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Guided Meditation For Beginners

Meditation for beginners explores techniques for quieting the mind, relaxation techniques, and how to meditate. Get in touch with your inner self and learn how to access your intuition for greater clarity and peace of mind. Why Meditate? If you have been feeling stressed out or just can’t seem to concentrate on an important task […]

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Use Guided Meditation to Access Your Intuition

Learn how guided meditation can help you to access your natural born intuition. Discover the secrets buried deep within yourself. Find information on guided meditations, music, audio, and books. For many of us, myself included, meditating is a completely new experience. I began to understand the need to meditate when I wanted to receive answers […]

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Welcome to Intuitive Journal!

Hello and welcome to Intuitive Journal! Join a community of like minded people interested in all things intuitive. The content for this site will be related to spirituality, developing your intuition, holistic healing, reiki, yoga, massage, crystals, pendulums, and more. Plans for this blog include a directory of healing practitioners, an up to date calender of […]

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