Heart Chakra Meditation And Clearing Kit

Heart Chakra MeditationA heart chakra meditation and clearing to assist you in healing and balancing your fourth chakra. Allow yourself the gift of clearing energies that no longer serve you.

Finally let go of old anger, jealousy, and resentment and reconnect with Divine Love.

One of the ways we make our experience here on Earth so difficult is by thinking we are separate from Divine Source energy.

We can understand something on a conscious level, but underneath our consciousness lies the sinister thoughts that keep kicking us in the butt.

Here are few examples: “I’m not good enough.” “I’m not worthy of love.” Imagine what it would be like to finally let go those beliefs, patterns, and thoughts that keep running through your mind that you KNOW no longer serve you.

What would it mean to have a full reconnection to the true power of Divine Source energy? If you could finally release just one ineffective thought pattern or illusion that you KNOW is holding you back right now, how would your life change?

With this guided meditation and clearing, you can go deep into healing those energies and repeating patterns that seem to keep showing up in your life. By letting go of what is no longer serving you, healing begins to happen. Combine that with new action on your part, and look out world!

Through this guided audio meditation you can …

  • Restore your connection with Divine Love
  • Bring balance to the heart chakra
  • Raise your vibrational state
  • Let go of outdated thoughts, feelings, and emotions that no longer serve you.

What’s Included?

Your Heart Chakra Meditation Audio and Written Transcript

The audio portion goes into detail about understanding exactly how your actions (or lack of action) create unintended results in our life. This is what shows up as imbalances within our chakra system. This is also provided to you as a written transcript.

It discusses…

  • How  your daily actions can result in an over-active heart chakra.
  • The energies, thoughts, and feelings behind an under-active heart chakra.
  • 4 Tips for balancing the fourth chakra on a daily basis.
  • An affirmation you can use daily to reconnect with Divine Love.
  • Seven ways you can reconnect with Divine Love every day.

The Guided Meditation and Clearing

This is a chakra meditation to heal, clear, and balance the heart chakra through understanding where the disconnections show up in your life. Lift the energies that keep you from self-love and reclaim your Divine Love. The meditation begins with focusing on your breath and bringing you into your soul level connection. We then go deeper by bringing in the energy of Archangel Raphael to be there with you and assist you in letting go of old energies and patterns that no longer serve you.

The clearing portion of this meditation uses an affirmative prayer technique as a spiritual method of removing energetic blocks. This is powerful clearing work designed to shift your vibrational state and release those stuck energies.

Heart Chakra Meditation Kit

Heart Chakra MeditationHere is what is included:

  • 30-minute audio lecture on balancing your heart chakra- mp3
  • 20 Page written transcript of the audio lecture – pdf
  • 8 original affirmations to reconnect with Divine Love – pdf
  • 28-minute guided meditation and a powerful clearing prayer – mp3

Are you ready to allow yourself to receive and reconnect with Divine Love?

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Heart Chakra Meditation Kit

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