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Dear budding spiritual entrepreneurs, energy healers, intuitives, and psychics who are ready to embrace their soul level gifts…

Embrace Your Soul Level Gifts

Step Into A Bigger And Better Version Of You!


You have so much more to offer the world and are passionate about helping others.

You WANT to put your unique imprint on the world.

You may have already studied many intuitive and energy healing modalities, and finally want to put them all together so you can create your life exactly as you wish and experience joy, wholeness, and freedom.

If you feel that you have been wandering aimlessly for some time and feel stuck in someone else’s life, it is time to find your own purpose and claim your soul level gifts.

To finally have a clear vision of what it is that you were meant to express in this lifetime is liberating. Is there something deep within you that knows you are here to make a bigger impact on our planet, but don’t know exactly what that would look like?

You might feel the call to step into these gifts in a bigger way, but doubt your abilities and feel fearful of taking the next steps to embrace your soul level gifts and step into your purposeful work.

If you are anything like I was, you have been doing some heavy duty soul searching and realize that something isn’t just quite right, but the answer may seem elusive to you.

It is like the answer is just right around the corner, and once in a while you think you have caught a glimpse of it. It can feel like you keep trying to remember something important, but have a difficult time putting your finger on it.

Things that once brought you a great amount of joy, like a bigger house, a big promotion, or a great car fail to fill the void any longer. It leaves you with an empty feeling of “Is this all there is to life? There must be something more out there”.

  • Have you ever felt like you were put on this earth to help others in a bigger way but wonder why you were given this huge challenge?
  • Do you feel what you are doing now is not what you were really put on this earth to do?
  • Do you think you have veered so far off path that you don’t have enough time left to step into your purposeful work?
  • Do you find yourself asking “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?”
  • Do you continue to get up and go to work each day and then one day get the sinking thought of “What on Earth happened to me? How did my life end up like this? This isn’t anything that I envisioned for myself.”

If you are here reading this, it is likely your purposeful work involves energy work, intuition, massage therapy, or any other area that helps others to grow.

Accepting your gifts as a healer is a scary thing to do – after all, stepping into a role or profession that is not part of traditionally accepted work can bring up a lot of fears, beliefs, and societal programming.

Yet the thought of not stepping into your gifts can feel equally unsettling when you think about getting to the end of your life never having fully explored your soul level gifts.

When you shut down your soul level gifts it can leave you feeling incomplete, depressed, and as though a piece of you is missing in action. It can feel like you have disconnected a portion of yourself and hidden it far away.

I know from my own experience how that feels as I shut down my own abilities at a very young age. It took until around age 40 for me to accept my gifts. For the longest time outdated beliefs and fears got in the way of accepting my gifts.

How Outdated Beliefs Sabotage Healers

There seems to be so many rules and fears set upon us by our society, culture, and families when it comes to stepping into your soul level gifts and nothing seems to add up.

  • There are many outdated beliefs such as if you step into the healing areas, you should give away your gifts for free and accepting money for your healing or intuitive services is somehow wrong.
  • Another outdated belief is if you charge for your healing or intuitive services, they will somehow be taken away from or you will lose your abilities.
  • In addition to societal and family influences, your internal battles can keep you from stepping into your gifts too. Beliefs like “Who am I to do this work?” or “I have nothing special to offer.” can keep you from seeing your true nature and gifts.

These were the types of beliefs I bought into myself for many years.

One of the things that helped me greatly was this book by Wallace Wattles titled “The Science of Getting Rich”.

If you ever have trouble believing you are enough, doubting your greatness, or challenges with your beliefs, I urge you to read this book.

This is what I have found to actually be true…The only way to know for yourself and validate the healing gifts you have is to start using them to help others. In short, I stopped listening to everyone else and started listening to my heart and soul.

And that is what I want for you as well…

Here are three keys to help you embrace your soul level gifts…

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Key #1 

Heal Yourself First – But Only To a Point

Many people who are natural healers have had their own sets of harsher than normal challenges in their life and need to take the time and effort to heal themselves first before they can begin to successfully help others heal in a positive way.

If you have had more than your “fair share” of upsets in your life, healing your thoughts and emotions first is a good place to start.

You might have been on a self-healing quest for some time and what it turns into is a very long drawn out process of healing. Meanwhile, your dreams and desires get pushed to the back burner.

It is easy to get wrapped up in the thinking that you need to heal every negative emotion or issue that appears. When we get determined to exorcise every negative thought, memory, or attitude, we can actually get stuck in the process of healing.

Do you feel like you cannot step into your purposeful work unless you heal all of your issues first?

Here’s the truth:  You can only go so far in your healing before feeling stuck again.

Are you are at a place where you have done a lot of healing already and feel like you are at a standstill?

If yes, then it is time for you to grow. Again.

Growth might seem uncomfortable, but it is the only way.

Growth might mean finally getting control of your finances.

Growth might mean actually asking someone for the sale.

Growth might mean putting your photo and real name on your website.

Or a hundred other things.

Growth is anything you are not willing to do at the moment that gets you to your goal.

What are you unwilling to do? Think about where the fog sets in over your dreams. A great idea full of potential one day, a foggy cloud of doubt and fear the next. That is where you need to grow.

If you have never heard of the Law of Polarity before, it goes something like this:  If you have a need for something, the answer to that need MUST be there. It is the LAW.

If you have a need for a certain amount of money, then the money MUST be there. That is the LAW. You might just not be able to see where the money is at the moment, but it is there and available to you.

Trust you ARE ready to rise above your limiting beliefs and realize your limitless potential.

If you want more information on the the Universal Laws, the only teacher I would recommend is David Neagle. He has an awesome show called “The Successful Mind”. I highly recommend it.

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Key #2

Embrace Your Shadow Side

This is an important key to soul level healing and stepping into your gifts. You want wholeness, joy, and oneness yet may wonder how much longer you have to deal with negative emotions.

You can feel like there is something wrong with you if you can’t bring yourself to a place of peace and joy, especially if you have done a lot of self-healing work.

Often when we have negative emotions we just want to get rid of them. We want to send them off into the ether, never wanting to see or deal with them again.

Then why do you still have emotional pain? Why do you still have feelings of anger, jealousy, guilt, shame, and blame show up? It is because those emotions are a natural part of who you are.

As humans we want to stay on the positive side, but to become whole and experience peace the key is accepting the shadow side of those negative emotions. Just this realization alone is enough to make a profound difference in healing at a soul level. The key is to know which emotions need healing.

Emotional pain comes from resistance and wanting something to be different than it is (or was). Hiding from your emotional wounds affects your ability to heal and your level of health.

It shows up as physical pain, stress, and anxiety which can affect your predominant emotions.

What emotion are you resisting? What emotion are you denying yourself? That is something I look at during a private reading together.

Another key to healing is to identify and accept your soul level gifts.

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Key #3

Get Clear And Embrace Your Soul Level Gifts

So, where are your soul level gifts hiding? The good news is that each job you chose or class you took was one step closer to gaining the skills needed.

Perhaps it was your love of connecting with customers. Perhaps you truly enjoyed that creative writing class. Perhaps you enjoyed being a crew leader and helping others learn the ropes.

These types of intangible skills are a lot more important than you think when it comes to connecting to soul’s purpose. But those skills are only a part of the picture.

How To Embrace Your Soul Level Gifts

Are you unclear about your soul level gifts? Do you want to work WITH your soul level gifts instead of against them?

Do you long to express your healing gifts and talents in a meaningful way and make a bigger impact in the world?

The inability to tap into all of your soul level gifts often hits you where it hurts the most. Over time, it slowly drains your joy, passion, and lust for life.

  • You might be in a job or career that you initially wanted to be in and do and were excited about, but now everything has changed for you.
  • Maybe you have a hostile work environment where you don’t feel supported. You might just feel like you have to put your time in.
  • You might be sleeping poorly, drinking too much, spending too much time on social media, checking out of life in general, or just not present at work or at home.

There’s a part of you that knows you are ready to do more, but another part of you that keeps hiding behind the curtain.

Let me tell you…there is a way to remember the forgotten pieces of yourself.

Because what’s really happened is you have settled for this and you have checked out of the part of you that knows what it’s supposed to do.

I want to help you remember and rediscover old passions and things that you love and the things you are supposed to be doing, because on a soul level, there’s something you are supposed to be doing and you know what you are doing right now isn’t it.

If you are sick and tired of feeling trapped and wonder how you can use your soul level gifts, let me shed some light on things.

Your Sacred Soul Blueprint – A Soul Level Perspective

One of the best ways to bring your inner vision out into the world is to understand how you operate from a Soul Level perspective.

Within your energetic make-up are a number of key indicators that help pinpoint exactly how to bring out your best traits and strengths.

Your Sacred Soul Blueprint speaks volumes about how you show up and operate within this world.

Your Sacred Soul Blueprint contains your unique design for manifesting and affects every part of your life.

By not consciously knowing your unique way of manifesting, you can have hit or miss success creating what you want.

We are always creating something, but it might not be the situation or outcome you wanted.

In fact, you can end up creating the exact opposite of what you do want!

The number one reason this happens is because you continue to make unconscious choices misaligned with your Sacred Soul Blueprint.

You end up creating in default mode instead of consciously aligning with your blueprint.

Now, no one deliberately does this.

Each choice we make seems positive at the time, but what happens is unconscious beliefs and learned patterns create your life by default.

You end up creating a result that is the negative polarity of your sacred soul blueprint, which ends up causing lack, struggle, and hardship.

You can feel like key pieces of information are missing.

So, do you see how what works great for one person may fall completely flat for you?

What if you had a way to change default mode?

What if you had a way to know for sure if your choices and decisions aligned to your soul blueprint?

Click here to discover your unique method of manifesting by unlocking the secrets within your Sacred Soul Blueprint.

Start Consciously Creating More Of What You DO Want

By knowing your Sacred Soul Blueprint, you tune in to how you operate from a soul level perspective, so you can make aligned choices.

This is powerful information and makes a difference of how you create within all life areas, including health, parenting, relationships, and money.

You can use the information found within your blueprint in all areas of your life to consciously create new results.

Every time you want to start something new, whether that be an exercise program, manifesting money, or a new relationship you will know how to get started in alignment with your soul level attributes.

From this reading you will gain a deep understanding of your soul level operating system. You will know how to create a new intention, take actions aligned with your divine soul blueprint, and understand how to incorporate these comparatives into every aspect of your life.

Are you ready to step into your power and use your healing gifts to their fullest potential so you can make a bigger impact in the world?

I invite you to find out for yourself with a Sacred Soul Blueprint Written Reading.

What’s Next? Watch Your Inbox!

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The world is waiting for you to bring your Divine Gifts fully to the table and create the purposeful business you dream of having.

Are you ready to finally take back control of your life, say YES to yourself and begin DOING your purposeful work? You have the power to change your circumstances and open a new chapter of your life.

Are you going to just keep going day after day with your music still inside or are you ready to step fully into your soul level gifts and do what you have always secretly dreamed of doing?

The true cost of waiting to start living your life purpose – it’s more than you think! The time to act is NOW! Step into your soul level gifts and step into your power.

I have faith in you. I believe in you. You are beautiful.