talk about the gift of holiday healing. Overcome stress and anxiety around the Christmas holiday season and gain tips and ideas to practice mindfulness, overcome holiday stress, and keep your sanity. LISTEN IN Click to listen in. SHOW NOTES Listen to past episodes RELATED BLOG POSTS FOR FURTHER READING [...]

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How To Develop Clairvoyance – Intuitive Journal Podcast 5

Join me on today’s Intuitive Journal Podcast where we talk about how to develop clairvoyance, one of your four main metaphysical abilities. We talk about seven ways to recognize clairvoyance and at the end I share tools to help you develop this visual intuitive ability. One of the things I get asked regularly about during a reading is how to determine if you are primarily cl [...]

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Intuitive Journal Podcast 4 – Energy Healing Session with Barret Hedeen

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have an energy healing session? In this episode, listen in while my colleague Barret Hedeen conducts an energy healing session with one of his clients, Trish. Find out what really goes on in one of Barret Hedeen's The Witness Energy Healing sessions. Listen to this fascinating energy clearing session as Barret walks with Trish to un [...]

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Intuitive Journal Podcast 3 – Angel Numbers – Messages from Spirit

Do you often see angel numbers and repeating number sequences like 111, 222, 333, and others? That is what I am talking about today's podcast and if you’ve seen them frequently, you probably have a lot of questions about why you see them, why they have suddenly become a part of your life and if there is anything you need to do. You might have wondered about what their rele [...]

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Intuitive Journal Podcast 2 – An Interview With Barret Hedeen

How would your life be without pain fear and suffering? In this podcast, I share a conversation with Barret Hedeen. Barret Hedeen is the creator of The Witness Energy Healing, a technique to witness the perfection and wholeness that is inside you, using insights into your energy, emotions and past lives.  As you are witnessed more truly, the shadows and imperfections that you [...]

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Intuitive Journal Podcast 1 – Introduction and Welcome

On Intuitive Journal Podcast 1 I talk about how I stepped into becoming an professional intuitive and how this website, came to be. If you have ever had a dark night of the soul experience, and wondered if it will ever end I am here to tell you the more you fully step into YOUR WORK, the sooner you will see your way through the shadows and the clouds. [...]

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Slade Roberson Interview with Laura Jean Warnke

Slade Roberson from, and the Podcast "Shift Your Spirits" recently interviewed me about repeating number patterns and stepping out of the psychic closet. Slade Roberson is a professional intuitive and I was certified in his Automatic Intuition Intuitive Development program in 2010. A few weeks ago Slade invited me to be interviewed o [...]

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