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Master Altered States for Problem Solving

Have you ever had one of those moments of profound mental clarity? I’m talking about those moments where… … A creative idea just pops in your head while you’re in the shower? … Or you magically solve a problem you’ve been working on for hours – or even days? … Or when you get that little intuitive gut-feel that guides towards a right decision? I’m willing to […]

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Metaphysical Healing Properties Of Citrine

Find out the healing properties of Citrine, also known as the “Bankers Stone”. The Citrine gemstone promotes joy, abundance, and creativity. Citrine promotes strength and creativity as well as clearing negativity and helps to set intentions. Use Citrine in conjunction with other healing stones to amplify your intentions. Stone Color Natural Citrine is a pale […]

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Why the Number 4 Will Change Your Life This Year

Have you ever felt like there are innately powerful aspects within yourself that are dormant? And that, if awoken, could create unprecedented levels of joy, wealth, and abundance in your life? That there’s SO much more out there for you? That nagging feeling is no accident. And it’s always more intense around the new year […]

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